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Chapter 488 Miss Xu Buys Things Without Paying

“Miss Xu, your bill is a total of 21.5 million yuan.

Since were having a promotion now, you can enjoy a discount if you spend more than five million yuan.

Ill give you a discount.

Itll be exactly 21 million yuan.

Do you want to swipe your card or…”

The shop was silent.

Xu Zidies expression darkened as she exclaimed in a sharp voice, “20 million”

Was there a mistake! These bags were worth so much

The manager still had a smile on his face.

“Its 21 million.

Miss Xu, youre from Luo Citys Xu family, so you definitely dont lack this bit of money.

If you happen to not have any money with you, you can send someone over.

You can wait here in the meantime.

Well prepare coffee and pastries for you.”

Xu Zidies expression turned livid.

She snorted arrogantly.

“Pfft! You want 20 million from me for just these few bags Do you think Im a spendthrift! This is a shady shop.

Forget it, I wont bicker with you! Im going to leave!” With that, she turned to leave.

Qiao Xi stopped her with an indifferent expression and revealed a perfunctory smile.

“Miss Xu, our shop mainly focuses on selling luxury goods.

The materials we use are also the most expensive.

Moreover, these bags were all marked with price tags.

Its probably because you didnt look carefully.

If… you think you cant afford them, you can still refund them.”

Xu Zidie was just a young miss from the Xu branch family.

It was a little difficult for her to fork out 20 million at once.

She shouted in exasperation, “Youre scamming me!”

“Miss Xu, youve misunderstood.” Qiao Xi blinked.

“Look at these bags.

Weve already clearly marked the prices.

If you think theyre expensive, you couldve chosen not to buy them.

We wouldnt have forced you.

But as the daughter of the Xu family, you want to take the bags and leave without paying.

Whats the difference between that and robbery

“Miss Xu, youre wronging me by saying that Im scamming you of your money.

You got the bodyguards to clear the venue and asked our shop to focus on serving you.

According to the usual sales volume, we lost at least three million yuan when you asked to clear the place.

“Moreover, because you chased away other customers, we need to appease them and compensate them.

We need a sum of money to do that.

This sum of money is more than a million yuan.

“I took on both the costs and didnt ask Miss Xu to compensate, but youre accusing me of scamming you If you really think so, then wont tolerate it anymore.

I hope you can pay for your losses just now!”

Li Xinger could not help but laugh.

The manager quickly calculated the losses and reported, “Miss, according to the rough estimates of the customers who had to be chased away, we need about 3.7 million yuan.

The discount cards and gifts that we gave the customers are worth 1.3 million yuan, so its exactly five million yuan.

Together with the previous 21 million, its 26 million yuan.”

“What You want more money! Believe it or not, Ill sue you!”

When Xu Zidie heard this number, she was instantly infuriated.

“Im the young miss of the Xu family.

How dare you stop me Its your honor that Im here!”

“If others know that I like your bag, theyll definitely buy from you.

Im advertising your shop.

Dont be ungrateful and ask me for money.

I think you must be crazy poor!”

Xu Zidie pushed Qiao Xi and was about to walk out.

Qiao Xis eyes darkened.

“Since youre unwilling to pay, then lets call the police.

If news of this gets out, Im afraid youll become famous.

I heard that the Xu familys company has made investments in the tourism industry recently.

If everyone knows that Miss Xu is someone who doesnt pay for the things she buys, I wonder if theyll still be willing to spend money on the Xu familys businesses”

“You!” Xu Zidie roared.

“Youre not showing our Xu family any respect! I… Its your honor that Ive taken a liking to the things in your shop.

You… You actually dare to threaten me Do you believe that Ill destroy your shop! “How dare you threaten me Ill make you pay a painful price!”

Qiao Xi had a helpless expression.

“Alright, then I can only seek the help of the police.

The bags youre taking with you are worth more than 20 million.

When the matter blows up, the Xu family wont just have to pay 20 million.

It might even be 200 million or more.”

Xu Zidies expression was ugly as she gritted her teeth.


“Miss Qiao, Zidie is naughty and mischievous.

I apologize on her behalf.”

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