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Xia Yunlou was really afraid that she would be abandoned, so she suppressed her anger.

“Whats so difficult about asking Qiao Xi to forgive me Im her mother.

If she makes things difficult for me, shes unfilial!”

Didnt Qiao Xi always hope to have a family As long as she wanted a family, she had to forgive her and Anran.

Otherwise, how could the Xu family accept her

The first thing Qiao Xi did when she got home was to open the presents.

The gift boxes filled the entire living room, each one more valuable than the last.

The butler could not help but sigh.

He had thought that the president had married a lady with a bitter life, but he did not expect that this lady was a real pearl and came from such a powerful background.

Qiao Xi picked out some gifts that she liked and put them in the bedroom.

Gu Zheng then instructed the butler to keep the remaining gifts before he asked gently, “Shall we go upstairs”

At this moment, Lele ran in happily and rushed in front of Qiao Xi.

She lowered her eyes.

“My grandfather used to have a dog too.”

Gu Zheng pursed his lips.

“Before this, the mountain was desolate.

There were no flowers or trees, not to mention animals.

So Grandpa had a dog.

That dog was like Lele, always happy.

“Later on, Grandpa planted flowers and trees on the mountain.

It gradually regained its vitality.

Actually, I really dont understand why a godly doctor like Grandpa had to live in such a remote place.”

Qiao Xis voice carried a trace of helplessness.

She had once asked her grandfather, but he only said, “Since youre a miracle doctor, you have to be more mysterious.

Of course, you cant casually appear in front of people.”

However, now that she had grown up, she felt that her grandfathers words were a little far-fetched.

Why must miracle doctors be mysterious It was probably because her grandfather was keeping a secret.

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent.

“Why arent you curious why the divine physician brought you up the mountain”

Qiao Xi suddenly fell silent.

She really hadnt thought about this question.

When she was driven to the countryside by the Qiao family, she was not even ten years old.

There were only a dozen or so families in the village, and they were all so poor that they could not even put food on the table.

The Qiao family gave each family a sum of money, and everyone agreed to let Qiao Xi stay in the village.

Later on, when her grandfather and elder brother passed by the village, they found her and gave the villagers a sum of money to take her away.

They also instructed the villagers not to tell anyone that she had left and to pretend that she had been staying in the village all along.

Now that she thought about it carefully, there were indeed many suspicious points.

In that poor village, the villagers were isolated from the world.

Why would her grandfather and elder brother go to such a place Could it be that they were there to pick her up and were not just passing by

“But who should I ask Grandfather has been missing for so long.”

Qiao Xi knew that the worst-case scenario was that her grandfather had already passed away.

After all, her grandfather was getting on in years.

He had been missing for two years, so it was very likely that he had already been killed.

Even though she was using her identity as Black Tide to engage numerous hackers to search for him, there was still no clue.

Her grandfather had gone missing for two years, yet not a single trace was left behind.

Qiao Xi truly didnt dare imagine how formidable the other partys ability was.

Suddenly, Qiao Xis phone flashed.

She looked down and saw that the screen of her phone had turned black.

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds before suddenly realizing that her phone had been hacked.

She was a hacker! Although she was not the best in the hacker world, she was definitely in the top ten.

Who could hack her phone

Qiao Xi angrily picked up her phone, wanting to retaliate.

Unexpectedly, just as she was about to move, the screen flashed once again.

A line of words appeared: [Dont miss me, everything is fine.


Qiao Xis eyes widened abruptly as her body trembled uncontrollably.

She immediately picked up her phone, wanting to decode the other partys code.

However, she didnt expect the other partys technique to be so superb that she couldnt decode it at the moment.

Gu Zheng also saw the words on the screen and could not help but frown.

He was about to reach out when the screen flashed again—

[Little Six, you dont need to get Mo Yuan to crack the code.

I just want to say a few things.]

Qiao Xi knew that the person on the other end of the phone was indeed her grandfather, but she didnt understand.

Since her grandfather was still alive, why was he using such a method to speak to her Moreover, he was even clearly aware that the person by her side was Mo Yuan

[Little Six, Im sorry for making you worry.

I wish you happiness forever.]

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