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Chapter 495 Hide Your Fox Tail

The directors and producers expressions changed.

After Shen Yu finished speaking, he turned around and left.

The director hurriedly chased after him.


Shen, dont be angry.

The contract does say that this role has to be approved by you, but… Miss Xu isnt an outsider! Dont you know her Moreover, shes the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Shes willing to play this role and even brought in funds.

Shell definitely bring more box office sales to this movie.

Its a good thing for us.

“Moreover, youre already halfway through filming.

If you quit the movie now, itll be ruined.

Its too late for us to find actors now.

Moreover, these losses…”

Shen Yus lawyer walked over and replied coldly, “Whatever loss has nothing to do with Mr.


Director Ding, the contract clearly states that this role had to be decided by Mr.


Since you broke the contract, Mr.

Shen doesnt have to abide by the agreement.

Moreover, Mr.

Shen will compensate you for the breach of contract.

He has already done what he should.

“Director Ding, no matter where you go to seek judgment on this matter, its indeed your production team who broke the contract.

If you think Miss Xu is more suitable for this role, you can take the money Miss Xu gave you to find another actor.”

“You… Shen Yu!” Director Ding was so angry that his face turned red.

Xu Anran walked out and said generously, “Mr.

Shen, this movie is already halfway done.

Everyone on the production team has worked hard for this movie.

Its not worth it for you to quit just because of a newbie.

Moreover, I really like this role.

I hope”

“Heh! What right do you have to speak” Shen Yu sneered, his eyes filled with disdain.

“Miss Xu, fake things can never become real.

If youre smart, hide your fox tail.

Dont do anything you shouldnt.

Otherwise, youll have to pay the price sooner or later!

“If you continue to be so arrogant, Id like to see how long your mask as a princess of a noble family can last.

Watch out!”

Xu Anran gasped, and her face instantly turned pale.

Shen Yu… He actually knew about that.

So what She had lived with her parents and brother for so many years.

They would not abandon her.

Even if the real princess came back, they would still dote on her like before.

That person was just a stranger.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, that person was definitely not as outstanding as her.

However… she had to become more outstanding before that and let the Xu family know her value.

Shen Yu walked to the filming location and hesitated for a moment.

The lawyer asked, “Sir, what else can I do for


Shen Yu shook his head.

“Its nothing.

I just think that this script is good.”

The lawyer thought that Mr.

Shen still could not bear to let it go.

He was about to comfort him when he heard

“Its okay, this production team is about to be disbanded.

When the time comes, I can buy the script and find a more professional production team to film it.”

The lawyer widened his eyes.

Was Mr.

Shen going to attack the production team Shen Yu sneered.

Since they dared to bully Little Six, they had to pay the price.

If they did not let Little Six act in this role, they could forget about filming this movie!

At this moment, Qiao Xi brought Gu Yao to the directors lounge while avoiding all the surveillance cameras.

The lounge was very spacious, and the audition area was just beside it.

Previously, she had auditioned for the role of the male leads younger sister there.

At that time, everyone was very satisfied and they directly signed the contract with her.

Unexpectedly, Xu Anran interfered.

Qiao Xi stood at the door and took out her laptop.

Her fingers fiddled with it nimbly, and the surveillance cameras in the lounge were instantly switched off.

She brought Gu Yao inside and turned on the computer on the directors desk.

She found the audition video.

As expected, everyones videos were in the folder except hers.

Qiao Xi smiled.

Xu Anran was really smart.

She knew to quickly delete her audition video, but…

Then, Gu Yao widened his eyes and looked at everything in front of him in disbelief.

Qiao Xis slender and fair fingers moved nimbly across the keyboard.

Half a minute later, the computer suddenly flashed, and the deleted videos were instantly restored.

She copied the video and deleted the unnecessary information.

She turned off the computer and walked out of the lounge.

Then, she restored all the surveillance cameras.

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