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Chapter 493 The Rules Of The Entertainment Industry

“You! Youre wearing Sister Anrans clothes, right This role belongs to Sister Anran.

What right do you have to wear her clothes”

Gu Yao was indignant.

“Who said that this role belongs to Xu Anran The role of Shen Yus sister belongs to Qiao Xi!”

The makeup artist was not to be outdone either.

She shouted at the top of her voice, “How unreasonable! A newcomer actually wants to snatch Sister Anrans role!”

Xu Anran looked up slightly, her eyes filled with provocation.

“Miss Qiao, what a coincidence.”

Qiao Xi frowned.

Xu Anran smiled.

“What happened before was just a misunderstanding.

Moreover, Ive already made it clear.

Miss Qiao, why are you affecting my filming because of that You should quickly take off your clothes.”

The moment the makeup artist shouted, many people gathered at the door.

Xu Anrans eyes were indifferent as she sighed helplessly.

“Miss Qiao, the entertainment industry has its rules.

As a newcomer, its really not right for you to snatch the role of a senior.

Moreover, Ive already signed the contract.

What exactly do you want to do by wearing my clothes”

The moment that was said, everyone immediately burned with anger.

A newbie actually wanted to snatch Xu Anrans role She was crazy to think she could become famous this way!

Xu Zidie immediately took out her phone and took a few photos.

She exaggerated the matter and posted it on Weibo.

Instantly, Xu Anrans fans stood up for their goddess.

Xu Anrans fans were in the tens of millions.

Now that a newbie was openly provoking and snatching their idols role, the fans on the internet were instantly infuriated and started to curse Qiao Xi.

Gu Yao stood up for Qiao Xi.

“Lets not mention the fact that shes a newbie.

Thefirst come, first serve principle still applies here.

Qiao Xi was the one who signed the contract first.

You stole her role and are even yapping back”

“Qiao Xi! Why are you standing here” At this moment, the director rushed over angrily.

He was afraid of offending the eldest daughter, Xu Anran, so he could only push all the responsibility to Qiao Xi.

“Youre just a newbie, yet you dare to snatch the role Quickly apologize to Anran! If Anran doesnt bicker with you, then quickly take off your clothes and leave! Dont let me see you again!”

Gu Yao was dumbfounded.

This was the entertainment industry It was Xu Anran who stole Qiao Xis role, but everyone thought that Qiao Xi was in the wrong.

Now, the director was even forcing her to apologize to Xu Anran.

Was there any justice in this world

After the director reprimanded Qiao Xi, those who were still slightly doubtful also believed that Qiao Xi wanted to snatch Xu Anrans role.

Xu Anran was calm.

“Forget it, theres no need to apologize.

You might not know the rules of the entertainment industry.

Ill forgive you this time.

I hope you wont commit the same mistake again.

Go change out of your clothes and leave the production team as soon as possible.

Dont delay the filming.

Everyones waiting.”

Qiao Xi felt a wave of rage surge from her heart.

Seeing that she was not moving, the director immediately pointed at her and shouted, “Qiao Xi! If you want to go further in the future, dont do anything irrational.

Anran is an A-list actress and the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Shes magnanimous and wont bicker with you.

I hope you wont fail to appreciate her kindness.

If you offend her, you wont be able to bear the consequences!”

Qiao Xi secretly reached into her bag and pressed the recording button.

“Director, I signed the contract two days ago.

If youre regretting your decision, compensate me for the breach of contract.”

The director said loudly and generously, “Its just the penalty for breach of contract.

Well compensate you.

Youre just a newcomer, so you dont need much money.

Miss Xu doesnt even care about this bit of money.

I advise you to leave quickly.

If you offend Anran, youll suffer!”

With that, the director turned around and looked at Xu Anran with a smile.

“Let me formally introduce you to the cast and crew.

Xu Anran will be playing the role of the male leads younger sister!

“Anran has already passed the audition.

Her acting skills are outstanding.

We all agree that Anran is more suitable for this role.

Its getting late now.

Anran, quickly put on your makeup.

Well start filming soon.

“Miss Qiao, I dont want things to get too ugly.

Leave yourself.

Dont force me to chase you out!”

At this moment, Shen Yu was still filming.

There was only Gu Yao beside Qiao Xi.

He felt that he had to shoulder the responsibility of protecting Qiao Xi, so he said unwillingly, “Youre bullying-“

“Youre the one whos thinking of snatching a seniors role, but youre unconvinced with this outcome”

“Thats right! Its just that Sister Anran is magnanimous and doesnt want to bicker with you.

If it were someone else, you wont be able to stay in the entertainment industry anymore!”

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