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Chapter 485 No Blood Relationship

After hanging up, Gu Zhengs face was serious.

“I previously sent someone to investigate Qiao Zhenguo, and we found out a secret.

Before he married Mother-in-law, he was injured once.

That part of his body was injured.”

Gu Zheng slowly stood up and leaned closer.

“Actually, theres a possibility that youre not Qiao Zhenguos biological daughter.” Qiao Xi frowned.

“Actually, Ive long suspected this possibility, but I previously took Qiao Zhenguos hair and did a paternity test.

The test report says that were related by blood.

Actually, it doesnt matter if hes my biological father or not.

In any case, he has nothing to do with me anymore.”

“But Qiao Rou…”

The apple of Qiao Zhenguos eye, Qiao Rou, was not his biological daughter either.

Could it be that Xu Mei had cheated on him

This news was too explosive!

Gu Zheng said awkwardly, “I think he has lost his ability to procreate, so she shouldnt be related to him by blood.”

What Qiao Zhenguo was infertile

Qiao Xi had guessed that she was not Qiao Zhenguos biological daughter, but she did not expect that Qiao Zhenguo was unable to procreate at all.

This had indeed caused her to be slightly shocked.

Gu Yao lowered his head.

It would be good if he was not related to the Gu family by blood.

This way, he would not be the son of Huang Lilan and Gu Weiming.

He could continue to be Gu Zhengs younger brother and even be more carefree than now.

Qiao Xi was slightly puzzled.

Since Gu Zheng was so sure, it meant that he had already obtained an official DNA report.

However, why did it show that they were father and daughter when she took Qiao Zhenguos hair to be tested back then

Qiao Xis eyes sank.

What exactly was the secret behind this

Gu Yao hurriedly said excitedly, “Qiao Xi, youre not Qiao Zhenguos daughter! I knew it! How could such a wretched family be related to you!”

“Qiao Xi, are you going to ask why the DNA test said that you did state you and Qiao Zhenguo are father and daughter I think theres a possibility that your mother was chased after by someone, so she could only hide her identity and escape to Li City.

She founded a company and left behind a huge amount of wealth.

She was afraid that someone would discover your whereabouts, so she found Qiao Zhenguo and they pretended to get married.

The mastermind was afraid that you would find your biological father, so they faked the DNA test report.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

With Gu Yaos imagination, he should be writing novels!

Just then, Song Shiyu walked over.

“President, the villa has been cleaned up.”

Gu Zheng nodded and looked at Qiao Xi gently.

“Change the name.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes and looked at the plaque with the wordsQiao familys villa that was usually hung on the wall of the villas outer courtyard.

Gu Zheng had instructed someone to take it down.


She thought for a moment.

“My moms surname is Xia, so lets change it toXia Residence!”

Gu Zheng stroked her hair.

“The DNA results will be out tomorrow.

Ill go with you.”

Qiao Xi nodded.

The next day.

The test this time was done by Gu Zhengs people to avoid the results from being affected.

As expected, Qiao Xi and Qiao Zhenguo were not related by blood.

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly, and her voice was cold.

“The test I did earlier was tampered with.

Looks like someone was stopping me from finding out the truth.

It can also be said that the other party was stopping me from finding my biological father!

“But whats the masterminds goal Whats my mothers true identity I have a feeling that their background is definitely not simple.

THeyre probably from a large family.

“The person who stopped me from finding out the truth probably thinks that if I find out, itll harm their interests and even make them lose everything.”

Gu Zheng looked up.

“Youre right.

In order to cover up this truth, that person has been monitoring the Qiao family.

It might be someone from the Qiao family.”

Seeing Qiao Xis frown, Gu Zheng smiled.

“Dont think about it.

Ill help you investigate.

Ive asked Song Shiyu to help you manage Mother-in-laws businesses.

Do you want to take a look”

Qiao Xi hurriedly nodded.

She had to go!

Gu Zheng comforted her softly, saying, “This matter has been hidden for so many years.

We cant rush it.

We have to slowly investigate.”

He was a little hesitant, but he still asked a sharp question.

“Do you… want to find your biological father” Qiao Xis eyes were indifferent.

“It doesnt matter to me whether I find him or not.

In any case, I have four brothers and you by my side.

A father figure isnt that important to me anymore.”

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