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Chapter 539 President Gu Is Suddenly Crazy

“Follow me,” the man said indifferently.

His voice was low and filled with dominance.

The entire villa seemed to be filled with a chill.

Qiao Xi was puzzled and frowned slightly.

What was going on He was fine when he got into the car just now.

Why was he suddenly unhappy

After entering the bedroom, Gu Zheng tossed his jacket aside and sat on the sofa.

He loosened his tie, revealing his well-defined collarbone.

His expression was cold and serious.

“When I asked you how you planned to deal with the Xu family, you said that youre weak and timid, so you wont bicker with the Xu family at all.”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth twitched slightly.

Gu Zheng had asked her the question last night when the two of them were lying on the bed.

At that time, in order to maintain her weak image, she spouted a few nonsensical words.

However, she beat Xu Anran up the next day.

Qiao Xi was slightly guilty.

“That was what I said at that time, but Xu Anran insisted on provoking me, so I punished her a little so that she wouldnt provoke me anymore.

How can you blame me for this Ive always been weak and timid.

If Xu Anran hadnt set me up, why would I hit her”

Gu Zheng sneered and said word by word, “Weak Timid You can even bring yourself to say those words, huh”

Qiao Xi did not expect that he would mock her.

She instantly glared at him.

“Youre mocking me Do you feel sorry for Xu Anran”

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent.


Gu, is your head just there for decoration Dont make me think that I married a fool.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

What was wrong with this bastard!

Qiao Xis heart ached.

She had only slapped Xu Anran a few times.

Moreover, it was Xu Anran who provoked her first.

She had also said that she could handle these matters herself, but Gu Zheng insisted on following her.

After seeing her hit Xu Anran, this bastard was unhappy.

The anger and grievance in her heart instantly surged.

Tears welled up in Qiao Xis eyes.

She did not care that the Xu family favored Xu Anran, but she would not allow Gu Zheng to side with Xu Anran.

Gu Zheng wass her senior and they had known each other for ten years.

Gu Zheng took a deep breath.

“In order not to let Xu Anran wrongly accuse you, you got Madam Shen to remove all the surveillance cameras, so no matter what you did, no one would know.

However, didnt you ever think that since Xu Anran dared to go to such a remote place with you alone, she must have a trump card

“You were so bold and thought that Xu Anran couldnt beat you, but were you so sure that she wouldnt have helpers”

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes.

“Xu Anran is stupid, so you managed to turn the tables around.

However, you knew that she hated you and invited you to the courtyard with ill intentions.

Yet you actually dared to go out alone with her and even walked to a remote corner where there were no surveillance cameras.


Gu, youre too gutsy!”

Qiao Xi originally wanted to retort, but when she heard the latter part of Gu Zhengs words, she realized that Gu Zheng was just afraid that she would be in danger.

The anger in her heart instantly vanished.

“I-Im very familiar with the Shen familys courtyard.

Even if Xu Anran had helpers, I wouldnt be afraid.

I could just run away.

They wouldnt be able to catch up to me.


Before she could finish, warm lips attacked her and stopped her from defending herself.

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes.

“Xi Xi, stop fooling around.

Youre not allowed to go out alone with such a person anymore.

What should I do if something were to happen to you Let Song Shiyu follow you secretly in the future.

At least let him protect you.”

A wave of warmth surged in Qiao Xis heart.

This man was quiet the entire night because he was worried about her.

Qiao Xi wrapped her arms around his strong waist and said sweetly, “Ah Zheng, I love you so much!”

The mans body trembled slightly.

His hot palm landed on her back and slowly roamed across her body.

Qiao Xi hugged the mans waist before letting her hands wander.

When she touched his tight abs, some lingering scenes instantly appeared in her mind.

Back in Maple Garden, she had touched Gu Zhengs waist as well.

Then, this man tormented her like crazy for the entire night.

However, she recovered her taste buds the next day.

Now that a few days had passed, her ability to taste had disappeared again.

Should she…

Now was the time to be touched.

Why were her thoughts a mess She was actually thinking about such things.

She was really too unrestrained.

However, this mans body was so tempting.

She could not control the thoughts in her mind, and her eyes gradually became confused.

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