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Seeing that Gu Zheng was silent, she quickly changed the topic.

“I found the indoor hot springs next to Night Tide Court! Its raining now, so we cant go outside.

Why dont we go to the indoor hot springs together”

Gu Zhengs eyes burned with passion.

After a few seconds of silence, he asked word by word, “Are you sure you want to go with me”

Qiao Xi didnt hesitate in the slightest.

“Yes, lets go together!”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes to hide his desire.

20 minutes later, Qiao Xi arrived at the indoor hot springs in a bathrobe.

The floor was also warm, and the room emitted a faint fragrance that made one feel very comfortable.

Gu Zhengs hot breath came close and landed beside her ear, causing her to shiver.


Gu, why arent you going in”

Qiao Xi only felt her entire body tremble.

She only wanted to relax in the hot spring, but when she was changing her clothes earlier, Gu Zheng had said something into her ear.

“Junior, you were the one who invited me to go to the hot springs with you, so dont blame me for what happens later.

After all, youre too tempting.

Im truly unable to control myself.”

She really did not expect that the seemingly decent President Gu would actually be so passionate in private.

Moreover, he was really too strong in that aspect, so strong that it was scary.

“Y-You go first.

Ill wait a moment.” Qiao Xis face was red as she stammered out a reply.

Tempting Unable to control himself Did Gu Zheng really say these

Besides, she was only wearing a thin bathing suit under her bathrobe.

It was basically the same as her not wearing anything!

Gu Zhengs scorching gaze sized up her body, moving down her fair neck and landing on her chest for a moment before his breathing became heavy.

“Alright, you can take your time.”

Qiao Xi glared at him fiercely.

‘Ha, you bastard! If you hadnt tormented me until I was weak all over the previous time, would I be so afraid

However, she could only complain in her heart.

There was still an ingratiating smile on her face.

“I suddenly dont really want to soak in the hot springs anymore.

Why dont you enjoy the hot springs yourself Ill wait here.”

Gu Zheng ignored her and slowly took off his bathrobe, revealing his eight packs and muscular chest.

He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

His model-like figure came into Qiao Xis view.

Qiao Xi: “Gulp…” Although she had seen Gu Zhengs body many times, she still couldnt help but swallow her saliva.

His figure was truly too alluring.

The blush on her cheeks spread to her ears as she stammered, “G-Gu Zheng, get dressed.”

The man slowly turned around and looked at her flushed cheeks with interest.

With an innocent expression, he said, “How am I going to soak in the hot spring if I dont take off my clothes Dont tell me you dont take off your clothes in the hot springs”

Qiao Xi, who was standing at the side, instantly choked up.

She stood at the same spot and imagined the two of them soaking in the hot springs together.

They would kiss and hug each other.

It was not only Gu Zheng who could not hold himself back; even she couldnt control herself!

Gu Zheng entered the hot springs and leaned against the edge lazily.

He closed his eyes contentedly and enjoyed the warmth enveloping him.

At this moment, the maid walked in with hot tea and looked at Qiao Xi in confusion.

“Young Madam, why arent you going into the hot springs”

Qiao Xi felt her limbs go limp, so she blurted out, “I… Ill wait until hes done.

Otherwise, he definitely wont be able to hold himself back.”

The maids lips twitched.

“Young Madam, youre overthinking.”

Qiao Xi: “…”Damn! In your eyes, Gu Zheng is a gentleman, huh You dont know how much of a beast he is in private!

After a while, the maid tactfully left Night Tide Court, leaving only the couple in the large courtyard.

Gu Zheng leaned comfortably against the edge of the hot springs as though he had fallen asleep.

Qiao Xi squatted down and asked softly, “Gu Zheng”

Seeing that Gu Zheng didnt have any reaction, Qiao Xi finally let out a sigh of relief.

It looked like he was asleep.

Hence, it should be fine if she took advantage of this time to soak in the hot springs!

The water quality here in Nine Heavens Villa was the best in the entire Li City, and Night Tide Courtyard was in the upper reaches of the villa.

Not only was the water clean, but the environment was also beautiful.

If she missed this opportunity, who knew how long she would have to wait for the next time

Qiao Xi waved her hand in front of Gu Zhengs eyes.

After confirming that he was really asleep, she quietly took off her bathrobe and carefully stepped into the hot springs.

Thesleeping Gu Zhengs lips curled up slightly, but his expression remained indifferent for the most part.

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