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Chapter 397: You Promised Me That You Wouldnt Die

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Everyones eyes were filled with confusion.

Lu Xiangs face darkened as she hurriedly explained, “Madam Gu, you have a point.

So many years have passed—”

“Theres another video!”

Someone shouted, and everyones eyes landed on the big screen again.

“This The person in the video is President Gu when he was six years old”

Everyone felt as though their eyes were burning.

The child who slowly walked into the ward was Gu Zheng.

He was so calm.

‘What was Gu Zheng doing in Eldest Miss Lus ward Was it really as Huang Lilan had said Did he want to hurt Eldest Miss Lu

However, Eldest Miss Lu, was not against his arrival.

She struggled to sit up and said gently, “Ah Zheng, youre here.”

Gu Zheng was small, but his eyes were filled with deep sorrow.

In the years before, he had been living with Huang Lilan.

After enduring Huang Lilans beatings, scoldings, and destruction, he had already lost his childlike nature and developed a cold and heartless character.

However, in front of Lu Qingyun, he was a little flustered and at a loss.

His eyes were filled with worry.

“They said youre sick.

Is it serious”

Lu Qingyuns gray eyes were a little more colorful.

“Good child, did you come to see me because you learned that I was sick”

The young Gu Zheng lowered his eyes.

“I heard that… my mother made you angry.

They even said you were going to die.”

Lu Qingyuns eyes were red.

She said gently, “Good child, come to me.”

Gu Zheng walked to the bed obediently.

Lu Qingyun struggled to get up and opened her arms to hug him.

“This has nothing to do with you.

Good child, I dont know why I feel so close to you when I see you.

Dont always show a cold expression, okay Smile more, alright”

These words instantly made the young Gu Zhengs eyes turn red.

The usually cold and heartless child suddenly choked.

“You… Can you not die…”

Lu Qingyun was silent for a while, her eyes filled with loneliness.

She held back her tears and gently rubbed his little face.

She smiled sadly.

“Alright, Ill try my best to live.”

The scene changed.

Ten days later, Lu Qingyuns body was lying on the hospital bed.

It was already stiff, but her face was still so beautiful.

Gu Zheng was curled up in a corner, biting his fingers and sobbing softly.

His tears kept flowing, but he was the only one crying in the ward.

Everyone else was laughing, and his mother, Huang Lilan, was laughing especially hard.

After everyone left, Gu Zheng leaned forward and hugged Lu Qingyuns cold body.

He held her hand tightly.

“You promised me that you wouldnt die.

You lied to me…”

Looking at the surveillance footage, Qiao Xis eyes turned red while her heart ached.

She felt as if something bitter was about to surge out of her throat.

This scene also moved the guests present.

Those noblewomen shed tears.

“How unexpected.

President Gu and Eldest Miss Lu actually had such a deep relationship.”

“Eldest Miss Lu was already diagnosed with depression then and had to endure the torture it brought upon her.

However, she was so gentle when facing President Gu.

Its obvious that Eldest Miss Lu liked President Gu a lot!”

“The surveillance footage cant be faked.

Huang Lilan clearly ran to the hospital to agitate Eldest Miss Lu, but she pushed all the responsibility to President Gu! She didnt hesitate to sacrifice her son to clear her name!”

Everyone stared at Huang Lilan in disdain.

“Why is Huang Lilan still pretending! She was the one who found those reporters.

If she hadnt gone to the hospital to agitate Eldest Miss Lu, she wouldnt have died!”

“She was the one who went to agitate Eldest Miss Lu first! She was the one who caused Miss Lus death, but she pushed the blame to her son! How can there be such a disgusting woman!”

“She even said that she beat and scolded President Gu because he caused the death of Eldest Miss Lu, but she was clearly the one responsible for Eldest Miss Lus death.

Doesnt Huang Lilan know that If she really wanted to atone for her sins, she would have killed herself to apologize to Eldest Miss Lu in

the afterlife!”

Everyone cursed her.

Huang Lilans body went soft and she almost fell to the floor.

She looked at them in horror while shouting crazily, “The video is fake! Gu Zheng is framing me!”

“Madam Gu, the evidence is right in front of you.

Are you still going to deny it”

“Old Master Lu, Second Miss Lu, now that the truth is out, shouldnt you apologize as well”

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