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Chapter 549 Breaking The Promise

Although Second Young Master Gu was a little afraid, he could not help but run over when he saw Qiao Xi riding the tall horse.

Qiao Xi stroked the horse a few times and whispered a few words before nimbly dismounting.

Immediately after, Gu Yao got on the horse and sat on it.

The horse let Gu Yao ride on its back and started galloping away.

It did not have the intention to shake Gu Yao off at all.

After circling once, it returned to its original spot obediently.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

“This horse looks very obedient!”

“Yes, one look and you can tell that it has been trained.

Its very intelligent and even knows how to bring Second Young Master Gu back to where he got on.

I just dont know why it was so irritable just now.”


Gu said that she doesnt know how to ride a horse, but she can ride this horse.

Miss Yao said that shes good at riding, but she was thrown down by this horse.”

With that said, someone could not help but start to suspect.

“Miss Yao, dont tell me you dont actually know how to ride a horse at all This horse is clearly very gentle.”

“No matter what, shes the daughter of the Yao family.

Its fine that she doesnt know how to ride a horse, but she even bragged that shes good at horse riding.

I remember that she secretly mocked Mrs.

Gu for not knowing how to ride a horse, so she stole this horse from her.”

Yao Mengqings face was pale as paper.

She gnashed her teeth in hatred, then glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

She had actually lost to that b*tch, Qiao Xi!

At this moment, someone suddenly said, “So many people have placed their bets just now.

Now that Mrs.

Gu has tamed that horse, shouldnt everyone fulfill their promises”

Yao Mengqing lowered her head even more.

“Didnt someone say that Mrs.

Gu is willful They said Mrs.

Gu didnt mind causing President Gu to lose 5% of his shares for her.

Now that Young Master Lu lost his shares, whos the reason”


Gu, youre right.

Some people reap what they sow.

They just had to snatch someone elses horse.

In the end, the one who lost is themselves.”

At this moment, Yao Mengqings heart was exploding.

She wished for nothing more than to find a hole to bury herself in.

She quickly retorted, “I… I just said it casually.

I didnt mean to criticize Xi Xi.

Besides, I said it before.

Even if Xi Xi lost, I wouldnt take Ah Zhengs shares.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Xi sneered.

“Are you being a sore loser now! Young Master Lu, you and Miss Yao are both reputable people in high society.

But both of you are actually going back on your word now.

Everyone was so happy when we made the bet just now.

Now that Ive won, youre unwilling to fulfill your promises”

Qiao Xi waved her hand helplessly.

“Alright, if youre unwilling to give those things to me, then forget it.

I cant force you to give them to me either.

However, if news of this gets out, others will inevitably say that Miss Yao is inferior to others and is the kind of person who goes back on her word.

Meanwhile, Young Master Lu has a vile character and is also someone who goes back on his word.”

Although she said it indifferently, Yao Mengqings and Lu Yans faces alternated between red and white.

“Yeah, who knows who will be the one losing face then”

Gu Yao had a mocking look on his face as he ordered arrogantly, “Guards! Chase them all out! My horse ranch has just opened, yet they dare to cause trouble on my territory.

Theyre looking down on me, the young master of the Gu family!”

With that order, the bodyguards immediately rushed over.

Gu Yao shouted loudly, “Ive really learned something today.

Some people even dare to go back on their word after placing bets.

Theyre really shameless!”

Everyone was extremely embarrassed.

Yao Mengqing knew very well that if they fulfilled the bet, they would suffer a huge loss.

Compensating them with her Yao family wouldnt even be enough.

She hurriedly moved in front of Qiao Xi, and Qiao Xi felt the back of her hand hurt.

Qiao Xi silently withdrew her hand and watched indifferently as Yao Mengqing put on an act.

Yao Mengqing advised Gu Zheng gently, “Ah Yao, dont be angry.

Actually, this is just a joke.”

Gu Yao immediately retorted, “Qiao Xi originally didnt want to bet with all of you.

It was all of you who placed your bets one after another.

Now that youve lost, youre saying that its just a joke.

Yao Mengqing, you said that its a joke, but why didnt you stop Qiao Xi when everyone was urging her to get on the horse just now I think you just wanted to see Qiao Xi make a fool of herself.

Unexpectedly, she actually tamed that horse!”

Yao Mengqing was speechless, and her face turned livid.

The friends Gu Yao had invited were also discussing

“I actually didnt know that one can go back on ones word after making a bet.

Then, Ill get someone to bet with me.

If I lose, Ill just say it was a joke.

If I win, Ill make sure the bet is fulfilled.

In short, I cant lose out.”

Everyone roared with laughter.

“Haha, youre right!”

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