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Chapter 590 Overwhelmed With Jealousy

Gu Zheng was still standing in front of the door, gently persuading her.

“Why dont you come with me to the courtyard If you really dont like him, Ill send him away.”

Inside the room, Qiao Xi was in a fit of anger.

When she heard Gu Zhengs words, she was even more furious.

This man was too heartless!

If Gu Zheng had told her the truth before they got married and told her that he had an illegitimate child, Qiao Xi would not have been angry.

Instead, she would have felt that this man was a calm person.

But they had already been married for so long.

How could Gu Zheng keep it from her for so long How long did he plan on lying to her

The more Qiao Xi thought about it, the more sorrowful she felt.

She couldnt help but choke up.

“Youre going to send him away if I dont like him But hes your son! Even if he leaves, it wont change the blood relationship between the two of you.

Do you want outsiders to say that Im a vicious stepmother”

Gu Zheng remained silent, his brows tightly furrowed.

… Mrs.

Gu must have misunderstood.

Lele wasnt an illegitimate child at all.

He was just a dog!

Thinking of Xia Yunlous words, Gu Zheng gritted his teeth.

It was all that womans fault for making Mrs.

Gu think too much.

He thought that Qiao Xi had been to the courtyard and knew that there was a dog there, so she wouldnt think too much about


After a moment of silence, Gu Zheng couldnt help but laugh.

His voice was gentle as he spoke, “Ill bring you to see him, okay”

Qiao Xi: “…”

‘No way! Im still angry, yet you want me to see your illegitimate child

‘Alright! Ill go take a look, then! I want to confront him face to face and see if that child is as cute as you say he is! Qiao Xi got into the car angrily while Song Shiyu stepped on the accelerator.

They soon arrived at Longwan Residential.


After entering the villa, the two of them headed straight to the side courtyard.

Although it was also a part of the villa, it was still a distance away.

The place wasnt big, but it was clean and exquisite.

There was a housekeeper in the courtyard as well, and she was a kind-looking middle-aged woman.

When she saw Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi walking over together, she immediately greeted them respectfully, “President, Young Madam.”

Qiao Xi was slightly puzzled.

Shouldnt the person responsible for taking care of the illegitimate child be very alarmed to see her, the legitimate wife, here Wasnt she afraid that thisvicious stepmother would do something to that illegitimate child

Qiao Xis expression was icy-cold.

“Your son… Lele has always stayed here”

Gu Zheng couldnt help but smile.

Qiao Xi saw his gentle expression and felt that he was emitting the aura of a parent.

She felt bitter.

She didnt mind Gu Zheng being with another woman before they got married.

It wasnt a big deal for them to be in a normal relationship.

After all, she was previously in a relationship with Gu Moling.

However, he had a child with another woman.

That was a different story.

Qiao Xi suppressed the bitterness in her heart and followed Gu Zheng into the courtyard, but she didnt see the child.

At this moment, a young maid walked over and smiled.

“President, Young Madam, are you looking for Little Master Hes upstairs.”

Ahh! She even called himLittle Master!

Gu Zheng came over and held her hand.

Qiao Xi shook it off angrily.

The man didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He said helplessly, “Hes not my child.”

Qiao Xis eyes were misty with tears.

“Gu Zheng, youve learned how to lie.

If you told me earlier that you had an illegitimate child, I wouldnt have fussed over it.

After all, who doesnt have a past But youve been hiding it from me.

What exactly do you mean by this!”

Gu Zheng said, “He really has nothing to do with me.

I just couldnt bear to—”.

“Im not listening! Im not listening!”

Qiao Xi broke down and interrupted Gu Zhengs words.

If he wasnt his biological child but was still raising him, it was impossible for the child to come from a clean and pure background.

It must be that Gu Zheng couldnt forget about the childs mother, so he took the child over to raise him.

She pushed the door open, and there was silence inside.

Qiao Xi took a deep breath and walked in slowly.

If he wasnt Gu Zhengs biological son, then she wouldnt have to be a stepmother.

Moreover, Gu Zheng had also said that if she didnt like the child, he could send him away.

With Gu Zhengs status, it shouldnt be difficult to find a happy family for that child.

Qiao Xis gaze swept the surroundings.

Where was he

There was no one in the room.

There was no one on the bed or on the chair.

Besides, such a young child would definitely have an adult accompanying him.

How could Gu Zheng be at ease leaving him alone

However, there were many toys and dog food in the room.

Not far away, there was an exquisite kennel with a small black dog resting there.

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