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Chapter 519 Dont Blame Me For Being Unrighteous

Madam Xu watched as Xu Anran cried sadly, and her heart ached so much that tears kept falling.

Unexpectedly, when she looked up, she saw Qiao Xi standing at the staircase with an indifferent expression.

She was instantly infuriated.

“Youre a jinx.

Its all your fault! That room was originally yours, but you insisted on snatching Anrans room and even forced her to stay in the basement.

Anran was harmed by you!”

Everyone fell silent.

Nanny Li was an outsider and could not take it anymore.

Although Second Miss had gone missing for 20 years, she was still the daughter of the Xu family.

Moreover, the basement had suddenly caught on fire.

Second Miss could not be blamed for this.

It was just that she was just a servant and did not dare to criticize Madam Xu.

However, she was afraid that Qiao Xi would be wronged and was about to speak up for her

Qiao Xi suddenly had an aggrieved expression.

“What does the fire in the basement have to do with me! Could it be that it doesnt matter if my room catches fire, but it matters if Xu Anrans room catches fire If Madam Xu, you have the time to push the blame on me but why cant you send people to investigate the cause of the fire Otherwise, the same incident will only happen again.

“By the way, Madam Xu, now that you mention it, you reminded me of something.

That room was originally arranged for me by Xu Anran.

Now, it suddenly caught on fire.

Could it be that she tampered with the room and wanted to burn me alive If thats the case, the news of the adopted daughter murdering the biological daughter of the Xu family will blow up.”

After that, Qiao Xi said with a smile, “Fortunately, I wasnt in the room.

Sister Anran doesnt have to bear the infamy of conspiring to kill the biological daughter of the Xu family.”

Xu Anran was so angry that her face turned red.

“You were the one who set the fire!” Madam Xu roared.

Qiao Xi had an innocent expression.

“Madam Xu, what are you talking about Ive always been upstairs.

Nanny Li and the other servants can testify.

How could I have gone to the basement to set the fire”

Nanny Li said firmly, “Madam, Second Miss has been upstairs all this time.

She really didnt go downstairs, much less the basement.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was indignant.

Their adopted daughters room caught on fire, but the madam actually blamed her biological daughter.

Moreover, everyone had seen with their own eyes that Second Miss had been in her room the entire time.

How could the madam blame her for this

Second Miss was right.

This room was originally arranged for her by Eldest Miss.

Perhaps she was jealous of Second Miss identity and tampered with the room.

Unexpectedly, the room caught fire as soon as she entered.

Second Miss could not be blamed for this.

If Eldest Miss wanted to blame someone, she could only blame herself!

Qiao Xi glanced at the pair of mother and daughter, grunting coldly.

“Continue crying, then.

I wont disturb you anymore.”


Madam Xus expression was ferocious.

“Qiao Xi! Even if you didnt set the fire, it was you who caused the entire family to be unlucky.

Before you came back, the house was always peaceful.

As soon as you came home, you caused so much trouble.

Now, Anrans room even caught on fire! Perhaps something terrifying will happen in the future!”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks.

It was true that Gu Zheng was the one who was behind the fire, but he would never let anyone have a handle on him.

Why did he have to set the room on fire so openly If they found evidence, wouldnt it be hard to explain

There was only one reason for this.

There was something wrong with that room from the very beginning.

Xu Anran had deliberately put many flammable things in it when she arranged the room for her.

This sister was really scheming!

Since she was heartless, she could not blame Qiao Xi for being heartless as well.

Qiao Xi turned around and said coldly, “If Madam Xu insists that this fire is related to me, why dont you just call the police and get them to investigate Why did the basement catch fire for no reason”

As soon as she finished speaking, a fireman walked over.

“Madam Xu, we found flammable powder on the floor of the basement room.

There are many flammable items in the corner as well.

As long as the temperature in the room reaches a certain level, itll catch fire.

Dont scatter this powder on the floor in the future.

“This time, only this room was burned and no one was killed.

But if you continue doing this, the entire villa will be engulfed in flames!”

Xu Anrans expression froze.

Madam Xu was stunned for a moment, then she looked at Xu Anran in disbelief.



“The person in charge has already said that.

Who do you think had the chance to scatter flammable powder in the room Moreover, there were a lot of flammable things piled up there.

The truth is right in front of you.

Whether you believe it or not, its up to you, Madam Xu!”

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