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Chapter 582 Sister, Welcome Back

Although Old Madam Yin did not explicitly state their identities, it was not difficult to guess.

Even if the women present could not guess it, the elders in their families would be able to.

Xu Anran felt her entire body turn cold.

She felt everyones questioning gazes on her and heard their mocking voices.

Her body trembled violently before she fainted and fell to the floor.

Old Madam Yin frowned.

“Carry her back.”

Then, she looked at Qiao Xi affectionately.

“Xi Xi, can you come back to the Yin family with me Have President Gu… come with you!”

Old Madam Yin felt a sense of familiarity when she looked at Qiao Xi, but when she looked at Gu Zheng, she still felt slightly distant.

This was because this man was too cold.

His entire body emitted a cold aura that made it difficult for others to approach him.

“President Gu, if you have time, why dont you be a guest at the Yin familys residence Ive already asked Xu Zhi and Xia Yunlou to go to the Yin family.

Ill get them to apologize to Xi Xi in public.”

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent.


He agreed, so Qiao Xi would naturally not refuse.

The Yin familys bodyguards entered and carried Xu Anran into a car.

Old Madam Yin and the two young masters sat in one car while Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng sat in the other.

This gave the couple some privacy.

“The legendary Old Madam Yin is actually quite kind!” Song Shiyu was sitting in the front passenger seat with a smile.

Gu Zhengs eyes were gentle as he stretched out his hand to touch Qiao Xis cheek and said softly, “Old Madam Yin isnt close to Xia Yunlou.

Dont worry.”

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes.

“You were the one who contacted the Yin family, right”

Gu Zhengs gaze was indifferent.

“I guess you can say that.”

Qiao Xi was puzzled.

“I did inform the Yin family, but they were already planning to come before that.

Shen Yu must have told them about you being in Li City.

“Your brother does dote on you a lot.

He sent someone to monitor Xu Anran and then passed the news to the Yin family.

Thats why Old Madam Yin and the two young masters came to Li City so quickly.”


Qiao Xi smiled.

Her eldest brother did indeed dote on her very much.

Moreover, he was the most composed of her few brothers.

He had always been very reliable, both in his words and actions.

After an unknown period of time, the sky turned dark.

The car slowly stopped.

The Yin familys residence was like a castle.

When the car entered, they realized that there were a few villas, gardens, and various entertainment facilities.

It was a hundred times more majestic than the Gu familys old residence.

The butler hurriedly came forward to open the door for Qiao Xi and respectfully invited them into the house.

The few young masters of the Yin family also came out to welcome them.

“Sister, welcome back.”

“Im Yin Jinglin, your cousin.

Im ranked fifth in the Yin family.

You can call me Fifth Brother.

There are a total of seven boys in the Yin family.

Eldest Brother and Third Brother are biological brothers and direct descendants of the Yin family.

“A few are the grandchildren of your grandmothers other brothers, but theyre all your brothers too.

Although were not that close, theyll still be very good to you.

“The current head of the Yin family is my father, your uncle.

The other uncles also have shares.

After all, the Yin family doesnt have many people, so we all get along very well.

We werent even in Li City at first, but we heard that our younger sister was found.

Hence, my brothers and my parents all rushed over from Shengdu.

“Our Yin family has many boys but no girls.

There isnt a single girl in our generation.

The elders are all looking forward to having a girl.

Our family can laugh a little now, so everyone values you very much.

“Sister, youve been suffering outside for so many years.

The Yin family doesnt care what the Xu family thinks of you.

Well make up for all the pain and grievances youve suffered for the past 20 years.

We definitely wont let you be bullied again.

“If the Xu family cant tolerate you, then you can still hold onto your title as the eldest daughter of the Yin family.

In any case, youre the only eldest daughter in the Yin family.

No one will snatch your identity anymore!

Qiao Xi was so touched that she was about to cry.

Although she had only met Fifth Brother for the first time, she could feel his love for her.

All her brothers sincerely welcomed her back, unlike the Xu family who had ulterior motives.

Then, Yin Jinglin brought Qiao Xi to the second floor.

“Sister, this is the room we prepared for you.

Do you like it If you dont, you can change


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