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[Its not that I dont want to see you, but there are some special reasons.

Ill appear one day.

I know that youve been looking into your mothers matters.

Your mother and I were indeed old acquaintances.

After your mother passed away, I knew that you were bullied by the Qiao family and was sent to the countryside.

Thats why I brought your brother there to fetch you back.

[Little Six, I heard that youve found your biological parents.

Your biological mother is called Xia Yunlou.

I know they dont treat you well.

You dont have to be sad because Xia Yunlou might not be your real biological mother.]

Xia Yunlou was not her biological mother Then why did she acknowledge her

[This is just a guess.

I cant confirm it.

The most direct way is to do a paternity test.

You can get Gu Zheng to help you.

Hes your husband.

Hell help you solve all your problems.

Its a waste not to use him!]

Gu Zheng took a glance.

This divine physician really didnt treat him as an outsider!

[Little Six, dont worry about me.

When the time is right, Ill appear.]

The last sentence stopped for a few seconds before the screen returned to normal.

Qiao Xi picked up her phone and wanted to trace the other party, but she didnt find any clues.

Gu Zheng smirked.

“The godly doctors hacking skills are actually so superb.”

Qiao Xi was slightly stunned.

“This is my first time learning about it.”

What secrets did Grandpa have Why was he hiding in the dark for two years without meeting them

“Your grandfather said that hes safe, so you dont have to worry.

When hes done with whatever it is hes doing, hell naturally appear.”

Grandpa said that Xia Yunlou may not be her biological mother, so why did the Xu family still want to acknowledge her

Fortunately, after todays incident, the Xu family would not come looking for trouble with her.

Li Xinger called.

“Xi Xi, can you be my model It wasnt easy for my gown to be chosen, but Im not satisfied with the models Ive seen.

Only your figure is most suitable.

Come over and support me!”

Gu Zhengs eyes darkened.

“Ill go too.”

Li Xinger chuckled.

“Oh! You just have to show your face and its only for an hour, but President Gu is still worried! I didnt expect the famous President Gu to be so clingy!”

Li Xinger was participating in a variety show.

Every episode, they would select the works of a group of designers.

Models would wear the clothes and walk on stage.

Then, they would select the most beautiful model and the most influential designer.

Although it was a competition, everyone knew that the program team had already decided who the final champion would be.

Everyone else was just going through the motions.

The gown designed by Li Xinger was merely a foil and only appeared on camera for a total of ten seconds.

But such an opportunity could only be chanced upon by luck, so Qiao Xi agreed.

“But I dont know how to do a catwalk!”

“Its okay, were all amateurs.

Just walk around and dont fall down.

Anyway, everyone is there to be a foil to certain models or female celebrities.

You just have to show the gown I designed well.”

The tip of Gu Zhengs tongue brushed past his teeth.

He revealed an unruly expression.

His Mrs.

Gu was just a foil meant to highlight female celebrities

Qiao Xi didnt care.

After asking Li Xinger about the time and venue, she prepared to leave.

When she arrived at the scene, she found out the female celebritys identity.

“F*ck! Enemies really meet on a narrow road! That female celebrity is actually Xu Anrans friend! If I had known, I definitely wouldnt have asked you to come!”

Li Xinger flew into a rage.

“Forget it, I dont need this show.

Lets go!”

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent.

“Meng Meimei is an A-list celebrity.

If you leave just like this, itll be a slap to her face.

How are you going to survive in this industry in the future”

“What the f*ck!” Li Xinger could not help but swear, “F*ck! I get angry every time I see her.

She must not be a good person to be friends with Xu Anran.”

Qiao Xi raised her brows.

Meng Meimei, Xu Anrans best friend

“When did you submit the design draft”

“About two months ago.

The variety show had already issued a notice before filming started, and many designers submitted their drafts.

I submitted my draft after I saw the announcement and was selected not long after.”

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