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Chapter 503 Xu Anyi Was Captured

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds, then she calmed down and sneered.

“Me Youre saying that Im Madam Xus biological daughter”

Gu Zheng was not surprised that she did not have much of a reaction.

Instead, he looked at the screen indifferently.

“After knowing about this, are you still going to go against the Xu family”

“They provoked me first!” Qiao Xi was indignant.

“First, it was Xu Zidie who came to my shop to create trouble.

Then, Xu Anran stole my role and even sent people to kill me.

Even if they dont know my identity, they shouldnt be treating me like this.

Since theyve already bullied me, why should I be soft-hearted”

Gu Zheng said helplessly, “But if you do this, you might not be able to return to the Xu family in the future.”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“Senior, do you think Im very interested in becoming the eldest miss of the Xu family Why should I go back to such an unscrupulous family”

However, Madam Xu definitely knew her mother.

She could investigate her mothers background and secrets through Madam Xu.

Gu Zheng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Qiao Xi did not care.

“Didnt I say this before It doesnt matter whether I find my biological father or not.

I already have a mother, grandfather, brothers, and sisters.

I have many godparents and…”

Qiao Xi smiled.

“I have you.”

Gu Zheng rubbed her head with a tender gaze.

“Yes, its good that youve made up your mind not to go back.

Actually, the Xu family already knew that their biological daughter was wandering outside a few years ago, but they only started looking for her now.

I wonder what their motive is.”


His expression turned cold.

“Its time.”

Qiao Xi looked at the screen.

At this moment, the public support had shifted back to Xu Anran.

It was the effort of those fans who were frantically defending their idol.

Xu Anran saw the change in the situation and said gently, “Thank you for believing me.

As the eldest daughter of the Xu family, I really dont have to target a stranger.

This is just a misunderstanding.

If anyone still has doubts,



Before she could finish, the police rushed in.

Everyone looked up and saw that they were holding arrest warrants.

Xu Anyis heart thumped, and his eyes were filled with horror.

Why were they here Could it be that… those people he sent were captured

Before he could think, the butler rushed over.

“Madam! I… I cant stop them.

He… They said…”

Madam Xu looked at the livestream, then at Xu Anran.

Her heart jumped as she hurriedly shouted, “Stop them! Stop them! Lets talk outside!”

The audience watching the livestream heard the commotion and looked puzzled.

A police officer walked in front and showed his identification and arrest warrant.

He walked in front of Xu Anyi and announced word by word, “Xu Anyi, someone has reported you for hiring hitmen.

Please cooperate with us for an investigation.”


A clap of thunder exploded in everyones ears.

The host sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly wanted to turn off the livestream.

However, for some reason, he could not turn it off.

He could only put the camera to the side, but the audio was still being recorded.

Xu Anyi took a few steps back in horror.

“Nonsense! I didnt! Show me the evidence, or I wont leave with you!”

“Miss Qiao Xi has already reported the case and provided surveillance footage as evidence.

The four people you hired have already confessed.

They were instructed by you.


Xu, can you leave with us now”

The venue fell silent.

Xu Anyi widened his eyes and looked at the police officer in front of him in disbelief.

His throat moved, and he gulped.

His body was trembling violently.

Qiao… Qiao Xi was not dead and had even called the police.

Madam Xu immediately retorted, “My son is the young master of the Xu family.

How could he hire people to kill someone Qiao Xi must have seen that she failed to humiliate my daughter, so she wants to harm my son now.

Shes slandering—”.

“Madam Xu, according to our investigation, those four people are Mr.

Xus personal bodyguards.” The police officer took out the surveillance footage and a few photos of the bodyguards.

“We have witnesses and evidence.

What else do you have to say Miss Qiao was seriously threatened, yet youre still saying that Miss Qiao is slandering you Theres an arrest warrant here.

No matter what you say, Xu Anyi has to go back with us to be investigated! Take him away!” A few law-enforcement officers came forward and handcuffed Xu Anyi before pushing him out the door.

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