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Chapter 411: Yun Chu Has Already Agreed To Cooperate

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Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Xi rushed in aggressively and looked down at Yao Menggqing, who was sitting on the chair.

“Miss Yao, Im sorry, but Gu Corporation cant renew their contract with Sunshine.”

Yao Mengqing looked embarrassed.

Qiao Xis aura was strong, and her gaze was indifferent, causing Yao Mengging to feel invisible pressure.

Lin Jie stood up abruptly and stood in front of Yao Mengging.

He frowned and said, “Miss Qiao, were dealing with work now.

Please dont interfere!”

Yao Mengqings eyes were red as she looked at Gu Zheng aggrievedly.

“Xi Xi, theres been a misunderstanding between us.

I know you hate me, but Im here on behalf of Sunshine to discuss the renewal of the contract.

This is a matter that concerns the companys interests.

You cant affect the interests of

the entire company because of your own selfishness.”

With that, Yao Mengging looked at Gu Zhengs expression tentatively.

Qiao Xi was so indiscriminate and did not care about the overall situation.

She was putting her personal emotions into Gu Corporations affairs.

Gu Zheng hated such unreasonable women the most.

Moreover… Yao Mengqing was sure that Gu Zheng would not risk the companys interests because of a private matter.

Therefore, no matter how much he liked Qiao Xi, he could only refuse Qiao Xis request.

Yao Mengqing said gently, “Xi Xi, you might not know this yet, but after Gu Corporation and Sunshine collaborated, we achieved great achievements internationally.

Hence, Im not here to renew the contract just for myself.

Gu Corporation also needs Sunshine.

Were an indispensable part of Gu


“Indispensable” Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows, and her eyes were slightly cold.

“Miss Yao, do you mean that Gu Corporation cant afford to cut off ties with you Or are you saying that Gu Zheng cant”


Qiao Xi did not give her a chance to speak and continued, “The International Dress Design Competition is held every three years.

The top three win trophies, and those who are in the top ten can enter the rankings.

However, according to what I know, youve never obtained a ranking before.

On the other

hand, another designer from Gu Corporation has.

Why cant Gu Corporation separate from Sunshine I really dont understand.”

Yao Mengaings face darkened.

“But weve been working very well together all these years.

If I really didnt have the ability, why did they sign a contract with me There are so many famous designers in the world, but they chose me.”

“Could it be that you dont know” Qiao Xi asked.

Yao Mengging gritted her teeth.

“Know what! Xi Xi, you—”

“Gu Corporation originally wanted to invite Yun Chu to collaborate, but she refused, so

Qiao Xis face was filled with ridicule.

“Thats how you got the chance.

Most importantly, your brother gave up a portion of the Yao familys business for your sake.

Thats why Gu Zheng chose you.

Could it be that you really think youre very skilled Three years have passed.

Could it be that you think Gu

Zheng would renew the contract with you”

“You…” Yao Mengqings heart sank, and her face turned livid.

Seeing that Yao Mengqing was aggrieved, Lin Jie instantly shouted angrily, “Were discussing a collaboration! What does it have to do with you Can you afford to delay Gu Corporations business”

Yao Mengaing bit her lip and was about to cry.

She choked and said, “Xi Xi, its fine if you dont like me, but you have to think about President Gu! You cant hurt his interests because of your nonsense, right”

Qiao Xi was not annoyed when she heard this.

She just smiled indifferently.

“Gu Zheng is my husband, so Ill naturally take his best interests into consideration.”

“You keep saying that youre doing everything for President Gus sake, so why arent you asking President Gu to renew his contract with Mengging Is this what you mean bytaking his best interests into consideration How laughable!”

Qiao Xi replied slowly, “Yun Chu has already agreed to collaborate with Gu Corporation!”

Gu Zheng smirked.

Qiao Xi sat down and crossed her legs.

She pretended to be helpless and said, “Since weve already signed with Yun Chu, theres no reason for us to continue working with Miss Yao.

After all, all of you know Yun Chus identity.

How could she tolerate working with such an ordinary designer

“Yun Chu has won so many international awards.

Shes the most outstanding designer in recent years.

We finally managed to persuade Yun Chu to collaborate with Gu Corporation.

We cant let Miss Yao affect the relationship between Gu Corporation and Yun Chu, can we”

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