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Chapter 494 A Big Movie

Xu Anran said indifferently, “Miss Qiao, actually, I admire you very much.

If it were something else, I could give in to you, but this is a big movie.

Please forgive me for not giving in.”

Gu Yao was so angry that his face was red.

“Xu Anran, youre the one who stole the role.




“Gu Yao, dont be angry at them.

Lets go.” Qiao Xi tugged at his sleeve and comforted him softly, then she looked up.

“Miss Xu.”

“Miss Qiao, is there anything else”

Qiao Xi blinked.

“I just want to remind you that the Xu family cant allow you to do everything you want.

Youd better take care of yourself!”

A trace of viciousness flashed past Xu Anrans eyes, but she immediately recovered her calm.

She turned around and asked in a low voice, “Have you deleted the footage of Qiao Xis audition”

Xu Zidie leaned over to her ear and replied, “The director accepted our ten million yuan and deleted it a long time ago.

He also deleted the surveillance cameras.

There wont be any negative news.

Sister Anran, youre the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Shes not your match.

Just perform your role well!”

Xu Anran smiled confidently.

That was right.

She was the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

She had the love of her parents and brother since she was young.

She was the beloved daughter of the Xu family.

With such a powerful background, no one in the entertainment industry dared to offend her.

Qiao Xi… She was an orphan now.

Who could help her

The two of them walked out of the dressing room, but Gu Yao was still indignant.

“Qiao Xi! Shes bullying you, yet youre letting it go just like that You clearly signed the contract two days ago, and you even memorized the script.

What right do you have to let her snatch your role

“Also, that silly woman even said on Weibo that you stole her role.

As a senior, she just gave you a small reminder, but you just gave up and left!”

Qiao Xi opened Weibo.

Sure enough, after just a few minutes, the news of her snatching a seniors role had spread online.

Xu Anran had many fans, and the number of reposts increased.

Moreover, the Xu family was behind her.

Qiao Xi was not annoyed and smiled instead.

“How can we just let it go like this Am I the kind of person who would swallow my anger”

Gu Yaos eyes lit up.

“What are you going to


Qiao Xi smiled craftily.

“Even though some things have been deleted… it doesnt mean that theyve vanished.

As long as they once existed, I have the ability to recover them.”

Gu Yao did not understand what she meant.

Qiao Xi directly pulled him to another lounge and took out her laptop.

She logged into Black Tides account and tapped her fingers on the keyboard before obtaining the surveillance footage.

She then found the surveillance cameras in the lounge and confirmed a route that could avoid the cameras.

She then put the laptop in her bag and pulled Gu Yao away.

“Huh Where are we going”

“Of course… were going to counter-attack!”

At this moment, after Shen Yu finished filming his first scene, his assistant hurriedly went forward to tell him what had happened in the dressing room.

Shen Yus expression immediately darkened.

He strode out of the filming location and quickly went to the directors lounge.

Many crew members were puzzled.

Everyone knew that although Shen Yu looked cold, he had never lost his temper.

Who made him angry

In the directors lounge, Xu Anran had already put on her makeup and changed her clothes.

The director was explaining the script to her.

“This role is really quite good.

I reckon that this movie can attract a large number of fans.

Our movie requires actors to act with their original voices, but Ive already found a voice actor who has a similar voice to yours.

You dont have to worry much.”

Xu Anran nodded.

“Director Ding, thank you.

As long as you work for me, our Xu family will definitely—”

Before she could finish, a loud bang interrupted her.

Shen Yu kicked open the door and slammed a bank card on the table.

The director looked puzzled and asked nervously, “Mister… Mr.

Shen, you…”

Shen Yus eyes were cold.

He did not look at Xu Anran at all.

His thin lips moved slightly.

“The breach of contract.”

The director was stunned for a few seconds, then he chuckled and said, “Its alright.

Well handle Qiao Xis compensation.

I wont trouble you to spend the money-“

“Im not acting anymore.”

Shen Yu exuded a cold aura, and his expression was cold.

He did not give the director any chance to salvage the situation.

“When I agreed to act in this role, I had a condition.

It was that the role of my sister had to be decided by me.

Now that youve breached the contract, Ill withdraw from this movie!”

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