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Chapter 445: Fearless

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Qiao Xis face was full of ridicule.

“Miss Yao, Im sure that I didnt give this design draft to you, which can only mean that you copied my work!

“What else do you want to say”

Everyone hadnt recovered from the shock of Qiao Xi being Yun Chu when they heard Qiao Xi speak these words.

They were shocked once more, and at the same time, Yao Mengqings face was full of terror.

Qiao Xis words seemed to have pressed her dignity to the ground.

Everything she had said earlier became a joke, and she was now the most despised person present!

Initially, she decided to work together with Jason to deal with Qiao Xi.

She even invited famous designers and Li Chengs reporters to the venue.

In the end, all these people were now going against her.

Yao Mengaing bit her lip tightly.

Her face was filled with ruthlessness.

Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

“Yao Mengaing is so disgusting!” Everyone cursed.

“She said that shes on good terms with Qiao Xi and treats Qiao Xi as her friend, but shes always targeting Qiao Xi.

Does she really think we cant see through her evil intentions Its fine if she plagiarized Yun Chu, but she still refuses to admit it and says that Yun Chu gave her the design draft!”

“Pretending to be good friends with Yun Chu, huh She definitely didnt expect the real Yun Chu to be here!”

“Today, Ive seen what a real shameless b*tch is! She keeps saying that Yun Chu is her idol and friend.

She boasts about her relationship with Yun Chu outside, using Yun Chus name to snatch many resources.

Her skin is thicker than the city walls! Thats how shameless she is!”

Yao Menggings nails dug into her palms.

Her mind was in a mess, and she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

“No! Youve misunderstood! Its… Its Qiao Xi! Shes framing me!”

Lin Jies heart ached, then he shouted angrily, “Qiao Xi! What do you want Mengging is the eldest daughter of the Yao family.


Qiao Xis gaze was slightly cold.

Hah! Yao Mengging was the eldest daughter of the Yao family It was because of this identity that Yao Mengqing managed to escape punishment several times and let others take the blame for her.

As long as she had this identity, she would always be fearless!

“Yao Mengqing, didnt you say that plagiarists should leave the design industry”

She leaned closer and lowered her voice.

“Look at yourself.

Dont you look like a shrew right now Since you want to pretend to be weak, then you have to pretend all the way to the end! You should be gently advising me not to do this and not do that.

What a pity! You still cant beat me!”

Yao Mengging gritted her teeth.

“Qiao… Xi! Just you wait!”

Qiao Xi pretended to be terrified.

“Im so scared!”

With that, she looked up at Jason, whose eyes were lowered.

Jason trembled slightly, his eyes avoiding hers.

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly as she spoke word by word, “Mr.

Jason, Ive never accepted a disciple, yet youve been using my name to swindle others for so many years.

I have to say that youre really smart.

Youve taken special precautions to avoid me, which allowed you to go undiscovered for so long.”

Jason trembled.

“I… I…”

“Woah! So thats how it is! Yun Chu has never accepted any disciples! Its Jason who has always been pretending to be Yun Chus disciple, and hes never even seen Yun Chu before.

Otherwise, why would he say that Qiao Xi is only a newbie and isnt worthy to compete with him at all!”

“Open your eyes wide and take a good look, Jason! The designer you were mocking and bullying is Yun Chu! You and Yao Mengging are really birds of the same feather.

Both of you are plagiarists! You obviously plagiarized someone elses work, but you still maligned Yun Chu.

Youre so disgusting!”

Jasons face was pale.

He took a few steps back and tripped.

It was all over!

He pretended to be Yun Chus disciple and copied Yun Chus work.

From now on, the design industry would never tolerate him.


He never would have thought that Qiao Xi was Yun Chu.

How could she be Yun Chu He could have caused trouble for anyone, but he just had to provoke this big shot.

If he had known earlier, he would not have come to Li City at all.

All of this would not have happened.

Jasons heart crumbled to pieces, and he hung his head weakly like a defeated rooster.

Yao Menggings legs went weak as she fell onto the chair.

She struggled a few times but was unable to stand up.

Lin Jies heart ached for her.

He quickly held her arm and helped her stand up.

“Qiao Xi, youre happy now, right! Youve won! Youve won completely! What else do you want!”

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