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Chapter 484 The Qiao Family Was Chased Away

The guests were all the Qiao familys relatives and friends.

Now, they did not care about their relationship with the Qiao family anymore.

They were afraid that Gu Zheng would take his anger out on them because of the Qiao family, so they quickly distanced themselves from the Qiao family.

Once one person started to criticize, everyone started cursing along.

President Gu had personally come today because he wanted the Qiao family to be abandoned and lose everything.

If Mrs.

Gu was satisfied, she naturally would not look for trouble with them.

Qiao Zhenguo was indeed a scumbag.

Everything he had now belonged to Xia Yunqiu.

Unexpectedly, after Xia Yunqiu died, he threw Qiao Xi to the countryside and even took Xia Yunqius money to support his mistress and illegitimate daughter.

Such a person should not have a good ending.

Qiao Zhenguo lowered his head, his body trembling violently.

Why did Qiao Xi marry Gu Zheng Why did she bring Gu Zheng back with her Why was she forcing them to leave the villa


Someone threw a bottle over and smashed it heavily on Qiao Zhenguos head.

A wound instantly appeared on his forehead, and blood slowly gushed out.

“Qiao Zhenguo, youve implicated us! Get lost!”

Someone made a move.

Everyone instantly swarmed over and pushed the Qiao family out.

Old Madam Qiaos legs were weak to begin with, and she was almost pushed down.

She instantly roared.

“Let go! This is our Qiao familys villa! What right—”.

“Old hag! You still have the cheek to say that this is the Qiao familys villa! This is Madam Xias pre-marital assets.

What right does the Qiao family have to stay here Hurry up and get lost! Youre an eyesore standing here!”

Although the Qiao family was not considered a top family in Li City, ever since they inherited Xia Yunqius company and assets, they were considered a reputable family.

When had Old Madam Qiao ever heard such insults Her expression instantly darkened as she roared with a ferocious expression.

“Qiao Xi! Im your grandmother, yet youre actually chasing us out! You unfilial granddaughter! Unfilial…”

Her shouts gradually disappeared from the living room.

She was pushed out by everyone.

The walking cane in her hand fell to the floor, and she staggered.

The commotion was so big that the neighbors beside them also came out to watch the show.

They discussed among themselves.

“I heard that the Qiao familys old madam is a crafty person who abuses her biological granddaughter.

Now, she has received her retribution! How embarrassing!”

The anger in Madam Qins heart had yet to dissipate.

“Qiao Xi belongs to the Qin family, but this old woman from the Qiao family even dares to bully her.

Does she think the Qin family is easy to bully”

Qin Xian was gentle like jade and had a mild temper.

He was naturally not as shrewish as Madam Qin.

He only said indifferently, “Ill help Xi Xi…”

Before he could finish, Madam Qin said angrily, “Whats the name of that illegitimate daughter Qiao Rou, right! I heard shes a small celebrity.

No wonder Little Six doesnt want to live with the Qiao family.

What kind of demons are they!”

After the Qiao family was chased out, the Qiao familys living room instantly became much more spacious.

Even the air became fresher.

Song Shijing came forward to clear the scene.

The guests did not dare to delay and quickly left.

Qiao Xi and the others were the only ones left in the Qiao familys villa.

Madam Qin had her hands on her hips as she looked at Qin An and Qin Xian.

She frowned, scaring the two of them.

“I wont count on you two anymore.

Ill tell my eldest son about this.”

Qin Xian: “…”

He smiled slightly.

“Wifey, Ill teach Qiao Zhenguo a lesson.

How can I let him off since he dares to bully our daughter In the future, wherever our Qin family is, the Qiao family must hide.”

Qin An also nodded.

“Ill also help Little Six.

Ill definitely not let anyone who dares to bully my sister off.

However, if I kill them, itll be too easy for them.

Ill definitely let them taste the pain of being tortured!”

At this moment, the call connected.


Qin complained on the phone.

The other party was silent for a few seconds, then she heard a clear laugh.

“Haha, someones bullying Little Six.

Alright, Ill go back immediately.” After the call ended, Qin An said aggrievedly, “Brother is coming back When you found out that Little Six was bullied, you rushed over.

Brother is coming back too If I was the one who got bullied, you definitely wouldnt care this much about me!”

Madam Qin smacked him.

“Shut up!”

An hour later, the Qin family left, but Gu Yao came.

Gu Zheng was sitting on the sofa, talking on the phone with someone.

His thin lips moved slightly.


Qiao Xi looked at him curiously.

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