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Chapter 441: Theres Still Another Half To The Design Draft

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Jason staggered as he pointed at Qiao Xi and shouted, “Where did you get your video from Qiao Xi! You plagiarized my work! Its fine if you dont want to apologize, but you even forged evidence to frame me! I wont let you succeed!

“Te been in the design industry for so many years.

When have I ever plagiarized If Im capable, why would I plagiarize But youre just a newcomer.

How could you design such a perfect piece This doesnt make sense!

“You plagiarized me!”

Yao Menggings face was ashen, and Lin Jie, her lackey, hurriedly said, “Qiao Xi, theres concrete evidence that Mr.

Jason published his design draft in a magazine, but you only have a video.

It cant be used as evidence.

Moreover, even if you drew the design draft, it might not be from four years ago.

possible that you drew it yesterday.

In order to clear your name, you changed the time.”

Everyone was puzzled.

Actually, this wasnt impossible.

After all, technology was advanced now.

What couldnt be done

However, in order to prove that the time stamp was not edited by anyone, was it enough to just get a professional to examine it

If Qiao Xi had found a very capable hacker, changing the time stamp on the video shouldnt be a problem for them.

They couldnt wrongly accuse someone just because of a video.

No matter what, Jason had substantial evidence, while Qiao Xis evidence was just a video.

It was not as convincing.

Jasons face softened for a moment, then he shouted in exasperation, “Qiao Xi! You not only plagiarized but also framed me! A person like you is not fit to be a designer!”

Yao Mengqings face was full of grief.

“Xi Xi, how could you do this Its not too late for you to admit your mistake now.

I can still use my identity to help you deal with the design world, but if you persist, the design world will definitely not tolerate you.

Dont be foolish!”

Qjao Xi didnt get angry.

Instead, she smiled meaningfully.

“Indeed, a video cant be used as evidence, but I dont think Mr.

Jason would have thought that this is only half of my design draft.”

Jasons expression changed.

Everyone was puzzled.

What did she mean by half of her design draft

This design draft looked very complete! Moreover, Qiao Xi had already finished the product.

They had seen that set of work before.

It was truly perfect.

Jason said disdainfully, “Qiao Xi! Whats the point of making up such a lie just to clear your name Everyone can see that this design draft is complete and doesnt lack anything!”

However, Yao Menggings heart skipped a beat.

Half of the design draft Could there be something else


Jason, this set of jewelry is only half complete because the other half is a mens watch and accessory!”

Qiao Xis voice was cold, and her words were clear.

“I drew this design draft four years ago and named itLonging. It represents an unwavering love.


Jason, you said that youre the original creator of this set of jewelry.

Then, you should have another design draft, right”


Another design draft

Jasons body stiffened.

He stood up abruptly and shouted in a panic, “Nonsense!”

‘The moment he finished speaking, another scene appeared on the big screen.

Everyone looked up and clearly saw that after the designer completed the first set of jewelry, they began designing a mens watch and accompanying accessory.

The patterns and details on the watch and accessory were completely in line with the set of female jewelry.

Jason watched in disbelief.

Qiao Xi glanced at him coldly.


Jason, although I dont know how you stole my design, who gave you the courage to publish it in a magazine without changing anything at all You named this set of jewelryLate Autumn. You didnt even know that the name of this set of jewelry isLonging.

“The reason why its called this is that theyre for a man and a woman.

The patterns on it are all harmonious.


Jason, can you produce the remaining half of the design draft

“If youre really the original creator, please tell me why theres a semi-circular ruby in the middle of this set of jewelry.

Please tell me what you think.”

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