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Chapter 501 Scram From The Entertainment Industry!

The host stared at the screen, and his expression changed.

He lowered his voice and said, “Anran, stop talking.”

The comments had completely covered the screen, filling it with curses.

(Weve already seen the surveillance videos! Xu Anran is a liar! Doesnt she blush when she lies]

[Not only did Xu Anran snatch Qiao Xis role, but she even wrongfully accused Qiao Xi.

I cant believe Xu Anrans fans are still cursing Qiao Xi online!)

[How can there be such a scheming woman! If we hadnt seen the surveillance videos, we would have misunderstood Qiao Xi.

I think this isnt the first time Xu Anran has done this.

Its just that there was surveillance footage this time!)

(B*tch! Get out of the entertainment industry!)

Xu Anran did not understand what was going on.

She walked in front of the camera and saw the curses.

Her face instantly turned pale, and her eyes were filled with horror.

[Are you stupid! You didnt expect this, did you We saw the surveillance footage!]

Although Xu Anran had many fans, there were still many non-fans who were paying attention to this matter.

At this moment, they were defending the innocent Qiao Xi.

Faced with everyones questions, Xu Anran clenched her fists tightly and forced herself to calm down.

She pretended to be innocent and asked, “What are all of you talking about! Why dont I understand Youre saying that… I stole Qiao Xis role”

[Continue acting! Lets see how long you can continue acting! Weve all seen the surveillance footage!)

Surveillance footage

Xu Anrans body trembled.

Hadnt the surveillance footage been deleted

In reality, the relevant videos had already been posted on Weibo.

In just ten minutes, the number of views had exceeded ten million.

The videos of both Qiao Xis and Xu Anrans auditions were posted.

Xu Anrans expression changed.

That was impossible! Director Ding had already said that he deleted it.

He would not lie to her.

After all, it would not be good for Director Ding if this matter was exposed.

Xu Anran suppressed the doubts in her heart.

Now was not the time to think about this matter.

She had to explain herself and not let everyone know what she had done.

Otherwise, her future would be ruined.

She glanced at the surveillance videos, then widened her eyes and pretended to be aggrieved.

“This… Miss Qiao actually auditioned But… But the director told me that Qiao Xi didnt audition and the role wasnt confirmed yet.

I didnt know that they had already signed the contract.

It turns out that I… I stole Miss Qiaos role! I… Im sorry, Miss Qiao.

Im really sorry!”

The host heard the voice coming from the earpiece and hurriedly asked, “Anran, when you received the invitation for this role, you didnt know that Qiao Xi had already signed the contract, right”

Xu Anran nodded, her eyes filled with tears of self-reproach.

“I-I didnt know.

If I had known, I… I wouldnt have agreed to play this role.

I was wrong about Miss Qiao, but the director… Sigh! Forget it, its all my fault.”

She looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.

She was clearly pushing all the responsibility to the director now.

[Damn! Stop acting! We all saw it.

You were the one who told the director that as long as he chased Qiao Xi away and agreed to let you have this role, you would invest ten million yuan into the production.

Do you think were all fools Do you think well believe you if you shed a few tears]

[Moreover, you cant even memorize your lines.

How do you have the confidence to snatch the role from Qiao Xi with your lousy acting skills How are you so shameless! Dont think that just because youre the eldest daughter of the Xu family you can do whatever you want in the entertainment industry.

Didnt you say that being in the entertainment industry requires ability or the audience wont buy it With your acting skills, youd better get lost!)

Tears trickled down Xu Anrans face as she said aggrievedly, “I… I didnt! Actually… many directors are looking for me to film a movie with them.

Why must I compete with Qiao Xi You must have misunderstood.

Qiao Xi and I dont know each other, so theres no need for me to target her.”

“Everyone, calm down.

Actually, the candidate for the role has already been decided.” At this moment, Madam Lu slowly walked over and explained generously.

Qiao Xi, who was in front of the screen, was stunned for a moment.

This Madam Xu looked very familiar.

She looked a little like… her mother.

However, Madam Xu was a socialite in Luo City.

How could she be related to her mother

Could it be that it was really as Gu Yao had said Her mother was once the daughter of a big family.

She only married Qiao Zhenguo after encountering some difficulties Otherwise, it would be very difficult to explain why her mother would marry that good-for-nothing Qiao Zhenguo when she was so rich.

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