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Chapter 583 Give Her The Best

She pushed open the door to the room and was greeted with the sight of a spacious balcony.

She entered the inner room and saw a luxurious master bedroom.

There were also two walk-in closets, a huge bathroom, and a makeup room.

The luxurious bathtub in the shower could even accommodate six to seven people at once, like a small swimming pool.

There was a glass door on the inner side of the master bedroom.

When the door was pushed open, it was a large open-air balcony.

There were fragrant flowers and plants there, as well as exquisite dining tables and chairs.

Whatever facilities one could imagine were here.

“I spent a long time thinking about how to decorate the balcony.

Theres still a lot of space on the balcony.

You can do whatever you like with it.

I also mentioned that girls might like keeping pets.

I prepared a pet area for you.

If you think its not suitable, you can move it somewhere else.

Just get the servants to do it.”

Yin Jinglin looked at Qiao Xi nervously.

“After all, there are no girls in the house and we dont know what you like.

This bedroom was decorated by my mother after she consulted many noble young ladies.

After some consideration, I decided to decorate it myself.

If you think its inappropriate, Ill get someone to redo it.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at Gu Zheng.

No wonder the usually cold and arrogant President Gu would take the initiative to look for the Yin family.

It turned out that he had long known that the Yin family and the Xu family were different.

The Yin family was really good to her.

As the biological daughter of the Xu couple, she was arranged to stay in the basement when she returned to the Xu family, but the Yin family could not wait to give her the best.

“Sister, its fine if you dont want to stay here.

This room will be left for you.

Youre welcome to stay here anytime, okay” Yin Jinglin asked gently.

Qiao Xi smiled like a flower.

“Thank you, Fifth Brother.”

Perhaps he was shocked by Qiao Xis sudden smile, Yin Jinglin scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Its good that you like it.

You dont have to thank me.

Theres no need to thank your family members! Its just a room.”

Qiao Xi was slightly at a loss for what to do.

After all, it was the first time she was meeting someone from the Yin family, so it was normal for her to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Yin Jinglin was very cheerful and chatted with her.

“Sister, you should know that the Yin family is called theYin family of Shengdu, right”

Qiao Xi nodded.

There were probably many people who knew about this.

Yin Jinglin said, “The Yin family is a noble family in Shengdu, but in the beginning, the Yin familys surname was not Yin but Qi.

This surname is rare.

I heard that the ancestor of the Qi family was saved by a benefactor with the surname Yin.

In order to thank him for saving his life, he changed his surname to



“Although everyone in the family is surnamed Yin, you still have to know about this matter.

Youre also a member of the Yin family now, so of course, you have to know.”

Qiao Xi nodded obediently, then heard Yin Jinglin say, “Actually, if our surname was Qi, Id be Qi Five.

Youre the youngest child in the family, so youd be Qi Eight.

Its quite amusing, hahaha…”

Qiao Xi: “”

Qi Eight This nickname sounded horrible!

When Yin Jinglin went downstairs, Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng stayed upstairs to rest.

Qiao Xi lay on the bed.

Yin Jinglins wordsQi Eight kept echoing in her mind.

She could not help but laugh.

After a while, there was a commotion downstairs and a womans scream.


Qiao Xi walked to the window and indeed saw the Xu couples car.

The corners of her mouth could not help but curl up.

Xu Zhi and Xia Yunlou came quite quickly!

Two hours ago.

Xu Zhi and Xia Yunlou received a call from Old Madam Yin.

She said that Xu Anran was in the Yin family and that if they wanted their daughter, they should immediately come to the Yin familys residence.

The couple hurriedly drove to the Yin familys residence.

The moment the two of them entered, they saw their precious daughter kneeling on the tiles at the door in a thin long dress.

Her weak body was swaying slightly, making her look pitiful.

Xia Yunlous heart ached.

She hurriedly went forward to support her and shouted, “Anran!”

She raised her eyes and looked at Old Madam Yin angrily.

“Mom! Why are you doing this! Anran is so obedient and sensible.

How could you bear to make her kneel as punishment!”

Old Madam Yin took a sip of tea unhurriedly and slowly walked to the two of them with the help of the third young master of the Yin family, Yin Jingting.

She said slowly, “Youre so worried about an adopted daughter”

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