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Chapter 496 My Sister-In-Law Is So Cool!

The surveillance cameras in the lounge were only switched off for a minute.

Even if it was discovered, no one would find it strange.

Gu Yao watched Qiao Xis actions, and his mouth fell open.

‘My sister-in-law is so cool!

He shouted excitedly, “Qiao Xi, I officially announce that youre my idol from now on! I want to learn from you!” Gu Zheng was already waiting outside the filming site.

After Qiao Xi said goodbye to Shen Yu, she got into the car.

Shen Yus assistant asked in a low voice, “Sixth Miss doesnt seem to care.”

Shen Yu smiled.

“She wont bicker with an outsider.

Moreover, this role doesnt matter much to her!”

However, he would hold a grudge for this.

Little Six had always liked to pretend to be weak.

The role she was supposed to be playing in this movie was a weak and sickly sister.

It was the perfect role for her to show her acting skills.

Unexpectedly, it was ruined by Xu Anran.

He did not care what relationship Little Six had with the Xu family.

Since Xu Anran bullied Little Six, she had to pay a painful price!

Then, Xu Anran received a call from her brother, Xu Anyi.

“Anran, I saw the news online.

Whats that womans name… Qiao Xi, right She dares to snatch your role” Xu Anran choked weakly.

“Brother, Im fine.

Shes just a small celebrity who wants to be famous, so she deliberately tried to steal my role.

Actually, she doesnt even want to act.

She just wants to become famous by using me.”

Xu Anyi panicked.

“Why are you crying!

“Anran, that woman actually dared to bully you! Youve been wronged.

Ill help you take revenge.

Ill definitely make her pay the price! Ill let her know the consequences of making you angry!”

Xu Anran sobbed aggrievedly, and her voice sounded delicate.

“Brother, dont… Dont be rash.

Shes just being silly.

Anyway, she didnt manage to snatch it away.

However, the male lead abandoned his role for her.

I got this role, but I cant continue filming.”

“Thats too much! She couldnt get the chance, so shes not letting you act either!” Xu Anyi said angrily, “Anran, dont worry.

With me around, I wont let you be bullied!”

Xu Anran smiled.

‘Qiao Xi, your biological brother wants to deal with you!

By then, the Xu family would hate and ostracize her.

Even if she returned to the Xu family, they would not be able to accept her.

Why didnt she die! Why did she come back!

Song Shiyu was driving.

He glanced at the rearview mirror and frowned.

“President, I think someones following us.”

Gu Zheng looked calm and lowered his eyes.

“Song Shiyu, your observation skills have deteriorated.

You only just realized it.

Do you want me to send you for training”

Song Shiyu: “…”

‘I did something wrong even though I realized were being followed The president is really troublesome.

Song Shiyu said nervously, “President, what should we do now”

Gu Zhengs long fingers played with a dagger in his hands, then he hid it in his sleeve.

He leaned back lazily and said, “Get rid of them.”

“No problem!” Song Shiyu stepped on the accelerator and sped away, pulling the distance from the car.

At the intersection, Gu Zheng said again, “Turn left.”

Song Shiyu immediately made a sharp turn.

The car behind him could not react in time and rushed past the intersection.


There was a dead-end in front of them.

The car that was following them accidentally crashed, and smoke instantly rose.

Gu Zheng pushed open the car door.

The people in the car knew that they had been discovered and also got out of the car with weapons.

“Theyre here for me” Qiao Xi was surprised.

She also got out of the car and kicked a man who was attacking her.

She smiled coldly.

“The Xu family is quite fast!”.

There were a total of four people in the car.

After a while, they were all lying on the ground and wailing.

Qiao Xi turned around and asked, “There should be surveillance cameras along this road, right” “Yeah.”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“I originally didnt want to make a fuss about it with the Xu family.

But since they insist on coming over to provoke me, then dont blame me for being merciless.”

That night, the matter of the newbie snatching a seniors role occupied the list of trending topics.

Xu Anrans fans started slandering Qiao Xi, and Qiao Xis account was dug out.

The netizens actually did not know that Yun Chu was Qiao Xi.

After all, it was just a blurry photo that was exposed at that time.

It was impossible to see her face clearly.

Everyone only thought that Qiao Xi looked a little familiar, but they would absolutely not expect that Qiao Xi was Yun Chu.

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