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Chapter 48: Divorce

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“Gu Zheng, you know the truth.

Its just that Wan Wan is a little stubborn.

She didnt really want to run away from the marriage.

Your marriage was initiated by Old Master Gu.

Its really unacceptable for you to cancel the marriage just like that.”

Qiao Xi lazily leaned against the sofa.

The Meng family was really interesting.

She and Gu Zheng were already married.

Today, Gu Zhengsex-fiancee appeared at their door with her parents.

The daughter said that she, Qiao Xi, was not worthy of Gu Zheng, the mother said that Gu Zheng loved Meng Wan, and the father said that this marriage was set by Old Master Gu.

Qiao Xi was very sure that the Meng family was doing this on purpose by saying all this in front of her, Gu Zhengs newly wedded wife.

They did not take her seriously at all.

Gu Zheng took a sip of coffee and said slowly, “Uncle Meng, bigamy is a crime.”

He was already married, so it was not appropriate to mention a second marriage.

“The past is the past.

Im doing very well now.

As people, we should only move forward.”

He meant that they had reaped what they sowed.

His marriage was set in stone, so they should stop bothering him.

Meng Wans tears came streaming down again.

“Boo-hoo, I was really wrong, Brother Gu Zheng.

I was too willful.

I really didnt expect you to let go of me so easily… Boo-hoo! Brother Gu Zheng, how can you just say that you dont like me anymore Im not as carefree about matters like this as you, Brother Gu Zheng.

I still like you very much.

I want to marry you, have children with you, and be with you…”

Seeing her daughter cry so miserably, Madam Mengs eyes turned red as well.

“Alright, Wan Wan, stop crying.

Gu Zheng will definitely give you an answer.

The both of you grew up together, so how could he not understand your character I know that you love Gu Zheng more than your own life, but Gu Zheng has already married Miss Qiao.

Give up.”

Qiao Xi supported her chin with her hand as she looked at the two drama queens from the Meng family.

Their words were filled with hidden meanings.

She felt that she was about to be influenced by them after just interacting with them for a short while.

They spoke in such b*tchy tones.

Looking at his sobbing wife and daughter, Meng Xingzhou could only say with heartache, “Gu Zheng, I dont have a choice either.

Wan Wan has been crying every day.

Old Master Gu adores Wan Wan the most.

Will this marriage contract really be ruined just like that I know that bigamy is against the law, and we have no intention of forcing you to divorce Miss Qiao.

Its just that you and Miss Qiao havent told Old Master Gu about your marriage yet, right Once Old Master Gu finds out that you so willfully and casually married a woman, hell definitely be very angry.

Gu Zheng, Im saying this for your own good.”

This time, Qiao Xi had truly witnessed the art of speaking.

They said that Meng Wan had been crying at home and her marriage with Gu Zheng was set by Old Master Gu.

If Gu Zheng did not marry Meng Wan, Old Master Gu might not agree to any other marriage partners.

Although Meng Xingzhou said he was not forcing Gu Zheng to divorce her, in reality, every word he said was to tell Gu Zheng to get a divorce.

Indeed, Meng Xingzhous next sentence was, “Gu Zheng, consider it carefully.

Marriage is not a joke.

Miss Qiao, consider it carefully as well.

Are you going to waste your good years on someone who doesnt love you If you agree to the divorce, the Meng family will pay for all the compensation after your marriage ends.

You wont suffer.”

The living room fell completely silent.

The butler stood at the side in fear.

If nothing had happened last night, he would have thought that Meng Xingzhou and his family made sense.

However, after what had happened last night, he felt that Meng Xingzhou and his family might be in for a bad time.

He knew very well how protective Young Master was of Young Madam.



Gu Zheng slammed the coffee cup on the table and said slowly, “Uncle Meng.” The mans eyes were indifferent, and the expression on his face was nonchalant.

“Uncle Meng, have you forgotten who the current head of the Gu family is”

Did they think that they could suppress him just by mentioning his grandfather In their dreams!

The butler also stepped forward.

He was an old man who had been transferred here from the old residence.

He knew some things better than outsiders like Meng Xingzhou.


Meng, our old master has never set up an engagement for Young Master.

Where did you get the idea that Miss Meng Wan is Young Masters fiancee Back then, it was Miss Meng Wan who wanted to marry Young Master.

The old master simply thought that the Meng and Gu families were old friends, and Young Master and Miss Meng Wan had grown up together.

Furthermore, Young Master had never had a woman by his side, so he wanted to matchmake them.

“However, on the day of their marriage, Miss Meng Wan abandoned Young Master outside the Civil Affairs Bureau.

You put it nicely, saying Miss Meng Wan was stubborn and wanted to test Young Masters feelings for her.

However, what you did was humiliate the Gu family and our young master.

You humiliated the Gu family like this, but the Gu family hasnt looked for you to settle the score.

Despite this, you came to the door saying youve been wronged and spouted nonsense in front of Young Master and Young Madam.”

The butlers words were merciless.

It was the Meng familys fault.

It was fine that they did not apologize, but they even belittled Young Madam in front of Young Master.

Did they think the Gu family was easy to bully

This was the first time Qiao Xi knew that the butler, who was usually low-profile, was actually so eloquent..

She even wanted to clap and cheer for him.

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