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Chapter 444: Qiao Xi Is Yun Chu!

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At this moment, a cold voice sounded from not far away—

“Miss Yao, you said that Yun Chu gave you the design draft Do you have any evidence Dont you know that Yun Chu has already sold the design draft to Gu Corporation”


Yao Mengaings lips trembled.

Song Shijing said solemnly, “Gu Corporation has issued an announcement that Miss Yun Chu has sold her design draft to us! Miss Yao, you said that Miss Yun Chu gave you the design draft If thats the case, who do you think is lying here Miss Yun Chu or Gu Corporation”

His words caused a huge commotion.

A few days ago, Gu Corporation had indeed posted on Weibo about their collaboration with Yun Chu, but unexpectedly

The design draft that Yun Chu sold to Gu Corporation happened to be the one that Yao Mengqing copied! What a coincidence!

Yao Mengaings body stiffened.

Her heart was in turmoil.

How was that possible The design draft had been sold to Gu Corporation It was over! Everything was over!


No! She could not admit to having plagiarized just like that, or her future would be ruined! She would never allow that to happen.

“Assistant Song, this… This design draft was really given to me by Yun Chu! I think… she must have forgotten about it, so she sold it to you.

After all, she has a lot of design drafts, and anyone would want one.”

Yao Mengging explained weakly, “Im Yun Chus friend.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Jason.

Hes Yun Chus disciple.

We meet up often.

Its not strange for her to give me a design draft.

“Its possible that Yun Chu forgot about it and sold it to Gu Corporation.

Ill immediately cancel my own work and stop the production of it.

Ill return the design draft to Yun Chu now! I really didnt plagiarize!”

There was complete silence.

Everyone waited for the Gu Corporation to speak, only to see Song Shijing smile disdainfully.

Everyone held their breath.

Song Shijing was not to be trifled with.

Yao Mengqing had violated the interests of Gu Corporation.

How could they let her go so easily

He said calmly, “Miss Yao, Mr.

Jason, both of you are lying in front of everyone.

Did you think Yun Chu wouldnt show up Dont you know that Yun Chu is here right now”


Everyone was stunned!

Qiao Xi looked at Gu Zheng, who wasnt far away.

The man was hidden in the darkness, but it was hard for one to look away.

He raised his eyes slightly, his deep black eyes flickering with a faint light.

The corners of his lips curled up as he slowly stood up.

Yao Menggings heart skipped a beat.

Fear engulfed her like cold water, making it hard for her to breathe.

Yun Chu was here

Who Where is she

No! This was impossible! It couldnt be her!

Before Yao Mengqing could reply, Lin Jie could no longer sit still.

He roared angrily, “Qiao Xi, youre not going to say that youre Yun Chu, are you Do you think youre worthy”

Just as she finished speaking, Yao Mengging interrupted in a panic.

“Xi Xi! Dont talk nonsense.

Why would you pretend to be Yun Chu If Yun Chu finds out that youre pretending to be her, your future will be completely ruined! You cant be Yun Chu, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, a tall figure slowly walked over.

Everyone felt a cold aura around them and hurriedly made way for him.

Gu Zheng, the man who could control everything in Li City, currently had a gloomy look on his face.

His gaze was deep.

He seemed to be stepping on Yao Mengqings heart.

However, he didnt even bother to look at Yao Mengging.

He fixed his gaze on Qiao Xi with a small smile on his face.

“Yun Chu, stop being so mischievous.”


Yun Chu President Gu was calling Qiao Xi Yun Chu

Everyone knew that Yun Chu was collaborating with Gu Corporation.

President Gu must have seen the real Yun Chu.

Could it be that Qiao Xi was the real Yun Chu She was the top international jewelry designer

Just then, Yun Chu posted a message on her Weibo account—

[Thats right, its me.]

This short sentence explained everything.

If Yun Chu wasnt present at the scene, then there would be no reason for her to post this.

These few words represented Qiao Xis identity.

Furthermore, President Gu was a witness.

Even if everyone found it hard to believe, this was the truth!

Qiao Xi was Yun Chu!

Yao Mengqings body trembled.

Her face was as pale as paper.

It was as if she was going to faint at any moment..1

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