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Chapter 520 Eyes Full Of Personal Gains

Qiao Xi stared coldly at Xu Anran.

“This room was originally meant for me.

If I really stayed there, even if I didnt get burned to death, I wouldve been disfigured.

Everything in the Xu family will then belong to you, the adopted daughter.

Miss Xu, youre really vicious!”

The servants were full of disdain.

Eldest Miss was too much.

Fortunately, Second Miss did not stay in the basement.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

“I… I…”

Seeing Xu Anran stammering and looking guilty, Madam Xu understood.

When Anran was setting up the room, she scattered the flammable powder on the floor and also put a lot of flammable things there.

If Qiao Xi had stayed there, then…

No! Impossible! Anran was so gentle and kind.

How could she do such a thing

Even if Anran really did it, it was because Qiao Xi had provoked her first.

In short, it was all Qiao Xis fault! Qiao Xi paid no further attention to them and turned around to go upstairs.

“Xi Xi.”

At this moment, a male voice sounded from behind.

Qiao Xi turned around.


Xu had a serious expression on his face.

“I heard that you and Shen Yu know each other.

The Shen family is holding a banquet tomorrow.

Come with us!”

Qiao Xi was calm.

Although Mr.

Xu was still considered polite to her, his eyes were filled with the glow of personal gains.

To him, it did not matter who his biological daughter was.

He only cared about who could bring more benefits to him.

She smiled and nodded.

“Alright! I know Shen Yu.

He even recommended me for a role previously!”

When Mr.

Xu heard this, his gloomy expression eased up a little.

Although he liked Xu Anran more, Qiao Xi was still useful and not completely useless.


Xu said, “Alright, then get ready and dress up nicely tomorrow.

Youre the daughter of the Xu family now.

You have to attend the Shen familys banquet as one of us.

Dont embarrass the Xu family.

“I heard that President Gu will be participating too…”

The crowd fell silent.


Xu hesitated for a moment, then said in a gentle voice, “Anyi likes to create trouble, so he made a small joke with you.

Although you wont hold it against him anymore, President Gu was in the car that day.

He probably thought that Anyi got people to kill him, so…

“I think you must be very familiar with President Gu since you were in the same car as him.

Help your brother put in a few good words and tell President Gu not to pursue the matter anymore.

Tell him to just forgive your brother!”

Qiao Xi looked troubled.

“Of course, I want to save Young Master Xu, but everyone knows that President Gu has a bad temper.

At that time, Young Master Xu sent so many people to chase after us.

Someone even attacked President Gu.

If it werent for President Gus assistant, we might not have survived.

It wont be easy to make him relent.”


Xus expression was heavy.

He knew that Qiao Xi was telling the truth, so he gritted his teeth.

“Why dont you tell President Gu that as long as he agrees to reconcile, the Xu family will give him a gift I hope hell give us some face.”

Qiao Xi chuckled and nodded.

“Yes, Ill tell President Gu that tomorrow!”


Xu heaved a sigh of relief and took out a card from his pocket.

“Xi Xi, this card is for you.

Theres 200,000 yuan in it.

Buy whatever you like.

If its not enough, you can ask me again.” Qiao Xi smiled sweetly and received it casually.

“Thank you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she skipped upstairs.

After she left the crowds line of sight, Madam Xu could not help but roar, “What right does she have to receive 200,000 yuan and attend the Shen familys banquet Shes just a wild girl.

Itll be so embarrassing to bring her to a banquet in high society! Is the Shen family in the capital people she can climb over”


Xu frowned unhappily.

“If we were still in Luo City, it wouldnt matter.

Now that were in Li City, everyone knows that we came here to look for our daughter.

If we only bring Anran with us when we attend the banquet, the Shen family will definitely think that the Xu family is uneducated.

Theyll say that we didnt let our biological daughter attend but we brought our adopted daughter with us instead.

Wouldnt that be a loss of status”

Madam Xu was unwilling to give up.

“Then… Then why did you give Qiao Xi so much money Just let her pick one of Anrans old clothes.

Theyre all new anyway.

She wont be able to tell.

Shes not a top socialite, so whats the point of wearing such good clothes!”


Xu was helpless.

“We have a favor to ask of Qiao Xi now.

If we dont coax her, how can we get her to plead with President Gu Do you still want to save your son”

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