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Chapter 398: The Surveillance Camera Was Installed By Eldest Miss Lu Herself

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Apologize to Gu Zheng

Old Master Lus expression changed.

He was an elder.

How could he apologize to a junior

Before the Lu family could speak, the people below the stage were indignant.

“Why would Old Master Lu apologize The Lu family and Huang Lilan are clearly in cahoots.

They conspired to kill Eldest Miss Lu, which is why theyre so close.

Maybe the Lu family let Huang Lilan kill Eldest Miss Lu!”

Old Master Lu widened his eyes abruptly and retorted, “Nonsense! How could I harm my own daughter”

“Then tell me, where was the Lu family when Huang Lilan broke into the ward with the reporters”

The person said word by word, “Dont tell me that you werent there at that time.

According to what I know, Eldest Miss Lu was in Li Citys most luxurious private hospital.

There would be dozens of security guards at the entrance of the hospital and more security guards patrolling outside the ward.


could they have let these people in

“However, not only did Huang Lilan manage to barge in but she also brought a group of reporters to agitate Eldest Miss Lu.

Eldest Miss Lu was so angry that she became severely depressed.

Even so, the Lu family did not appear and no one came to stop them either”

“Thats right! Miss Lu Xiang, didnt you say that when President Gu provoked Eldest Miss Lu, you all saw it with your own eyes However, President Gu and Eldest Miss Lu were clearly very close, so youre all lying! Thats why we have reason to suspect that Eldest Miss Lus death was caused by all of you!

“Otherwise, why are you so close to a mistress And why did you malign President Gu”

Old Master Lus expression darkened as he clenched his fists.

Lu Xiangs body trembled.

She could not explain herself and could only cry out, “Gu Zheng! Youre framing us! This is all fake! Youre simply too sinister!”

“So what if he appeared in the footage Its fake! Hes so rich.

He must have found some top technical personnel to fake the surveillance footage!”

Lu Xiang gritted her teeth and shouted, “My sister was killed by you! Gu Zheng, you devil!”

Old Master Lu knew that the Lu family was already in the middle of the storm.

He absolutely could not admit to this matter and could only bite the bullet to retort.

Moreover, Huang Lilan was on the same boat as them.

They had to speak up for Huang Lilan and deal with Gu Zheng together.

If Huang Lilan could get rid of this scourge, Gu Zheng, it would definitely be a great thing for the Lu family.

Old Master Lu sneered.

“I never installed any surveillance cameras in the ward, so where did this surveillance footage come from Gu Zheng, you faked this, right Otherwise, why dont you tell me where the surveillance footage came from

“Surveillance cameras are not allowed in hospital wards.

How could our Lu family allow others to install a surveillance camera in my daughters ward Hence, the footage is all fake!”

The atmosphere instantly became serious.

Everyone was also confused.

The videos they saw just now did not look like they were fake, but Old Master Lu insisted that there were no surveillance cameras installed in the ward.

Who was telling the truth

“Old Master Lu, the truth is that you dont care about your daughter.”

Gu Zheng smirked, his eyes filled with mockery.

“Old Master Lu, you dont know the story behind this surveillance camera”

Everyone widened their eyes and waited anxiously for Gu Zheng to continue.

Who was the one who installed this surveillance camera Was it the Lu family or the Gu family


Unexpectedly, Gu Zheng said slowly, “Eldest Miss Lu installed it herself.”

‘What Lu Qingyun installed it

Lu Qingyun was a seriously ill woman.

Why would she install a surveillance camera in the ward

“Unfortunately, the surveillance camera broke the day before she died, so her death was not recorded.”

Old Master Lu gasped, his eyelids trembling.

“From the surveillance footage, we can clearly see that Second Miss Lu and Eldest Miss Lu were not on good terms.

Old Master Lu never appeared even once when his daughter was seriously ill and about to die.”

“L really dont understand why the Lu family keeps saying that they love Eldest Miss Lu.

If they really cared about her, why didnt they come to visit her Where was the Lu family when she was bullied”

Old Master Lus face darkened.

He refused to be outdone.

“What right do you have to say that the surveillance footage was installed by Qingyun Do you have evidence”

Gu Zhengs long fingers tapped on the table, then he pointed to the bottom of the video.

There was an inconspicuous name on it.

“That! Is that evidence enough for you”

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