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Chapter 475 Punishment

“President Gu, Im telling the truth.

Our Zhong family has no intention of offending Mrs.


It was planned by the Qiao family.

Todays banquet was all their idea!”

Gu Zhengs cold gaze landed on Old Madam Qiao.

Old Madam Qiao was terrified to the point her entire body trembled.

She hurriedly retorted, “Nonsense! You took a liking to Qiao Xi and even lied to us, saying that Qiao Xi had a very good impression of Young Master Zhong.

Thats why our Qiao family agreed to it.

We only asked for a sum of money from your Zhong family for the sake of protecting Qiao


Her voice trembled as she was afraid of offending Gu Zheng.

“President Gu, you have to believe us!”

If President Gu believed them, he would definitely suspect that Qiao Xi was secretly in contact with Zhong Ming because of money.

How could the dignified head of the Gu family tolerate his woman having an affair He might just kick her away!

As soon as Old Madam Qiao finished speaking, Mr.

Zhong slammed the table and stood up.

He roared, “You damned old woman! What nonsense are you talking about! My son only saw Mrs.

Gu from afar.

Miss Qiao doesnt even know my son.

Ive never said such things!

“It was your Qiao family who sold Mrs.

Gu to us for money.

You even said that as long as the funds are in place, we can torture Mrs.

Gu however we want.

Youre the greedy ones.

Why are you maligning our Zhong family”

Old Madam Qiao roared, “Nonsense! Im Xi Xis biological grandmother.

How could I sell her for 200 million I just wanted to find a good home for her!”


Zhong sneered.

“You Are you worthy of being Mrs.

Gus grandmother You—”.

“Excuse me.” Song Shijing interrupted them indifferently, then said impatiently, “Do you think our president is very free Does he have the time to listen to you quarrel” The two of them instantly shut their mouths, afraid to say another word.

Then, Old Madam Qiao smiled obsequiously.

“President Gu, I dont want to waste your time, but what I said is the truth.

Xi Xi is the eldest daughter of the Qiao family.

Of course, I want her to find a good husband.

Its that boy from the Zhong family who insists that theyre in love with each other.

I only agreed to this marriage for Xi Xis reputation.

Moreover, the 200 million isnt for us.

Its for Xi Xi.”

Qiao Xi was angered to the point of laughing.

Previously, whenever Old Madam Qiao saw her, she would call her a b*tch.

Now that she knew that she was married to Gu Zheng, she called her Xi Xi.

However, Gu Zheng clearly did not have the patience to listen to her explanation.

He waved his hand to signal them to stop.

Song Shijing said immediately, “Old Madam Qiao, Mr.

Zhong, since you dont want to tell the truth, dont blame our president for being heartless.”

As he spoke, he took out a document from his briefcase and threw it on the table.

The paper at the top had the wordsSunshine Mall written on it.

This was a mall under the Zhong family.

Although it was not big, it was located in the center of Li City and had a lot of customers every day.

Gu Zheng leaned lazily against the sofa, his long legs crossed.

Song Shijing handed him a cigarette.

Gu Zheng took it and lit it elegantly, filling the room with smoke.

The man was shrouded in smoke, adding a hint of danger to him.

Everyone held their breaths.

The Zhong familys hearts were pounding.


Zhong asked in fear, “President Gu, I dont understand what you mean.”

Gu Zheng pressed the cigarette onto the paper and said casually, “I gave you a chance, but you didnt cherish it.

This is your punishment.”


Before the Zhong family could react, Mr.

Zhongs phone suddenly rang.

It was his secretary.


Zhong, I dont know why Gu Corporation suddenly acquired Sunshine Mall by force.

Theyre now suppressing the companys other businesses.

If this goes on, we…”


Zhong was not in the mood to listen to what the secretary said after that.

His mind was blank as his body fell to the floor.

“President Gu!”

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief.

In just a few minutes, Sunshine Mall had been forcefully bought over by Gu Corporation.

What kind of terrifying strength was this!

Gu Zheng said slowly, “This is just a small punishment.

I dont want to push you into a dead-end.

How about this Whoever gives me an explanation that Im satisfied with, Ill let them off and make a move on the other party.”

He took out another piece of paper from the folder.

On it was clearly writtenLinglong Advertising Company.

It was a company under Qiao Rous name that had just been established.

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