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Chapter 395: Surveillance Footage From 20 Years Ago

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“I want to protect Gu Zheng.” Qjao Xi was frank.

Huang Lilan gritted her teeth.

“You dont have evidence, so what you say

doesnt count!”

Qjao Xi smiled meaningfully.

“Madam Gu, theres indeed no audio recording in

our hands, but we have the surveillance footage.

I think you would recall

something at the mention of this!”

Huang Lilans heart skipped a beat as she subconsciously looked at Old Master



How could Gu Zheng have the surveillance footage At that time, the Lu family

had already sent someone to delete it.

They even found a top hacker to delete

It was guaranteed that it could never be restored.

That person was a top figure in the Dark Net Organization.

At that time, he

promised that only the hacker Mo Yuan had the ability to recover the footage.

No one else but him had the ability to do so.

However, Mo Yuan was a mysterious figure who was hard to reach out to.


if one had money, they would not be able to hire him.

Moreover, she heard that Mo Yuan and Gu Zheng had a grudge against each

other and they lost contact.

It was impossible for Mo Yuan to help Gu Zheng

recover the surveillance footage.

This was impossible! Everything was fake!

Qjao Xi was definitely scaring her.

How could the surveillance footage be

restored This was Gu Zhengs usual method of destroying his opponents

psychological defenses so that they would expose themselves.

Huang Lilan heaved a sigh of relief.

What was there to be afraid of It was all a cover! If Gu Zheng really had

evidence, he would have taken it out a long time ago.

Why did he have to wait

until now He was clearly bluffing so that everyone would believe that he was


On the other side, Song Shijing had arrived backstage.

Huang Lilan was sure that Gu Zheng did not have any evidence, so she

pretended to be sad and continued acting.

“Ah Zheng, how did you become like

this Its my fault.

I shouldnt have taken the blame for you, causing you to be

so irresponsible!”

Everyone whispered, “I heard that Madam Gu doesnt like her son very much

and has always scolded President Gu.

A mistress is indeed vicious.

Even a

vicious tiger wont eat its cubs, but she treats her son so cruelly.”

“But is there a possibility that President Gu was too naughty and mischievous

when he was young, so thats why Huang Lilan treated him that way She

didnt want him to go astray, so she beat and scolded him to warn him

President Gu made use of reporters to provoke Eldest Miss Lu when he was just

six years old.

He even forced Chairman Gu to admit his identity.

Such a child

was too scary.

Song Shijing had already inserted the USB drive, and the big screen suddenly lit


Huang Lilan and the Lu family were standing on stage with their backs facing

the big screen, so they did not see the contents of the video.

Huang Lilans eyes were filled with tears.

“Ah Zheng, everyone already knows

about what happened in the past.

Dont keep putting up a fight.

Its useless.

Apologize and admit your mistake at once.

Its a good thing for you too.


“Look!” A surprised shout from below the stage interrupted Huang Lilans


The entire banquet hall erupted.

This must be the surveillance footage!”

“Look, theres the time stamp up there! Is this..

the surveillance footage from

20 years ago Is this the hospital”

A ward was indeed shown on the video.

Although the image was a little blurry,

one could still clearly see human faces and hear voices.

Lu Qingyun was the eldest daughter of the Lu family and the first wife in the

Gu family.

Hence, when she was hospitalized, the Lu family had arranged the

most luxurious ward for her.

It had a full set of facilities, and the surveillance

cameras were also of the latest model of that time.

However, why were there surveillance cameras in the ward The hospital did

not have the right to install surveillance cameras in the ward to monitor


This did not make sense.

However, everyone did not care about this because someone appeared on the

screen right at that moment.

Huang Lilan!

At this moment, Huang Lilan, who was on the stage, did not understand what

was going on.

She was still crying aggrievedly and leaning against Gu Weiming

weakly, complaining about how unfilial and selfish Gu Zheng was.

However, the Huang Lilan in the surveillance footage appeared arrogant.


walked straight to Eldest Miss Lus bed and slammed a few sheets of paper on

her face

On the stage, Huang Lilan was still looking at Gu Zheng and begging, “Ah

Zheng, admit your mistake! I know you hate me and blame me for always

hitting and scolding you when you were young.

However, I only hit and scolded

you when you did something wrong.

You killed Eldest Miss Lu but you never

regretted it.

Thats why Tm punishing you!

“Tm a woman too.

When I think of Eldest Miss Lus death, I feel heartbroken

“Lu Qingyun! You b*tch! Youre about to die, so why dont you just divorce

Weiming! If you cant have children, whats the point of occupying the

position as Madam Gu

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