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Gu Zheng would never destroy whatever was precious to her, including kinship.

More importantly, her junior liked gentle men.

To make sure she would keep liking him, he would maintain a gentle image.

“Second Brother, why didnt you tell me that you were coming”

“This is your birthday present.”

Luo Qing handed the black box in his hand to Qiao Xi.

“I didnt know whens your birthday, but now that I know, Ill give you this hidden weapon as a gift.”

Qiao Xi took it from him and looked at him with a smile.

“This is the birthday that the Xu family set for me.

Actually, my mother had previously set it on a different day.

You didnt have to give me a birthday present.

Otherwise, youll have to give me one next year too!”

“Dont worry.

Just keep it.

Ill prepare something better for you next time.”

Qiao Xi knew that her gloomy second brother had always been a man of few words.

He would only say a few more words when facing her.

She couldnt help but feel warm in her heart.

She slowly opened the box.

“Teacher has already given me this hidden weapon.”

Luo Qing frowned.

“Teachers hidden weapons arent as powerful as mine.

Not only can my hidden weapons protect you, but they can also avoid getting detected by metal instruments.

Moreover, its difficult to find any traces of it in surveillance cameras.

Even if you attack, others wont be able to catch any clues.”

Qiao Xis mouth gaped open in shock.

What was wrong with Second Brother today He was so abnormal! He actually said so much in one breath.

However, she had to admit that Second Brother understood her well.

He knew that she liked to use hidden weapons when there were a lot of people around.

That was why he created a hidden weapon that would not be detected by others.

This made it easier for her to teach some petty people a lesson.

Qiao Xi took out the hidden weapon and studied it carefully.

There seemed to be a medicinal fragrance lingering on it.

“What smell is that Why havent I smelled it before Is it newly developed”

Knowing that it would be troublesome to ask her second brother, Qiao Xi directly gave Qin An a call.

Qin An smiled sinisterly.

“You definitely wont be able to guess what this thing is used for.

I specially developed it for you.

Arent you always around women who dont mean what they say In front of others, they pretend to be kind-hearted and weak, but behind others, theyre more ruthless than anyone.

For example, Xu Anran.”

Qiao Xis eyes instantly lit up.

“Dont tell me that this medicine will cause one to reveal whats in ones heart! Youre too awesome! Holy sh*t!”

“Youre thinking too much.

Im not that capable!”

Qin Ans words shattered Qiao Xis fantasy as he seriously explained, “In the future, if she tries to put on an act in front of you again, you can try to use this hidden weapon on her.

If she gets hit by a needle laced with this medicine, it can cause her facial expression to go out of control.

For example, the corners of her mouth will start twitching or her eyes will start to blink randomly.

This way, no one will believe anything she says.”

Qiao Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“There are many ways to deal with Xu Anran.

Why did you give me a harmless concealed weapon like this”

Qin An gave a sly smile.

“Youll understand in a while.

Little Six, I know you like to pretend to be weak, so I gave you this hidden weapon.

Before long, youll know the benefits of this hidden weapon.”

Qiao Xi pouted coquettishly.

“How annoying! I really am weak!”

The two of them walked to the Night Tide Courtyard together.

Luo Qing said, “Alright, Ill go back first.

Go back to your room and rest.”

Qiao Xi nodded as she watched Luo Qing leave.

She suddenly felt as if she had forgotten something and stood on the spot to think for a minute before suddenly reacting.

She had left her husband at the door!

Gu Zheng lifted his eyes to look at the drizzling rain in the sky.

His body was shrouded in mist, and his hair was dripping with rainwater.

His entire body was emitting a cold aura.

At this moment, he was chuckling as he looked into the distance.

Qiao Xi was running toward him in a panic.

He sneered.


Gu, so you still knew to come back”

Qiao Xi, who had forgotten about her husband: “…”Gu Zheng, can you stop smiling Im scared!

Qiao Xis face was immediately filled with flattery.

“I heard that you prepared a courtyard for me, so I couldnt help but take a look.

But I immediately came back to pick you up.”

Gu Zheng sized her up with his deep eyes and said in a low voice, “Is that so”

“Mhm, mhm!” Qiao Xi nodded her head like a chick pecking at rice.

She could only brace herself and admit that if she were to say that she had forgotten about Gu Zheng while walking with Second Brother, this man would definitely hold a grudge.

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