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Chapter 388: Double Happiness

Countless voices of objection were heard.

Everyone did not care who was in charge of the Gu family.

They only wanted to ensure that their interests were not violated.

Although Lu Yan was the legitimate son, only Gu Zheng could help everyone earn money.

Gu Weimings expression did not change as he said calmly, “Everyone has a point.

Ah Zheng is indeed very capable, but hes seriously ill and doesnt have the energy to manage the company or the ability to be the heir of the Gu family.”

He sighed and frowned.

“Ah Zheng suddenly gave up on that plot of land in the northern suburbs after increasing the bid to 15 billion.

As the head of the Gu family, he made such a serious mistake.

He should reflect on himself.”


Everyone widened their eyes.

President Gu gave up on that plot of land

Everyone in Li City knew that that plot of land was a fat piece of meat.

Whoever could get it would receive endless benefits.

President Gu was about to get it, but he suddenly gave up

Gu Weiming pretended to be serious.

“Ah Zheng made such a serious mistake that caused Gu Corporation to suffer some losses, so its still uncertain whether hes qualified to be the heir.”

Gu Zheng sat quietly on the chair, looking relaxed.

Song Shijing called out to him, “President.”

Song Shiyu snorted.

“Brother, what are you worried about! The Gu family relied on the president to enjoy their current wealth and status.

Without the president, the building will collapse and everything will disappear!”

Gu Zheng smirked.

Although Song Shiyu was usually muddle-headed, he was still quite clear-headed when it came to important matters.

Gu Weiming smiled proudly.

“The northern suburbs is a project that the Gu and Lu families will be developing in the next five years.

Lu Yan won it for 15 billion yuan.

His ability is obvious.

Moreover, hes more qualified than Gu Zheng to be the heir.

I believe hell lead everyone to a better future.”

Old Master Lu also stood up and said, “Ah Yan is the child of Qingyun, my daughter.

She had outstanding business talent since she was young.

Ah Yan is very similar to Qing Yun when she was young.

I believe that hell definitely be able to make a name for himself in the future.”

Speaking of Lu Qingyun, everyone was very impressed.

When Eldest Miss Lu was young, she was also a genius in the business world.

Unfortunately, she fell seriously ill and eventually committed suicide due to depression.

Otherwise, there would definitely be another goddess in the business world today.

If Lu Yan was Lu Qingyuns child, he would definitely have some talent in doing business.

With the support of the Lu and Gu families, he would definitely have some achievements.

Looking at the current situation, Gu Zheng was alone and helpless.

Both families thought highly of Lu Yan.

It was really unknown who would be the heir.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

For Lu Yan, the Gu and Lu families reconciled and were providing him with resources.

Even an ordinary person could receive rich returns.

Meanwhile, President Gu was unattainable.

There were too many people who wanted to work with him, while Lu Yan was still inexperienced.

If they followed him now, they would be able to be the founders of the company in the future.

Naturally, they would have more than enough money to spend by then.

Everyone was hesitant.

“Chairman Gu…”

At this moment, someone pushed open the door to the banquet hall in a panic.

The person was a higher-up of Gu Corporation.

His eyes were filled with panic as he staggered in.

“Chairman Gu! Chairman Gu!”

Gu Weiming frowned.

“Where are your manners! Why are you shouting”

“Chairman Gu, that plot of land…” The higher-up was panting.

After taking two deep breaths with difficulty, they said impatiently, “The state staff came to investigate that plot of land…”


Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Gu Weiming stood up abruptly, his eyes filled with surprise.

The state staff had gotten involved If they looked into that plot of land, it might become a major development area.

At that time, the country might even give out a development fund.

Then, the price of that plot of land might double.

Gu Weiming was wild with joy.

“Ah Yan! Youre indeed the lucky star of the Gu family.

You only spent 15 billion to bid for this plot of land but youve already received the countrys attention.

Our Gu family will let you develop it in the future.

This is really a double blessing!”

Old Master Lu also chuckled.

“Ah Yan is really awesome.

Hes countless times better than that illegitimate child.”

Everyone looked at Gu Zheng carefully..

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