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Gu Zheng sat in the main seat with deep eyes.

His thin lips parted slightly.

“Indeed, knowing someone by their reputation is inferior to meeting them in person.

Young Master Zhong is indeed as unbearable as the rumors say!”

Zhong Ming was angered to the point his face flushed red.

He had liked Qiao Xi for a long time, but he never had the chance.

This time, it was Qiao Rou who agreed to sell Qiao Xi to the Zhong family.

Was a woman who was sold to the Zhong family worthy of their care and concern

Madam Thong and Mr.

Zhong acted a little strangely.

President Gu had never been a busybody.

Could it be that he knew Qiao Xi and that was why he spoke up for her Hence, he could not help but ask, “President Gu, you… You know Qiao XP”


Thong felt a cold gaze land on him.

Coupled with what Gu Zheng had just said, he seemed to understand something.

Hence, he said while trembling,This… This is a misunderstanding.

Our Zhong family and the Qiao family have just gotten engaged.

Qiao Xi is the future mistress of the Thong family.

How could we treat her badly What we said just now was just a joke.”

“The mistress of the Thong family” Gu Zheng raised his eyes to look at Qiao Xi and asked casually, “Do you know that the Qiao family wants to marry you to the Thong family”

Everyone gasped!

Qiao Xi looked aggrieved.

“I just found out too! Because the company needs a sum of money, Qiao Rou suggested marrying me off.

My good sister has helped me choose a good marriage partner! President Gu, if I refuse, the Qiao family wont let me off!”

When Old Madam Qiao heard Qiao Xi mention Qiao Rou and blame her sarcastically, her expression instantly changed.

“Qiao Xi!”

“The Qiao family wants to sell the Qiao familys legitimate eldest daughter to the Zhong family for an illegitimate daughter.” Gu Zhengs tone was cold.

“You guys are really capable!”

Qiao Zhenguos heart trembled.

He mustered his courage and asked in Qiao Zhenguos heart trembled.

He mustered his courage and asked in confusion, “President Cru… Y-You know my eldest daughter Why are you asking about her marriage This child has a bad reputation.

Its already the best outcome that Young Master Thong doesnt care about her past and is willing to marry her.

This— I‘

“President Qiao, dont you understand why Im here today Gu Zheng interrupted.

Qiao Zhenguo felt his entire body turn cold, making him tremble uncontrollably.

He thought about it carefully and really did not know what Gu Zheng meant.

“President Gu, youre not here today for Moling and Rou Rou…”

“Gu Moling Is he worthy”

With that, Gu Zheng looked up with a gentle gaze.


Gu, have you had enough fun”

As soon as these words were spoken, the surroundings fell silent.


Gu was here too

Or rather, if Mrs.

Gu had always been here, who was she

Old Madam Qiao did not understand Gu Zhengs words and thought that Qiao Xi had angered Gu Zheng, so she hurriedly explained, “President Gu, youre probably mistaken.

Xi Xis marriage was decided from before, but—”

“Old Madam Qiao, dont you understand human language”

Qiao Xi had never called Old Madam Qiao her grandmother and had always called her Old Madam Qiao.

However, Old Madam Qiao felt alarmed today.

Immediately after, Song Shijing said seriously, “President Qiao, the Qiao family is slapping the Gu familys face by selling the madam of the Gu family to the Thong family for the sake of company interests.”


Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

Old Mada Qiao felt the blood in her body freeze as her body instantly stiffened.

Sold who to the Zhong family The madam of the Gu family

The person they were selling was clearly Qiao Xi…

Wait! Old Madam Qiao was abruptly stunned.

Her eyelids twitched as she looked at Qiao Xi in disbelief..


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