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Chapter 547 Yao Mengqings Admirers Are All Idiots

Qiao Xi was just about to nod and agree when an icy-cold male voice suddenly sounded from beside her.

“I agree.” Gu Zheng slowly raised his eyes and said casually, “I agree to use 5% of Gu Corporations shares as a bet.

If Xi Xi cant do it, Ill voluntarily hand over the shares.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

President Gu really doted on Mrs.


He was actually willing to bet 5% of Gu Corporations shares

Or perhaps, Mrs.

Gu really knew how to ride a horse.

If she managed to do it, they would all have to keep their promises.

Otherwise, they would be going back on their word…

“Ah Zheng, calm down.

How can you bet on 5% of Gu Corporations shares Xi Xi grew up in the countryside since she was young.

She doesnt know how to ride horses at all.

I asked her to use her business as collateral because I thought that I could return it to her later.

But if I sign the share transfer contract, then…

“Moreover, Gu Corporations shares involve a large amount of money and have a huge impact on you.

You know very well that you cant pay such a price for Xi Xis reputation!”

Yao Mengqings eyes were filled with sorrow.

“Xi Xi, cant you think about Ah Zheng”

When everyone heard this, they immediately understood.

After all, Mrs.

Gu did not know how to ride horses.

President Gu was only willing to give up his shares for Mrs.

Gus sake.

However, that was Gu Corporations shares they were talking about.

Even 1% was a huge sum of money.

Now, they were talking about 5%.

Gu Zheng was giving them away so casually

With just a few words from Young Master Lu, President Gu was already willing to give up his shares.

If Mrs.

Gu could not do it, it would be a small matter if she lost her reputation.

If she caused her husband to lose his shares, however, how could she raise her head in high society after this

Lu Yan curled the corners of his mouth.

Actually, he knew that Qiao Xi knew how to ride a horse.

Her brothers were all dragons and phoenixes among men.

She was also married to Gu Zheng, so how could she not know how to ride a horse

However, knowing how to ride a horse did not mean that she knew how to tame a horse.

Moreover, this horse was too temperamental.

Even Yao Mengqing, who was skilled in riding, could not tame it, so there was no need to mention Qiao Xi.

This horse looked gentle, but Yao Mengqing was not allowed to mount it.

It probably had an owner.

Even if Qiao Xi knew how to ride it, she would not be able to make this horse recognize her as its owner on the spot.

Gu Zheng would definitely lose this time.

At this moment, Qiao Xi had already walked over to the horse.

Yao Mengqing tried to persuade her.

“Xi Xi, why are you so insensible! For your own selfish desires, youre betting on Ah Zhengs blood, sweat, and tears.

After this,”

“Miss Yao, you dont have to waste your breath on her.

A prodigal woman like her has to suffer a little and be taught a lesson.

Lets see if she still dares to mock you in the future.”

Another man chimed in, “President Gu is her husband, so he must want to save her some dignity.

In the end, its because Qiao Xi is too arrogant and isnt considerate of her husband that she agreed to this bet.”

“It was originally a small matter.

If she hadnt mocked Miss Yao, the matter wouldnt have blown up so much.”

“Shes not worthy to be Mrs.


Shes really embarrassing the Gu family!”

Qiao Xis expression remained unchanged when she heard everyones ridicule.

She was just speechless.

Yao Mengqing snatched her horse the moment she arrived.

She did not know how to tame a horse and fell from it.

She was also the one who proposed the bet.

The person who wanted to bet on shares was Lu Yan.

What did this have to do with her

Were the admirers around Yao Mengqing all idiots

They all wanted to be humiliated, right Then they should open their eyes wide and watch.

Qiao Xi held the reins in her hand as she raised her eyes to coldly glance at Yao Mengqing, then at Lu Yan who was beside her.

“Young Master Lu.”

“Miss Qiao, is something the matter”

Qiao Xi said, “Its nothing.

Im just curious why Young Master Lu is so sure that I cant tame this horse.

Youre actually willing to bet on 5% of the Lu familys shares”

Lu Yan smiled gently.

“Miss Qiao, youre thinking too much.

I dont have any ill intentions.

Actually, Miss Qiao, you should know that Ive always liked you.

Even if you really fail to tame this horse, Ill tell my friends not to spread this news lest it damages your reputation.”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“You make it sound so nice, but everyone knows what youre really thinking.

Everyone knows what youve done.”

Lu Yan was not angry.

He was still smiling.

“Im really surprised that Young Master Lu and Miss Yao are together.

You two shameless people are quite compatible.

I hope the two of you will live long lives.”

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