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Chapter 396: Are You Worthy Of Gu Zhengs Filial Piety

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The womans roar sounded from the surveillance cameras and interrupted

Huang Lilans hypocritical performance.

Why did this voice sound so familiar

Huang Lilan immediately swallowed the words in her throat and suddenly

turned around.

When she saw the scene in the video, her face turned pale.

Everyone looked up and was equally dumbfounded.

“Lu Qingyun, youre about to die.

You wont have the chance to have children


If the Gu family doesnt have an heir in the future, youll become the

greatest sinner!

“You useless woman! You cant help the Gu family, but Im better than you.


have an outstanding son.

Its because of you that he cant acknowledge his


Iadvise you to be sensible.

Im the one Weiming likes.

Hurry up and


Give me the position of Madam Gu!

These words were like knives stabbed deeply into Lu Qingyuns heart.

Everyone stared at the surveillance footage.

The womans face was pale, and

her beautiful face was filled with sorrow.

Everyones hearts ached when they

saw this.

In the surveillance footage, a group of reporters suddenly rushed in with

microphones and cameras aimed at the seriously ill woman.

Eldest Miss Lu, will you give up your position to Madam Huang

I heard that you and Mr.

Gu are in a business marriage and your relationship

isnt genuine.

Now that Mr.

Gu has found his true love, can you fulfill their

wish to be together

“Madam Huang has already given birth to Mr.

Gus child.

The child is innocent

If the child cant acknowledge his ancestors, hell have to wander outside for

the rest of his life.

Eldest Miss Lu, you should at least think about the child,


At first, everyone was still worried about Lu Qingyuns serious illness.

However, later on, they increasingly went overboard as they continued to

accuse Lu Qingyun of breaking up the unlucky couple.

She could not even give

birth to a child herself yet wanted to occupy the position of Madam Gu.

After the reporters left, Huang Lilan crossed her arms and said arrogantly, “Lu

Qingyun, whether you give way or not, the position of Madam Gu is mine! I

even want to snatch your son away and make him suffer in my hands.


btch! Hurry up and die

The last sentence caused the sick Lu Qingyun to break down completely!

At this moment, Huang Lilans face was pale and her body was trembling.

How could Gu Zheng have the surveillance footage The hacker the Lu family

found back then said that only Mo Yuan could recover it.

It was impossible for

others to do it.


Now was not the time to think about this.

It was time to explain herself.

Huang Lilans psychological defense completely collapsed.

She screamed

crazily, “No! Its not true! I didnt do it!

She glared fiercely at Gu Zheng and shouted, “Gu Zheng! To protect yourself,

you actually fabricated a video to frame your biological mother! You unfilial


“Unfilial Qjao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Madam Gu, do you think youre worthy

of Gu Zhengs filial piety

Everyone gasped.

Qjao Xi sneered.

“Madam Gu has been hitting and scolding Ah Zheng since he

was young.

She even often locked him in a small dark room and refused to give

him food or water.

Are you worthy of Gu Zhengs piety, Madam Gu Which

biological mother would abuse her biological son like this

“Madam Gu, when it comes to forgery, I have some opinions on that.”

Qjao Xis expression was calm.

“Eldest Miss Lu has been dead for 20 years.

Theres even a time stamp on the surveillance footage.

These reporters can also

look into it.

Even high-end technology wont be able to produce such realistic

surveillance footage.

“Youll probably say that its all edited.

Thats possible, but the words said

match your mouth movements in the footage exactly.

Moreover, your actions

at that time were clearly a provocation.”

Qiao Xis words directly destroyed all of Madam Gus excuses.

Huang Lilan was stunned on the spot and felt weak all over

No! There must be another excuse!

“Youve misunderstood.

Thats not what I meant.”

Huang Lilan thought for a long time and gritted her teeth.

She braced herself

and said, “T did it all for Ah Zheng.

It was Ah Zheng who asked me to do that.

He used his life to threaten me and said that if I didnt do that, he didnt want

to live anymore.

I was put in a very difficult position back then.

I couldnt bear

to hurt Eldest Miss Lu, but I also couldnt watch my son die.

Thats why I

rushed to the ward and said those words to Eldest Miss Lu!

Huang Lilan cried aggrievedly.

I was forced to do it! Ah Zheng, you were the

one who said that Eldest Miss Lu sent someone to hurt you.

I couldnt take it

lying down either, so I said those words.

Why is everyone blaming me now

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