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Chapter 47: Swallowing Her Words

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Fortunately, Madam Meng reacted quickly and explained with a smile, “No, I just happened to remember you and Meng Wan when you were both younger.

I must be getting muddled that I actually said such things in front of Miss Qiao.

Miss Qiao, you wont mind, right”

Qiao Xi said, “What if I say I mind Can you take those words back”

Gu Zheng: “…” This woman would never allow herself to suffer.

Madam Mengs expression froze for a moment.

Perhaps she did not expect Qiao Xi to not take her dignity into consideration at all.

Even so, she quickly reacted.

“Right, right, right.

Its normal that you would mind this.

As your elder, I was insensible.

How could I bring up matters of the past to upset you Let me apologize to you, alright”

She was lowering her status and mentioning her identity as an elder.

If Qiao Xi continued to pester her, then it would seem that she was too unreasonable and unforgiving.

The corners of Qiao Xis lips curled up.

Being in a high position was indeed different.

One could adapt to the circumstances and play the blame game.

When Meng Wan saw her mother lower her head to Qiao Xi, she instantly exploded.

“Mom, how can you apologize to Qiao Xi! What right do you have to apologize to her She stole my fiancé, so she should apologize to me.” As she spoke, she started crying.

“Brother Zheng, how could you marry someone else It wasnt my intention to run away from our marriage.

I just wanted to test your feelings for me, but you actually got married to someone else…

“Do you know how sad I was The person you shouldve married is me.

If this woman had appeared a little later, I wouldve arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

But you married her… You married a woman whos inferior to me in every way…” Meng Wan cried until she was out of breath.

Gu Zhengs expression darkened.

Madam Meng sighed and pulled Meng Wan to her side as she said helplessly, “Miss Qiao, Im very sorry.

Wan Wan is simple-minded.

Shell spout nonsense when shes triggered, but she doesnt have any bad intentions.

She just finds it hard to accept the truth and feels a little aggrieved.

Ill teach her a good lesson when I get back.”

“In the past, Wan Wan has always relied on the fact that Gu Zheng loves her and would throw tantrums without restraint.

Thats why on the day of their marriage, she pretended to run away to make Gu Zheng prove that he loved her… I believe that Gu Zheng initially wanted to look for Wan Wan, but he ended up meeting you… There are too many coincidences in this world.

Maybe Wan Wan just isnt fated to be with Gu Zheng, so the two of them ended up missing out on each other.” Madam Mengs tone was filled with regret.

Qiao Xi secretly shot Gu Zheng a look, signaling him to stay rational.

Gu Zheng received Qiao Xis signal and barely suppressed his anger.

He stood at the side with a dark expression without saying anything.

Qiao Xi curved her lips.

“Madam Meng, you mean to say that Gu Zheng has a deep affection for Meng Wan Even though Miss Meng Wan ran away from their marriage, you thought that he would stand there and patiently wait for her to come back Its just that he didnt expect to meet me on that day, right Since Gu Zheng decided to marry me instead of waiting for Miss Meng Wan, it goes to show that… Im really charming.”

Just one meeting could make Gu Zheng abandon his childhood sweetheart.

Madam Meng almost choked.

She was clearly mocking Qiao Xi for being shameless and taking advantage of the situation.

Why did it sound like she was praising her in Qiao Xis ears!

Qiao Xi subconsciously tapped her fingers on the railing.

Be it Madam Meng or Meng Wan, the two of them were just beating about the bush and telling her that Gu Zheng had a special relationship with them.

They were implying that she was just a shameless predator who would be abandoned by Gu Zheng sooner or later.

Meng Wan was still crying sorrowfully at the side.

The sound of her sobs was annoying.

Qiao Xi wondered if she should beat all these people up.

She was tired of watching this performance.

At this moment, a dignified-looking man walked in from outside.

“Why are you crying You were the one who wanted to run away from the marriage.

This is the result of your own actions.

Now that youve lost Gu Zheng, you cant blame anyone.”

The housekeeper brought a dignified-looking man in.

The man looked at Meng Wan.

“Wan Wan, youre not a child anymore.

How can you cry after doing something wrong”

“Boo-hoo… Dad, I know my mistake.

I wont make a scene anymore.

I just want Brother Gu Zheng to come back to me.

Brother Gu Zheng never treated me like this in the past but because of this woman…”


The man was Meng Wans father, Meng Xingzhou.

He looked to be about 45 years old and had the demeanor of a person in power.

He sighed.

“Gu Zheng, I know that our Meng family has let you down, but I also hope that you can listen to me.”

Gu Zhengs patience was wearing thin.

It was early in the morning yet there was already a group of people talking nonsense in front of him.

Never mind that Gu Zheng had a bad temper but even if he had a good temper, he would still be worn down by this family of three.

Seeing Gu Zhengs impatience, Qiao Xi held his hand and stroked it like she was comforting a kitten.

Gu Zheng pulled her toward the living room.

“Uncle Meng, lets sit down and talk.”

Meng Xingzhou paused for a few seconds before bringing his wife and daughter to sit on the sofa..

His shrewd and steady eyes swept past Gu Zheng and Qiao Xis hands from time to time.

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