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Chapter 523 She Has Her Family

“Why are you still thinking about the banquet The most important matter is to save your brother!” Xia Yunlou interrupted unhappily.

“Do you think I brought you here to attend the banquet Actually, it doesnt matter whether you come or not.

Now that youve shown yourself, the Shen family wont say anything.

“Let me tell you, we have to get President Gu to relent and reconcile with us today no matter what.

Its all your fault.

If you hadnt called the police, your brother wouldnt have been captured.

Hence, you have to solve this matter!”

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent.

“I came to attend the banquet but disappeared in the Shen familys residence.

It wont affect the two of you, but it wont be good for my reputation if news of this gets out!”

Xu Zhi immediately choked.

Xia Yunlou could not help but roar, “So what if your reputation goes down the hill! You cant represent the Xu family.

Anrans and your brothers reputation is the most important thing now!

“You grew up in the countryside and dont know etiquette.

Youre extremely crude.

I dont expect you to have a good reputation either.

I might as well sacrifice you to help everyone.

What other concerns do you have Hurry up and go!”

Qiao Xis expression turned cold, then she raised her eyes to look at Butler Liu, who was standing in the corner.

She nodded indifferently.


“Madam Xu…” Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned around.

“Ill be right back.

I hope you wont be too surprised when the time comes!”

Xia Yunlou frowned.

“Hurry up and go! Dont pretend to be mysterious.

Who knows what youre going to do!” Xu Anran hurriedly said, “Mom, I think Sister might be unhappy.

She thought she was here to attend the banquet but shes not even allowed to show her face now.

She must be feeling uncomfortable and think that you guys are targeting her…”

She looked helpless.

“Actually, its because of my sister that my brother got locked up, so she should be responsible for this.

I think you guys did the right thing.”

Xia Yunlou nodded in satisfaction.

“Look at how sensible our Anran is.

Quick, lets go in.”

At this moment, Qiao Xi had already walked to a corner.

Butler Liu immediately bowed respectfully.

“Miss, weve already recorded the video according to your request.

The banquet will start in an hour.

Do you want to go to Madams place to rest first Madam has already prepared the pastries you like and is waiting for you to go over!”

Qiao Xi nodded and followed Butler Liu into the inner courtyard.

“Miss, Madam said that you dont have to worry.

With her around, no one can bully you.

Shell help you deal with the Xu family.

Just rest here.”

Qiao Xis heart was warm.

This room was obviously decorated for a young lady.

It must have been specially prepared for her.

The pastries and other food on the table were all carefully prepared.

Butler Liu said, “Miss, Madam said that this banquet is for you, but its up to you to decide if you want to attend.

If you dont want to attend, then you can rest peacefully here.

You can leave everything to her.”

Leave everything to her… After Butler Liu left, these words kept repeating in Qiao Xis mind.

She could not help but sniffle.

Actually, she had never cared whether she was the biological daughter of the Xu family or not because she had long since found a family that cherished her.

After Qiao Xi fell asleep, Shen Yu came over once.

Song Shiyu stood not far away and looked resentful.

“President, Young Master Shen has gone in.

Y-Youre not going to do anything”

“Youre noisy.”

“President, Im doing this for you! Actually, Ive been keeping some things to myself for a long time.

I really cant take it anymore this time.”

Gu Zheng did not even raise his head.

“Youd better endure it.”

Song Shiyu looked serious as if he was facing death.

“I have to say it no matter what.

Ill say it even if itll cost me my salary! President! You know Young Madams identity as well.

Shes the descendant of the divine physician and has four outstanding brothers.

Moreover, the families behind these four brothers dote on Young Madam as though shes their biological sister.”

Gu Zheng did not understand.

Song Shiyu said seriously, “Not only that, but Young Madam is also a designer and the champion of the translation competition.

She knows how to play the violin, has medical skills, looks good, and has a good figure.

“Look at yourself.

Youre hot-tempered and a bastard in Young Madams heart.

Do you think youre worthy of Young Madam If you dont change yourself, you might be abandoned by Young Madam one day.

Are you really not anxious at all President!”

In an instant, the air seemed to have frozen.

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