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Chapter 543 Both Humans And Ghosts Are Welcome When Running A Business

Lu Yan smiled gently as more than ten people followed behind him.

Gu Yaos face darkened as he muttered softly, “Youre not welcome…”

“Since youre doing business, it naturally doesnt matter if youre human or a ghost,” Qiao Xi spoke first with a mocking smile on her face.

“Youre all customers, so of course, we have to welcome you.

One cant be picky when doing business, right, Ah Zheng”

The smile on Yao Mengqings face froze.

Gu Yao echoed stubbornly, “Sister-in-law, youre right.

Im a businessman.

It doesnt matter who the other party is.

They just need to pay, so I welcome everyone who pays.”

Yao Mengqing ignored Gu Yao and walked to Qiao Xis side.

“Xi Xi, can you give this horse to me”

Gu Yao was instantly angry.

“Sister Mengqing, although my horse ranch isnt big, there are still thousands of horses for you to choose from.

Why do you have to have Qiao Xis horse Have you forgotten what you did in the design competition You deliberately tried to make Qiao Xi look bad.

Dont you find yourself annoying”

His mocking comments made everyones expressions change.

Yao Mengqings eyes were vicious as she suppressed the anger in her heart.

“What happened before was a misunderstanding.

I was deceived by Jason.

Moreover… Ive already apologized.

I just think that this horse is too tall and am afraid that Xi Xi will get injured.

Im just being kind.

I didnt expect you to think of me that way.”

Gu Yao was just about to explain that the horse belonged to Qiao Xi.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi nodded indifferently and said, “Miss Yao, youre really kind!”

Everyone sized up Qiao Xi and saw her let go of the reins with an indifferent expression.

“I dont know anything about horses.

I just randomly chose one.

Since you say the horse doesnt suit me, then forget it.

Im also afraid that Ill get injured.”

Gu Zheng smiled meaningfully.

Yao Mengqing had a victorious smile on her face.

Qiao Xi was really sensible!

Immediately after, she heard Qiao Xi say casually, “Miss Yao, youve been emphasizing that this horse isnt suitable for me.

You also said that youre skilled in riding.

Does that mean that you have the ability to control this horse Why dont you personally demonstrate how to ride this horse and let us broaden our horizons”

Yao Mengqing looked at Gu Zheng with a gentle expression.

“Ah Zheng, what do you think Im not trying to snatch Xi Xis things.

Its just that she—”.

The mans expression was indifferent as he said, “Up to you.”

Everyone was stunned.

Rumor had it that Gu Zheng and Yao Mengqing had cut ties, but now, Gu Zheng was simply watching as Yao Mengqing stole Qiao Xis horse.

He did not say anything to stop her.

Could it be that Gu Zheng still had feelings for Yao Mengqing

Yao Mengqing was touched.

“Ah Zheng, thank


She said gently, “Xi Xi, Ill take this horse with me.

Once I tame it, Ill bring it back for you to try.”

Qiao Xi smiled as she said, “Alright! Ill be waiting for your good news! I dont think youll fail.

After all, youre skilled in riding!”

After that, Qiao Xi tossed the reins to Yao Mengqing.

Yao Mengqing did not find it strange.

On the other hand, Qiao Xi agreeing so readily gave her an extremely strong sense of confidence.

Everyone was also waiting for Yao Mengqing to display her superb riding skills.

They wanted to see Mrs.

Gu get taken down a notch to prevent her from overestimating herself.

Yao Mengqing smiled proudly.

Actually, she was utterly unable to discern this horses character.

She just saw that Qiao Xi was not wearing any riding clothes and concluded at a glance that Qiao Xi did not know how to ride a horse.

However, this horse was standing docilely and obediently by her side.

It seemed to be a horse with a gentle temperament, so it should not be difficult at all.

She did not care whether she could tame the horse or not.

As long as she could snatch it from Qiao Xi, she would feel happy.

As long as she rode this horse and circled around once, she would be able to highlight Qiao Xis incompetence.

Not only would Qiao Xi embarrass herself, but she would also embarrass Ah Zheng.

Yao Mengqings lips curled into a proud smile as she nodded.

“In that case, Ill try riding it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yao Mengqing grabbed the reins and got into a standard riding posture.

However, the next second

The originally gentle horse suddenly raised its head and neighed, shaking Yao Mengqing off.

Yao Mengqing was shocked.

She held the reins to steady herself and stepped on the stirrups in shock.


The horse neighed and shook its front hooves angrily.

Yao Mengqing was shocked.

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