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“Xi Xi, were here to celebrate your birthday.” Xu Zhi walked over slowly with a smile on his face.

“I only left for a short while, but so many guests have come to celebrate your birthday.

Youre indeed my good daughter.”

Everyone snorted.

Who didnt know that Xu Zhi was trying to find a way out for himself

However, Xu Zhi did not care about those disdainful gazes.

No matter what, he was Qiao Xis biological father.

What was wrong with him coming to attend his daughters birthday banquet

Xu Zhi helplessly said, “Originally, the two of you were going to celebrate your birthdays separately, but Anran was afraid that youd be too lonely.

Besides, why would the two of you have to separate So, we came together.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows when she heard Xu Zhis words.

Xu Anran pretended to be weak.

“Sister, Im sorry.

Its all my fault.

I know… you hate me because I stole your identity, but I grew up in the Xu family.

I dont want to leave the family.

Ive never wanted to fight with you for anything.

Im willing to give everything to you, including this birthday party…

“I just wanted to invite more people to attend the party.

I want to introduce everyone to you.

I had kind intentions, but I didnt expect you to misunderstand.

Sister, can you forgive me”

Li Xinger widened her eyes.

This Xu Anran was really a top-notch hypocritical b*tch.

Things had already come to this point, yet she was still pretending.

How could she say such innocent words in public Did she really think that everyone was a fool

Misunderstanding Who was she trying to fool!

If it werent for the four great families coming to support Qiao Xi, the Xu family would probably be sticking their chins up into the sky right now.

They might even ridicule Qiao Xi!

She had never liked such two-faced behavior.

She thought that Yao Mengqing was shameless enough, but Xu Anran was even more shameless!

Xia Yunlou used this as an excuse to continue speaking, “Xi Xi, our whole family has been busy preparing for your birthday party.

How can you not appreciate our kindness Arent you going to thank Anran”

Li Xinger: “”Look! Shes even more shameless!

Xia Yunlou pretended to be helpless.

“I didnt know that you had so many friends.

I was afraid that you would lose your dignity, so I came up with an arrangement with Anran.

I wanted to announce your identity at the birthday party.

I didnt expect you to have so many friends.

Im really happy for you!

“Look! Thats the cake we prepared for you.

Do you like it”

There was no tenderness in Xia Yunlous eyes.

She was still full of schemes.

She was clearly aware in her heart that Qiao Xis background was formidable, and it was surely impossible to go head-on against her.

At the very least, she wanted to let the guests present know that the Xu family had never mistreated Qiao Xi.

Therefore, she had to pretend to be a good mother so that no one would notice anything amiss.

Originally, she wanted to be a good mother as well, but this child, Qiao Xi, was extremely mischievous, jealous, and selfish.

She was utterly unworthy of being her daughter!

At this moment, the banquet hall was terrifyingly quiet.

Since Qiao Xi didnt say anything, no one dared to speak.

Xu Anran glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

She guessed that Qiao Xi would definitely not be able to reject her.

No matter what they did, they would always be her family.

If Qiao Xi really chased their entire family out in front of all the guests, then she would be unfilial and criticized for it for her entire life.

She was sure that Qiao Xi would definitely let them stay.

As expected, Qiao Xi remained silent for a moment before smiling.

“Of course, I like it! How can I not like what my parents prepared for me Im already very happy that youre willing to celebrate my birthday with me.”

It seemed that Qiao Xi didnt have any tricks up her sleeve.

She was just lucky to have met Shen Yu.

The two of them were so close, so perhaps they had some sort of relationship!

The birthday party was about to begin.

Qiao Xi glanced at the door.

The door to the hall was still open.

She was neither anxious nor impatient as she stood still and waited.

Not long after, there was a commotion at the door.

This was Qiao Xis birthday banquet, and the big shots of various places were gathered here.

Who would dare to be so rude

Everyone frowned and looked toward the door.

They saw a sloppy man shouting as he broke past the security guards and rushed into the banquet hall.

The sudden intrusion of a stranger scared the rich young ladies present.

They took a few steps back and looked at the scene in front of them with panic written all over their faces.

They had attended many banquets and had never seen such a scene before.

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