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Chapter 538 Had To Endure It

If this was not the Shen family but the Xu family, Xu Anrans plan would have succeeded.

Then, Qiao Xi would be the one despised by everyone.

Xu Anran could firmly sit on the seat of the eldest daughter of the Xu family and forever suppress her.

Everyone would say that the true daughter of the Xu family was scheming and vicious.

She was not worthy to be the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Only the pure and kind Xu Anran was worthy of being the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Now that Xu Anrans plan had failed, she gritted her teeth in hatred.

Madam Shen did not even bother to look at Xu Anran.

She turned around and left.

“Butler Liu, Ill leave this to you.


Xu, if you want to leave with Miss Xu, our Shen family wont say anything about it.”

Seeing that the matter was settled, everyone left with Madam Shen.

Gu Zheng said casually, “Mr.

Xu, since you cant even handle your own familys matters, lets talk about Young Master Xu in the future! Xi Xi, lets go.”

Qiao Xi gently held Gu Zhengs arm and said delicately, “Fortunately, Madam Shen stepped in.

Otherwise, I wouldve been wronged! I was really scared! Sob sob sob…”

Gu Zheng curled his lips slightly.

He really liked this side of Mrs.


She was very cute.

After everyone left, only the Xu family was left.

Xu Anran was still sitting on the floor with tears streaming down her face.

She really did not understand how Qiao Xi had guessed her plan and even managed to slander her.

She looked at the angry Xu Zhi and had a bad feeling.

She explained while trembling, “Dad, Im really not lying.

Do you believe—”.


Xu Zhi raised his hand and slapped Xu Anran hard.

A clear palm print appeared on her smooth and fair cheek.

This was the first time Xu Zhi slapped Xu Anran.

This slap was also full of strength.

Xu Anran immediately vomited blood.

“Xu Zhi! Are you crazy!” Xia Yunlou screamed in shock.

Xu Zhi roared, “Im crazy I think this unfilial daughter is crazy! Anyi is still locked up in the police station, but she just had to find trouble with Qiao Xi! Is she crazy How can our Xu family have such a stupid daughter

“You keep saying that she hit you, but theres no mark on your face at all.

Couldnt you have thought things through a little before deciding to lie She didnt hit you at all, yet you insisted on saying that she hit you in front of everyone.

Isnt that equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot Youre really as stupid as a pig! Get lost right now!”

Xu Anran sobbed.

“Dad, Sister…”

“Anran, stop talking.” Xia Yunlous eyes were filled with warning.

Then, she comforted her softly.

“Its your fault this time.

I know you hate Xi Xi, but you cant be so anxious.

This is the Shen familys residence.

So many eyes are on you, yet you still wanted to provoke her.

I dont even know what to say to you now.”

Xia Yunlou looked at her red cheek and her heart ached.

“Dont mess around like this in the future.”

Xu Anran was so angry that she bit the corner of her mouth until blood flowed out.

She was wronged yet she had to endure it.

No one believed that Qiao Xi had really hit her.

Xu Anran was about to explain when a servant walked over and said softly, “Miss Xu, Madam has instructed you to leave as soon as possible.

If youre done packing, come out with me!”

Xu Anran almost gasped.

The news that she was chased out of the Shen familys banquet tomorrow would probably spread throughout high society.

How was she going to survive in the socialite circle, then!

Xu Anrans eyes were filled with viciousness.

‘Qiao Xi! Just you wait!

The next day.

After the banquet, Qiao Xi watched Xu Zhi and Xia Yunlou get into a car.

Xia Yunlou even glared at her after getting in.

“The guests from the Shen family all know what happened last night.

The Xu family will definitely hate you.

They clearly know that Xu Anran framed you, but theyll still blame


Gu Zheng opened the car door.

Qiao Xi was not surprised in the slightest.

It was no secret that the Xu couple was biased toward Xu Anran.

However, Xu Anran would probably stop making a move on her for a while.

After the two of them returned to Longwan Residential, Qiao Xi noticed that Gu Zhengs expression was slightly gloomy.

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