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Chapter 521 Giving Me 200,000 yuan


Xus expression softened.

“Anran, Ill give you ten million yuan.

Just take it as pocket money.

Xu Zidie is just a daughter from the side family, yet shes spending so much money.

Youre the daughter of the Xu family, so you cant be worse than her.

If you think its not enough, Ill give you another ten million.” “Just now, I gave Qiao Xi 200,000 yuan because I was afraid that she would be upset.

Anran, you should know very well that youre my favorite daughter.

You and Shen Yu had a misunderstanding regarding the production earlier.

You have to explain it clearly.

We have to build a good relationship with the Shen family in the capital.

This will be very helpful to the Xu familys business.”

Xu Anran nodded obediently and smiled proudly.

She knew that her parents still liked her best.

Qiao Xi was just a stranger with blood relations.

Her father gave her ten million yuan but only 200,000 yuan to Qiao Xi.

This was enough to explain everything.

To the Xu family, 200,000 yuan was only the price of a pair of shoes or a set of clothes.

The desk in her room was worth 100,000 yuan.

Seeing Qiao Xis happy expression and how she happily went upstairs after taking 200,000 yuan, she was really a country bumpkin.

Xu Anran smiled.

“Dont worry, Dad.

Ill definitely do well at the banquet.”

In the bedroom upstairs.

After Qiao Xi entered, she casually tossed the bank card on the table.


Xu was only willing to fork out 200,000 yuan

As expected of this family! This father of hers was not filled with hostility like Madam Xu, nor was he scheming like Xu Anran.

He was quite good to her, but Qiao Xi knew very well that although Mr.

Xu seemed to be very good to her on the surface, it was actually just because he thought she could be of some use to him.

He just wanted to use her to please Gu Zheng at the Shen familys banquet.

Unfortunately, the Shen family was her family, and Gu Zheng was her husband!

How could the Xu family beat her

The next day.

The news that the Shen family was holding a banquet in Li City had spread throughout high society.

However, they did not invite many people this time.

They only invited some relatives and friends.

Hence, the Xu family was very proud of being able to receive the Shen familys invitation.

They thought that the Xu family was considered a friend of the Shen family.

To everyone, the Shen family inviting the Xu family meant that they wanted to get to know the Xu family, so they handed them an invitation.

If the Xu family was interested, they would naturally attend.

Although the Xu family of Luo City had the Xia family as their backer, their foundation was still unstable.

In the past few years, they had been mediocre among the wealthy families.

As the daughter of the Xia family, Madam Xu naturally knew the importance of this banquet.

Hence, she reminded her daughter, “Anran, you have to follow me closely when were at the banquet.

Moreover, Madam Shen said that this is just a gathering with friends and relatives.

Dont dress too formally, or itll look too much.”

Madam Xu had already prepared a dress for Xu Anran to wear to the banquet.

It did not look too gorgeous.

The dress reached her knees.

It was a light blue princess dress.

However, if one looked carefully, one would realize that the dress was exquisite.

The diamond at the waist shone under the light.

Xu Anran smiled proudly.

“Thank you, Mom! This dress is really beautiful, but Sister… What is she wearing to attend the banquet”

When she heard this, Madam Xus eyes were filled with impatience.

“She can just casually wear whatever.

Anyway, shes not going because of the banquet.

She just has to please Gu Zheng! Shes a wild girl who grew up in the countryside.

No matter how well she dresses, she still cant hide her rustic aura.

Its already her honor that were letting her attend this banquet!” The corners of Xu Anrans mouth curled up as a trace of viciousness flashed past her eyes.


“Anran, I think you can get to know President Gu.

Its just that your brother angered him previously.

After this matter is over and your brother is released, Ill arrange for the two of you to meet.

You have to perform well and try to win him over!”

Xu Anran was extremely shy.

“Mom! Dont say that!”

“Why are you shy! Youre already a big girl.

Actually, I can tell that you like President Gu.

Youre so beautiful.

As long as you use a few small tricks, President Gu will definitely like


In the Shen familys residence.


Xu took out the invitation letter.

The servants immediately invited them in respectfully and sent someone to lead the way.

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