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Chapter 439: The Title Of Champion Doesnt Belong To You!

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“When I saw the work, I found it familiar.

I wondered why Qiao Xis work was so similar to my design draft.

It was only later that I realized something.

How could a newcomer complete her design draft in such a short period of time and produce such perfect work

“If its not plagiarism, theres no other way to explain it!”

Facing everyones camera, Jason was extremely furious.

“Ive invited many famous designers in the design industry to do an examination.

Theyve confirmed that Qiao Xis designs are 90% similar to my design draft.

This is enough to constitute plagiarism!

“Ive also invited Miss Qiao to the venue.

I hope she can explain to me why her work is so similar to my design draft!

“But the press conference is already halfway through and Miss Qiao still hasnt appeared.

It looks like shes admitting that she plagiarized!”

Jasons eyes were full of contempt.

“Since Miss Qiao is not coming, then—”

“Tm here!”

Before Jason could finish, a cold female voice floated in.

Qiao Xi wore a sapphire blue velvet dress that revealed her fair shoulders and collarbone.

Her slightly curled hair fell onto her shoulders while her red lips were bright.

She seemed like a celestial maiden who had walked out from a painting.

“Wow! Her clothes are really good! Why havent I seen this dress before Where did you buy it from”

“Tsk! Whats so good about it It must be a small brand.

If a big brand had released a new collection, how could we not know about it”

“It cant be.

How could a small brand have such an amazing design It must be a new work by some big designer!”

“Theres no point discussing this.

Were boycotting plagiarism today.

Whether she looks good or not has nothing to do with us.

The plagiarist should get out of the design industry!”

Yao Mengaing looked at Qiao Xi coldly and acted as if she was in a difficult position when Qiao Xi got closer.

“Xi Xi, dont blame me for this.

Ive also begged Mr.

Jason to give you a chance and not make a big deal out of this.

But he thinks that his work has been blasphemed, so—

Jason interrupted her impatiently.

“Youre finally here! I thought you wouldnt dare to come! You copied my design draft.

What do you have to say for yourself now”

Yao Mengqing lowered her head and revealed a sinister smile.

She really thought that Qiao Xi was talented in designing, but it turned out that she had copied the design from a magazine.

Now that she had been discovered, she would not be able to deny it!

Qiao Xi was also a fool.

She knew that Jason was going to participate in the competition, yet she copied the design draft that he published in a magazine many years ago.

Wasnt she courting death

‘The reporter hurriedly asked, “Miss Yao, if Miss Qiao hadnt plagiarized, you would undoubtedly have been the champion.

What do you have to say about this”


Jason, I heard that youre ready to sue Qiao Xi”

Jason did not answer, but Yao Mengging replied gently, “Although I have a good relationship with Xi Xi, having zero tolerance for plagiarism is the basic ethics of a designer.

We should protect the ethics of the design world!

“Some people use other peoples things as their own and ruin the design industrys culture.

If we tolerate plagiarism, who will protect the rights of the original creator”

Yao Mengging was helpless.

“Xi Xi, the title of champion doesnt belong to you!”

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart.

At this moment, Yao Mengqing was surely overjoyed in her heart.

She must feel like Qiao Xi would surely be unable to turn the situation around this time.

Yao Mengging was an internationally renowned designer, and her reputation was still very resounding.

Therefore, at this time, the number of netizens in the live-stream kept increasing.

Most of them were attacking acts of plagiarism and defending Yao Mengqing.

The comers of Yao Mengqings mouth curled up.

From now on, Qiao Xi would never be able to participate in another jewelry design competition.

She wanted Qiao Xi to know that this was the outcome of going against her!

She thought that the woman who married Gu Zheng would be very capable, but it turned out that she could only rely on plagiarism to participate in the competition.

No wonder she was so confident previously.

In reality, however, she was actually just a piece of trash.

Jason said coldly, “Mengging is right! Im here today not only to seek justice for myself, but also for all the designers who have been plagiarized! Qiao Xi, you have no respect for anyone and dared to plagiarize my work in the competition.

Do you still have any shame Its because of designers like you that

the design industry is approaching its doom!”

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