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Suddenly, a shout came from the courtyard.

Following that, a slim figure rushed out with an umbrella in her hand.

She was so weak that it seemed like she would be blown away by the wind.

Her eyes were filled with shock as she exclaimed, “Mom! Sister! Its raining so heavily.

Why are you guys here Why arent you guys carrying umbrellas! Your clothes are all wet.

Its all my fault for falling asleep and causing you guys to be drenched in the rain.

If I knew that you guys were coming to look for me, I would definitely have sent someone to fetch you!”

Xu Anran instantly choked up and looked at the crying Qiao Xi with disbelief.

How could this be possible! Why would Qiao Xi come out

Qiao Xi had guessed Xu Anrans intentions.

Wasnt she trying to use public opinion to attack her and force her to take the initiative to seek peace However, she wouldnt fall for this trick.

When it came to pretending to be weak and frail, she was better at this.

She would pretend to be an obedient and sensible daughter in the live broadcast.

Moreover, before rushing to the door, Qiao Xi had deliberately put on makeup to make her seem sickly.

Even if she was drenched in the rain, her makeup wouldnt be removed.

At this moment, her entire face was deathly pale, and her appearance was extremely weak.

Qiao Xi looked at the mother and daughter in surprise.

Even the best actress out there would feel ashamed of her inferior acting skills.

“Sister! Im sorry.

Its all my fault for letting you and Mom get drenched in the rain.

Why didnt you call me before you came I didnt even know! Boo-hoo… Its all my fault.

Why did I have to fall sick and only wake up at this time

“Its also because Im sick that Ah Zheng brought me here to recuperate for a few days.

He even instructed the maids not to disturb me.

Who knew that you would come at this time The maids didnt dare to disturb me, so you guys ended up getting drenched in the rain.

Quickly come in.

Dont catch a cold.”

Xia Yunlou looked at Qiao Xi in surprise and sized her up.

Her lips were pale, and she would cough from time to time.

Her eyes were slightly red, and she didnt look like she was pretending.

Before the two of them could speak, Qiao Xi suddenly sneezed.

Tears trickled down her face as she cried, “Mom! Why arent you going in I know you blame me for coming out too late, sob sob sob sob… You can hit me or scold me, but dont hurt your own body.

I beg you, quickly go into the house and avoid the rain, okay”

Qiao Xi covered her mouth and pretended to be in despair as her body swayed weakly.

The maid at the side rushed forward to support her and exclaimed, “Young Madam! Your body is so cold! Youre already sick.

This cold wind is going to make it worse.”

Qiao Xis voice trembled.

“It… Its alright.”

The maid was also a smart person.

She followed Qiao Xis plan and said, “Young Madam has been running a fever for the entire day.

She has only slept for a short while, but when she heard that her relatives had come to visit, she rushed out without even putting on her coat.

She doesnt even care about her health.”

Qiao Xi said weakly and gently, “It doesnt matter to me.

I cant let Mom and Sister get drenched in the rain again.

If I dont come out to welcome them, theyll be angry.

Its all my fault for being too disappointing.

Why did I fall sick! Please dont blame me and quickly come into the house with me, alright”

Everyone watching the live broadcast was stunned.

[Dont you guys think that the real daughter of the Xu family looks quite gentle She doesnt seem to have any intention of chasing Xu Anran away.

In fact, shes quite enthusiastic toward her.]

[Why do I feel so sad The daughter who was previously wandering outside has finally found her biological parents but has to be careful and please her family.

Shes afraid that shell be hated by them.

Shes clearly seriously ill, yet she still braved the heavy rain to welcome her mother and sister.

Shes simply afraid that Madam Xu and Xu Anran will blame her.

How can such a pitiful young lady chase Xu Anran out of the house]

[Come to think of it, its a fact that Xu Anran had taken over her identity and enjoyed everything that should have belonged to her.

After living with the Xu family for 20 years, even though she has returned to the Xu family, itll be difficult for her to integrate into the Xu family.

If Xu Anran doesnt move out of the Xu family, the real daughters life in the Xu family will be very difficult.

I think its reasonable to chase Xu Anran away.]

[I think so too.

Although this isnt Xu Anrans fault, she did steal the identity and family of the real heiress, after all.

She should have left from the beginning.

She cant blame the real heiress!]

Xu Anran looked at the comments in the live broadcast with hatred in her eyes.

This b*tch actually tricked her!

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