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Chapter 548 The Owner Of This Fierce Horse Is Actually Qiao Xi!

“I remember Miss Yao previously saying that she likes Gu Zheng.

Now, shes helping Young Master Lu deal with Ah Zheng.

Young Master Lu keeps saying that he likes me, but he hopes Ill lose this bet.

The two of you really dont mean what you say!”

Qiao Xi sighed lightly.


Lu Yans heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly became nervous.

“Miss Qiao, what do you mean”

Qiao Xi ignored him and gently stroked the horses mane.

The horse leaned intimately against Qiao Xi and rubbed her hand.

Lu Yans expression changed as he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Qiao Xi looked so indifferent as she neatly tied her hair up.

She turned around and said word by word, “You guessed correctly that this horse has an owner, but you didnt guess that Im its owner!”


Lu Yan felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His heart seemed to have exploded.

He stared blankly at Qiao Xi, and he was dumbstruck.

He completely lost the bearing of a noble young master.

Under Lu Yans shocked gaze, Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

“Young Master Lu, I asked you just now why you were so sure I cant tame this horse.

In the end, its just because youre too conceited.

“Ill thank you first.

Youre going to give me 5% of the Lu familys shares.

Young Master Lu, since you already said so, you wont go back on your word, right”

Lu Yans gaze landed on Qiao Xi.

She swiftly got on the horse and sat steadily on it.

His face was filled with disbelief.

The owner of this fierce horse was actually Qiao Xi!

The others were laughing and did not notice that Qiao Xi had already gotten on the horse.

“Mengqing, as long as she falls off the horse, she wont just embarrass herself.

Shell even cause President Gu to lose his shares.

I reckon President Gu will get tired of her soon.

At that time, the position of Mrs.

Gu will be yours.”

“Yes, only a noble daughter like you is worthy of the status of Mrs.


Youll definitely become President Gus virtuous wife.”

“Qiao Xi clearly knows that Young Master Lu and President Gu are not on good terms, yet she still agreed to this bet.

Shes clearly making President Gu lose face in front of Young Master Lu.

She doesnt care about her husband for the sake of her own reputation.

President Gu will be disappointed in her sooner or later.” “If Qiao Xi loses this time, youll get 5% of Gu Corporations shares.

Mengqing, after you become a shareholder of Gu Corporation, you can officially accompany President Gu.

It wont be long before President Gu sees your good qualities and despises that country bumpkin, Qiao Xi.”

“Thats right, Mengqing.

Although you didnt tame that horse, its not your fault.

Its just that the horse is too temperamental…”

Before that person could finish, a shadow flashed in front of him.

Yao Mengqing had her back facing Qiao Xi and did not know what was happening.

She smiled gently.

“Xi Xi is young and a little naughty.

Dont take her behavior to heart, everyone.

I just feel sorry for Gu Zheng.

Im worried about Xi Xi.

Ill teach Xi Xi well when I have the chance.

“Actually, even if Im given the 5% shares, I wont take them.

Ah Zheng and I are childhood sweethearts.

How could I have the cheek to take his things! I just want Xi Xi to remember this lesson.

In the future, she cant disregard Ah Zhengs interests for her own sake.”

“M-Miss Yao, look!” someone said in shock.

Yao Mengqing did not turn around and said proudly, “Theres nothing to be surprised about.

Xi Xi grew up in the countryside.

Its natural that she doesnt know how to tame horses.

I hope she doesnt get injured.

That horse is indeed—”

“No, no.

Miss Yao, Mrs.


Yao Mengqing was annoyed by the interruption and suddenly turned around”Mrs.

Gu is actually riding it!”

Yao Mengqings heart trembled.

The blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

They saw Qiao Xi riding her horse casually and indifferently as she approached them.

Yao Mengqings pupils constricted abruptly as she widened her eyes in horror.

This was impossible.

How could Qiao Xi tame this horse

“Miss Yao, you dont dare to believe it” Qiao Xi looked down from above and said, “I dont think this horse is that difficult to tame.

Its very obedient.

Ive already gone around the course once, but it never tried to shake me off.

But when you got on the horse, it became irritable.

How strange!” Qiao Xi chuckled.

“Gu Yao, give it a try.”

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