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Chapter 474 According To Seniority, Im Your Aunt

However, such a country bumpkin had actually married the honorable head of the Gu family and became the mistress of the Gu family.

She was above the entire Gu family.

“Qiao Xi, tell me if this is true.”

“Gu Moling.” Qiao Xi glanced coldly at him, her eyes filled with warning.

“According to seniority, Gu Zheng is your uncle and Im your aunt, yet youre calling me by my name in public.

Is this your familys upbringing” Smack!

Before Gu Moling could react, Song Shiyu raised his hand and slapped him.

He said coldly, “The Gu family has rules.

Those who disrespect their elders will be punished according to the family rules.

However, the family rules dont apply here, so Ill do it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Shiyu slapped Gu Moling again.

Red finger marks appeared on his cheeks.

Qiao Xi turned around coldly and walked to the seat where Gu Zheng was sitting earlier.

She slowly sat down in front of everyone, her aura fully released at this moment.

The main seat was usually Old Madam Qiaos seat.

If Old Madam Qiao was not around, it would be Qiao Zhenguos seat.

However, this seat should have belonged to her mother.

Everything in the Qiao family was earned by her mother.

What right did the Qiao family have to squander it as they pleased

If it were at any other time, someone would have stopped Qiao Xi if she dared to walk to the main seat.

Moreover, she would receive a scolding.

However, no one dared to stop her now.

She said casually, “Gu Zheng, I already told the Qiao family that Im married, but they still asked me to get a divorce and marry into the Zhong family.

Theyre really not taking you seriously! Or do they think that the Zhong family… is more powerful than you Do they think the Zhong family is richer and more powerful than the Gu family”

The Qiao family, who were initially shocked, felt their hearts skip a beat.

Song Shiyu looked at Qiao Xi in admiration.


Gu looked so satisfied when she was bullying others!

At this moment, the arrogant members of the Zhong family were like mice that had seen a cat.

They lowered their heads silently, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

“President Gu, we… Its the Qiao family…”


Zhong did not care about his reputation anymore and immediately explained, “Its the Qiao family! The Qiao family said that they wanted to sell their daughter to us.

We didnt know that Miss Qiao was already married.

If we had known that Miss Qiao and you… were married, we wouldnt have dared to get Qiao Xi to marry into the Qiao family! The Qiao family hid the truth and even forced Miss Qiao to marry my son!”

“Is that so” Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow.

Hearing Gu Zhengs question, everyones faces turned pale.

Old Madam Qiao gritted her teeth and glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

What kind of luck did this little b*tch have She actually married Gu Zheng.

Why didnt she say so earlier Why did she have to embarrass the Qiao family in front of everyone She was really a b*tch!

Song Shijing sneered.


Zhong, you should know what will happen to you if you deceive our president.

I advise you to tell the truth.

Maybe our president wont hold it against you if hes in a happy mood.

What do you think”

Upon hearing this, Mr.

Zhong could not take it anymore.

His body went soft as he knelt on the floor.

“President Gu! I really didnt know that Miss Qiao is Mrs.

Gu! This is just a misunderstanding.

I…” Gu Zheng leaned lazily against the sofa, his lips curling into a cold smile.

A delicate dagger had appeared in his hand.

“But your son and wife didnt say that just now.

You seemed to want to bring Xi Xi back just now What did you say you wanted to do to her

“Tell me about it.

Maybe… Ill let you off.”

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

She remembered that Qiao Rou and Gu Moling had already held an engagement banquet a long time ago.

Why did the Qiao family have to hold another banquet Werent they just taking the opportunity to invite the Zhong family over to announce her marriage to Zhong Ming and sell her to the Zhong family

Old Madam Qiao knew that Qiao Xi would never agree, so they definitely had other tricks up their sleeves.

What were the Qiao familys plans

President Zhong recalled the unreasonable requests and humiliation his wife and son had given Qiao Xi earlier.

They even said that Qiao Xi should serve their son well and wasnt allowed to leave the house in the future.

He felt that Gu Zheng would rush over and take his life in the next second.

“I-I just wanted Qiao Xi and my son to be engaged.

The two of them arent… familiar with each other yet, so I wanted Qiao Xi to come back with us… as a guest.

The Qiao family is vicious.

For the sake of the companys interests, they wanted to sell Qiao Xi to us!”

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