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Xia Yunlou cried out, “No matter how muddle-headed I am, I wont do such a thing! Shes my biological daughter, after all! I just thought that since she grew up in the countryside and had no one to discipline her, it wouldnt be strange if she accidentally got pregnant and got an abortion, so—”

“Shut up! Youre still talking! I dont care why you did it, but Xi Xi is our daughter.

You cant do anything to harm her.

Ill send Xu Anran away now to prevent any more trouble!”

“Xu Zhi!” Xia Yunlou shouted, “No! Anran has stayed with us for so long.

Where are you going to send her If outsiders know that Anran has been chased out of the house, shell definitely be mocked.

How can she continue living!”

“Who asked her to go against Xi Xi time and time again She brought this upon herself!”

Xu Zhi was furious.

“Do you know how much impact the incident today could have had on Xi Xi! If everyone had fallen for the act, what wouldve happened then”

Xia Yunlou panicked.

“So what Qiao Xis reputation isnt good anyway.

It doesnt matter even if she gets into one more scandal.

Moreover, with the Xu family and President Gu around, who can say anything—”

Before she could finish, Xu Zhi raised his hand and slapped her.

“Xia Yunlou! Let me warn you, Qiao Xi is the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Xu Anran is just an adopted daughter.

If I find out that you dare to frame Xi Xi again, Ill divorce you!”

Xia Yunlou was not to be outdone.

“You want to divorce me If it werent for our Xia family, would the Xu family be where they are today Besides, Im Xi Xis mother.

Would I harm her Everything I do is for her own good!”

Xu Zhis face was full of ridicule.

“Xia Yunlou, weve lived together for so many years.

I still dont understand your thoughts.

You know very well why you did all of this!”

Even if Xia Yunlou didnt like Qiao Xi, she was still her own daughter, after all.

Why did she have to be ruthless to Qiao Xi every single time

Xu Zhis eyes were full of disdain as he said word by word, “Its because Xi Xi was raised by her.

Xi Xi looks like her, and her personality is also similar to her.

Seeing Xi Xi is like seeing her when she was young! Youre jealous of her because the position of Madam Xu should have been Xia Yunqius!”

“Ah—!!” Xia Yunlou screamed like a madman, “Shut up!”

Xia Yunlou felt like she was about to explode!

Why! Why did that woman have to be above her in every aspect She had clearly been dead for so long, yet she was still haunting her like a ghost.

No one could forget her!

Xu Zhis words completely angered her.

Xia Yunlou roared crazily.

“Its all her fault! Its all her fault! Shes the eldest daughter of the Xia family! Shes my mothers favorite daughter! Even you treat her as Madam Xu in your heart! Worst of all, my daughter looks so similar to her.

How can I not hate her!

“She deserved to die! She should have disappeared completely.

Why is she disturbing my life again!”

Xu Zhis face was gloomy.

“You b*tch! How dare you say such things! You were the one who stole your sisters engagement back then.

You were the one who stole what originally belonged to her.

What right do you have to hate her

“Xi Xi was raised by Yunqiu herself, so whats so strange about her being similar to her Moreover, Xi Xi isnt like Yunqiu but like your and Yunqius mother, Old Madam Yin.

Yunlou, how could you be so ignorant!”

Just because she hated her biological sister, she wanted to destroy her biological daughter who resembled her sister

Xu Zhi thought of those big shots behind Qiao Xi and instantly felt a chill down his spine.

Now, he only hoped that Xi Xi would not take issue with the Xu family.

No matter what, they were related by blood.

If she insisted on taking revenge, how could the Xu family endure it

He had thought that his daughter was just a wild girl from the countryside.

He didnt expect her to have such powerful backers.

Any one of them could make Li City tremble.

Xu Zhis eyes were cold.

It seemed that he must obtain Qiao Xis forgiveness.

“Yunlou, apologize to Xi Xi immediately.

You and Xu Anran must make Xi Xi forgive the Xu family.


He took a deep breath and said, “Otherwise, well divorce!”

Xia Yunlou suddenly raised her eyes and looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

Although the two of them had not been happy in all these years, they were still kind to each other.

Now, he wanted to divorce her for that b*tch

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