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Chapter 489 Best Actor Shen Yu Is Here

A gentle female voice sounded, and everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

Xu Zidie was delighted and hurriedly went forward.

“Sister Anran!”

The person was also dressed in gold and silver, but her aura was a few levels higher than Xu Zidies.

It was obvious from her every move that she was a daughter of a noble family.

Her bearing and expression were very well-mannered.

The moment this woman appeared, she seemed to be glowing.

Her aura announced to everyone that she was a top socialite.

Qiao Xi sized her up and instantly understood that this woman was the eldest daughter of the Xu family, Xu Anran.

Xu Anrans arrogant gaze landed on Qiao Xi, then she revealed a gentle smile.

“Miss Qiao, my younger sister is spoiled by her family.

She might be a little inappropriate in her actions, but our Xu family will absolutely not owe anyone anything.

Well pay what we should.

Theres no need for a discount.

Use this card.”

Xu Anran took out a black card from her bag and handed it to Qiao Xi.

“My dad gave me this card.

Theres no limit to the amount.

Its only 20 million yuan.

Its enough.”

With that, she turned to look at Xu Zidie.

“You cant be so willful next time.”

“Sister Anran, I was wrong.

Eldest Uncle is so good to you.

He actually gave you a black card.

Youre indeed the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

That wandering woman definitely cant compare to…” Suddenly, her expression changed.

She knew that she had said something wrong and hurriedly smiled awkwardly.

“Sister An Ran, dont think too much.

I mean, youre the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

No one can be nobler than you.”

Xu Anrans expression did not change as she smiled indifferently.


She swiped her card and left first.

She had a strong aura and looked like a noble young miss.

Xu Zidie immediately followed her while the bodyguards followed behind the two sisters.

Suddenly, Xu Anran stopped in her tracks.

A trace of viciousness flashed past her eyes, but when she turned around, she was smiling gently.

“Miss Qiao, well meet again!”

Then, the bodyguards stood beside Xu Anran and slowly disappeared in front of everyone.

Li Xinger pursed her lips.

“The eldest daughter of the Xu family in Luo City is really imposing! She even needs dozens of bodyguards to accompany her when she goes shopping.

Those who dont know might think that someone is trying to assassinate her! Im really speechless!”

“However, Xu Anran is indeed not simple.

Shes a popular female celebrity and the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

No one in the entertainment industry dares to provoke her.

Because of this, she has obtained many good resources.”

“Maybe its because shes not only the eldest daughter of the Xu family but also a popular celebrity, so she needs so many bodyguards when she goes out!”

Song Shijing frowned.

“I have a feeling that this young miss did it on purpose.

Although there are many people in the mall, theres no need to clear the area.

Its like shes doing it for someone to see.”

For who, then

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds.

This seemingly noble and dignified Miss Xu was not as gentle as she looked.

She just knew how to hide her true colors well.

Such a person was even more terrifying.

If one was careless, one would fall into her trap.

Qiao Xi did not like to make assumptions about others behind their backs, but she could clearly sense that the eldest miss of the Xu family was inexplicably hostile toward her.

Moreover, she did not seem to have told the Xu sisters that she was called Qiao Xi, but Xu Anran had clearly called her Miss Qiao.

How strange!

After the shop returned to its normal operations, Qiao Xi decided to go to another shop to take a closer look.

Gu Zheng pulled her back and said in a low voice, “Dont leave yet.

I have a surprise for you.” Qiao Xi looked up with a puzzled expression, then she heard a womans scream.

“Ahhh! Its Shen Yu!”

“Its Best Actor Shen Yu Didnt they say that he left the entertainment industry and went overseas Why is he here Has he come back”


“Shen Yu and his manager are here.

What… are they doing here”

“Look at Shen Yus Weibo.

He said he was coming to the mall for an event today.

Lets go see our idol!”

When Shen Yu walked to the door of Yunqius shop, the worries in Qiao Xis heart instantly vanished.

She rushed over excitedly and shouted sweetly, “Brother, youre back!”

At this moment, Xu Anran also heard the commotion.

“Shen Yu”

She was silent for a while, then narrowed her eyes.

“Help me take a photo and post it on Weibo.

Let everyone know that Shen Yu and I are in the same mall.”

Xu Zidie was puzzled.

“Sister Anran, although hes a popular actor, you…”

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