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Chapter 551 Qiao Xi Was Poisoned

Gu Zheng turned his head to look at her with a deep gaze.

“But I know that as long as you make a promise, it means youre confident that you can keep your word.

Thats why I let you do whatever you want.

Even if you had lost 5% of the shares, I wouldnt blame you.

Ill just snatch the shares back.”

Qiao Xi smiled delicately.

She was just about to say something when she felt her heart go numb.

She frowned.

She had almost forgotten about this.

Gu Yao saw her dark expression and was about to ask her what was wrong when he heard her say slowly, “Ive been poisoned.”

Instantly, there was silence.

Gu Yao widened his eyes.

Gu Yaos eyes turned cold, and his voice became anxious.

“Whats going on”

Qiao Xi raised her hand.

There was a red spot on the back of her hand, and the blood vessels on her wrist were slightly dark.

Even so, she said casually, “This poison is colorless and odorless.

So long as it goes into ones bloodstream even if just a little, one will be poisoned.

The poison will flare up within seven days and the victim will die from blood loss after bleeding extensively from their seven apertures.”

Qiao Xi took out a silver needle from her bag and pricked her finger.

The silver needle was stained with blood, and after a moment, the silver needle turned black.

The expressions of the Gu brothers changed.

Gu Zheng, who was usually calm, trembled.

Anger erupted from his body as he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Yao Mengqing!”

Qiao Xi held the silver needle between her fingers and raised her eyebrows in disdain.

“Where did Yao Mengqing get this poison I thought that this poison was too savage, so I destroyed it a long time ago.

It should be something that cant be bought with money.

She must have some connections.”

Gu Zheng immediately bent down and hugged Qiao Xis waist.

He picked her up horizontally and strode away.

Qiao Xi fell into a warm embrace and hugged Gu Zhengs neck tightly.

She blinked.

“Ah Zheng, why do you think Yao Mengqing thought of poisoning me”

Gu Zheng glanced at her coldly.

How would outsiders know that she was immune to poison

It was Liang Pingchuan who told him about this.

Otherwise, even as her husband, he would not have known.

Qiao Xis blood could detoxify poisons, so naturally, any poison was useless against her.

Moreover, after the poison entered her body, it would gradually dissipate due to her metabolism.

Gu Zheng knew that she would not have a relapse, but knowing that someone had poisoned her, he could not help but be angry.

He wished he could hack Yao Mengqing into pieces.

Qiao Xi looked at Gu Zhengs cold gaze and knew that Yao Mengqing would definitely be miserable after this.

Gu Zheng smiled coldly, then looked at Qiao Xi with a gentle expression.

“You developed this poison”

Qiao Xi did not know what Gu Zheng meant and nodded obediently.

“Yes, Third Brother and I found a type of poisonous mushroom on a mountain.

Later on, when we extracted the poison from it, we accidentally developed this poison.

Because this poison is colorless, odorless, and savage, the person whos poisoned by it is practically incurable.

Moreover, the process of the poison acting up is quite painful, and the way the victims die from it is extremely tragic.

“If this poison were to get in the hands of others, it would definitely have an extremely adverse effect, so I immediately destroyed it.

I wonder where Yao Mengqing got this poison from.”

Gu Zheng was silent.

He was too kind to Yao Mengqing previously.

He should be more vicious when dealing with such people.

Killing her directly would be letting her off easy.

Gu Zhengs expression was calm, but only he knew that he was forcefully suppressing the anger in his heart.

When he faced Qiao Xi, his tone was still gentle.

“Do you still have this poison, then”

Qiao Xi did not feel that anything was wrong and replied truthfully, “Ive already destroyed it all, but if you want it, I can extract a little from my blood now.”

“Alright.” The mans eyes were cold as his lips curled into a cold smile.

Qiao Xi looked at him in confusion.

Why did he want this poison

She hid in Gu Zhengs arms and stared at the silver needle with a burning gaze.

She sneered.

“Yao Mengqing used the poison I developed to harm me.

Its really too interesting!”

After a moment, Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes.

She seemed to have thought of something and asked in shock, “Y-Youre not surprised to know that I was the one who developed the poison Actually, that… that poison was developed by Third Brother.

I was just helping him.”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow.


Gu, isnt it too late to maintain your weak image now”

Qiao Xi was instantly speechless and suddenly felt as if she had a heart attack.

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