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Chapter 55: Despicable

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“I… I didnt…” Qiao Rous body trembled, and she could not say anything for a long time.

Wang Qing reacted at this moment and went forward to support Qiao Rou, shouting, “So what if it was Qiao Rou who posted it Were just posting the truth on the forum! Qiao Xi is the one whos a mistress!”

Qiao Rou had not run the university all these years in vain.

As the goddess of Li City University, she had countless admirers.

When a male student saw Qiao Rou crying from sorrow, the scale in his heart began to tilt.

“Thats right.

Although Qiao Rous actions this time were a little inappropriate, there wouldnt be smoke without a fire.

If Qiao Xi wasnt someone elses mistress, she wouldnt have been photographed.

Naturally, this storm wouldnt have happened either.

At the end of the day, its all because Qiao Xi is too insensible!”

The students supporting Qiao Xi were infuriated.

They were using flawed arguments to defend Qiao Rou!

The dean was anxious when he saw that the two parties were about to fight.

What should he do now that the matter had developed to this stage!

“Everyone, calm down.

There must be a misunderstanding here.

You guys should go to class first.

After the university is done with the investigation, well definitely give you a satisfactory explanation.”

He wanted to persuade the students to go back first, but they were too agitated and no one was listening to him.

The students on Qiao Rous side sneered.

“Explanation I reckon that when the time comes, the university will simplify the matter, right” With Qiao Xis identity as Gu Shan, the university wont easily give up on her.

It was also because they realized this that they came here to protest.

They wanted to go look for the chancellor themselves to demand an explanation.

“Do you think so lowly of the university”

Zhou Guanjin walked over unhurriedly.

“The matter has not been confirmed yet, and the university hasnt investigated whether Qiao Xi is a mistress.

You guys claim with certainty that shes a mistress just based on a photo.

Is this the intellect of university students”

With that said, he slowly patted the shoulder of the boy who had just spoken.

“Calm down.

Dont end up being punished by the university for causing trouble while Qiao Xi ends up fine.”

“Why should we be punished That photo didnt come out of nowhere.

It takes two hands to clap.

If Qiao Xi hadnt done those things, rumors wouldnt have spread.”


Zhou Guanjin raised his hand from the boys shoulder and raised it to slap the boy across his face.

“Look, isnt this considered a slap”


The boys body trembled.

He wanted to fly into a rage but did not dare to because of Zhou Guanjins identity.

The surroundings fell into a strange silence.

Zhou Guanjin acted as if he did not notice their abnormality.

He slowly took out a tissue to wipe his hands.

“Before you investigate this matter clearly, dont let me hear any more nonsense.

Otherwise…” He curled his lips lightly.” Youll face the repercussions.

Everyone instantly fell silent.

They could shout and scream at Qiao Xi because Qiao Xi only had her identity as Gu Shan to back her up.

However, it was different for Zhou Guanjin.

His status in the university was unparalleled.

If they provoked Zhou Guanjin, they might not even be able to graduate…

Seeing the fear in their eyes, Zhou Guanjin snorted and turned to look for Qiao Xi.

Not far away, Song Shiyu looked at Gu Zheng angrily.

“President, why did Zhou Guanjin take such a good opportunity! Do you think Zhou Guanjin has feelings for Young Madam Theyre from the same university and have known each other for a long time…”

Song Shiyu counted with his fingers.

If Zhou Guanjin really wanted to snatch her away, his president had no chance of winning!

Gu Zheng glanced at him coldly.

“Cut the crap.

Lets go.”

“Huh Were leaving Were leaving just like this Where are we going”

Gu Zheng looked up indifferently, and Song Shiyu instantly fell silent.

On the other side, Qiao Xi walked along the corridor toward the classroom.

People passing by pointed at her and said, “Is this the woman on the forum The one whos an old mans mistress”

“Wow, yet she still dares to come to the classroom Shes really shameless.”

Their words did not affect Qiao Xi at all.

She placed her hands in her pockets and continued walking forward, but she did not expect to be blocked by someone…

“Qiao Xi, I never expected that you would fall into such a state for money.”

Gu Moling had not looked at the threads on the forum.

He immediately ran over to look for Qiao Xi after hearing the discussion of the other students.

He just knew that she was an old mans mistress and he even sent her to university today.

“Qiao Xi, youre the eldest daughter of the Qiao family.

Why are you degrading yourself How much money do you lack that you can even bring yourself to sleep with an old man like that! If you really lack money, you can ask Uncle Qiao for it.

If Uncle Qiao doesnt give it to you, you can look for me.” Gu Molings tone was filled with disappointment.

Qiao Xis face gradually showed impatience.

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