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Chapter 440: Whos Plagiarizing Who

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The reporters then rushed to Qiao Xi and aimed the microphones at her.

“Miss Qiao, do you admit that you copied Mr.

Jasons work”

“You thought that not many people knew about that magazine, so you chose that design draft.

You thought that no one would find out, right”

“Do you regret plagiarizing someone elses work and getting first place in the competition Will you continue to work in the design industry in the future”

The reporters sharp questions came one after another.

Without waiting for Qiao Xi to reply, countless fans at the scene cursed Qiao Xi to the skies.

“The design industry doesnt need a designer like her! Get out!”

“Qiao Xi isnt worthy of being the champion!”

Yao Mengqing heard the scoldings around her and looked pleased.

This time, Qiao Xis reputation would surely be ruined!

Amidst the curses of the crowd, Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes and casually took over a microphone.

She said indifferently, “The first creator is the original, and the next one who comes after is a plagiarist, right”

Jason snorted.


His design draft was released three years ago.

Although he did not finish the final product, the design draft was still there.

This was the most powerful evidence.

“Qiao Xi, the truth is right in front of you.

Dont try to deny it! Youd better hurry up and apologize to Mr.


Hes a magnanimous person.

He wont hold it against you!” said Lin Jie.

Yao Mengqing also chimed in.

“Xi Xi, it wont do you any good if things get out of hand.

Even if youre not thinking about yourself, you should think about… him!”

Him Gu Zheng Qiao Xi was angered to the point of laughing.

She looked up at the design draft from three years ago on the big screen, and everyones gaze followed her to the big screen.

suddenly, the screen went black and a video appeared.

“Everyone heard it just now.


Jason also agreed that the first creator is the original.

Please take a look at this video.”

As soon as Qiao Xi finished speaking, the video started playing.

‘There was a sketch on the screen.

Someone was drawing and editing on the computer.

That persons movements were smooth and meticulous.

Although the video was fast-forwarded, one could still clearly see that this was the design process of a draft.

Furthermore, it was a highly-skilled designer.

‘What was even more shocking was that the time displayed was four years ago!

Everyones eyes widened.

That was because they realized that the design was almost identical to Jasons!

Back then, Qiao Xi was watching a drama set in the Qing dynasty and suddenly had an inspiration.

Following the theme of the male and female leads undying love, she created a design draft.

It happened to be exactly the same as the topic of the competition this time, so she used this design draft to

participate in the competition.

She was too busy to complete the design draft back then, so it had been kept on her computer for so long.

She had only shown it to two people during this period.

She did not understand how the design fell into Jasons hands, but she was sure that Jason copied her design draft because all the details were exactly the same.

Even some of the flaws were not changed by him.

After the video ended, two design drafts appeared on the big screen.

Although it could be seen that they were not drawn by one person, the two were basically the same.

Those who were cursing Qiao Xi madly earlier didnt utter a single word now.

The reporters couldnt help but be stunned as well.

“This design draft is… the same as Jasons”

“Four years ago Does that mean Jason copied someone elses work”

“Actually, if you take a closer look, its not hard to notice that the design draft from four years ago is exactly the same as the one Qiao Xi produced during the competition.

The flow of the lines and details are exactly the same.

It can be seen that the two drafts were done by the same person.”

“Ah! So the person who drew this design draft four years ago was Qiao Xi! Qiao Xi didnt plagiarize because this design draft was originally hers, but she didnt publish it and only chose to reproduce it during the competition.”

Everyone was enlightened.

“Jason kept saying that he would boycott plagiarism, but it tuned out that he was the one who plagiarized and even used public opinion to attack the original creator! This way, no one would know that he was the plagiarist!”

The situation suddenly changed.

Those who were scolding Qiao Xi started cursing Jason, and his face turned pale.

“No, no! Its not true!”

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