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Chapter 502 Qiao Xis Relationship With The Xu Family

Madam Xu was polite and elegant as she said, “Miss Qiao isnt even from the entertainment industry.

She just went to the audition to give it a try.

She didnt have the intention to play that role.

“As for our Anran…” Madam Xu paused for a moment and continued, “Actually, it has long been decided that the role would go to Anran.

The audition was just a formality.

The reason why she couldnt memorize the script is that she was too busy, but shell definitely be well-prepared during the official shoot.”

Xu Anrans expression softened as she wiped her tears.

“My mom is right.

Miss Qiao already knew that the role had been decided.

Weve already agreed on it.

I dont know… things turned out like this”

Qiao Xi mixed into the audience and typed a comment: (What are you saying when Miss Qiao is not around Are you lying to us again After all, you said that Miss Qiao stole your role! Can we still believe you]

Xu Anran looked at the striking line of words and hurriedly explained, “You have to believe me.

If I really stole Miss Qiaos role, why didnt I delete the video Why did I leave the evidence behind

“Our Xu family doesnt lack money at all.

If I really made a mistake, I wouldve just deleted those surveillance videos.

That way, no one will ever know, right”


Madam Xu said, “Thats right! Our Anran doesnt even know Miss Qiao, so why would she target a stranger! I personally hope Anran wont continue acting.

That way, she can come back home and inherit the company.

Our Xu family doesnt care about dealing with a nobody.” At this moment, there were suddenly fewer comments.

Everyone did not know who to believe for a moment.

At this moment, Xu Anrans fans stood forward and began to clear her name.

[Anran is right.

Shes the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

If she really stole the role, she definitely wouldnt have left behind any evidence!)

(Didnt Anran say that she had already discussed it with Qiao Xi! Miss Qiao isnt from the entertainment industry, so she probably just went to try auditioning for the part.

Someone deliberately posted the videos online, so it caused a misunderstanding.)

[With Anrans status, theres no need for her to snatch a role.

Many directors want to invite her to film with them.

Moreover, if she really wants to act in something, the Xu family can just fork out money to invest in the movie.

Theres no need for her to snatch the role from Miss Qiao, right! Madam Xu is right.

The Xu family cant be bothered to do all this.)

Seeing that the situation had changed, Xu Anran immediately stood up.

“Yes, with my identity, why would I go and deal with a newcomer”

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

She really hated the Xu familys way of doing things.

It was as if the Xu family was the greatest in the world and the most powerful.

They thought that they could control everything just because they had money.

They clearly stole someone elses role but insisted on forcefully turning the tables.

If she was really a newbie and was wronged by Xu Anran, she would not be able to survive in the entertainment industry anymore.

She might even be hated by everyone.


At this moment, Gu Zheng raised his hand and curled his finger.

Song Shijing understood immediately.

He picked up his phone and said, “Do it.”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes slightly and said softly, “Xi Xi, the Xu family… might be related to you.”

Qiao Xi was not surprised in the slightest and nodded.

“This Madam Xu looks very similar to my mother.”

Gu Zheng was a little hesitant.

“No, its more than that.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows and was slightly puzzled.

At this moment, Song Shijing handed a document to Qiao Xi.

“Back then, when Madam Xu gave birth, someone swapped her child.

Her biological daughter went missing, while the child who was with them was just a servants child.

However, the Xu family did not know this and raised that child as the apple of their eye.”

Qiao Xi instantly understood when she heard this.

Gu Zheng said, “After that, the Xu family accidentally found out about this, but they didnt plan to look for their biological daughter.

For some reason, however, they suddenly started looking for her now.

Thats why they came to Li City.”

“So What does the Xu family have to do with


Gu Zheng looked serious.

“You… are the biological daughter theyre looking for.”

The living room was silent.

Song Shiyu and Song Shijing looked at each other and lowered their eyes while holding their breaths.

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