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Chapter 386: The Real Cause Of Eldest Miss Lus Death

Everyone was confused.

“Then why is the Lu family here”

Qiao Xi almost couldnt help but laugh.

Song Shijing explained at the right time, “Ever since the Lu family cut off ties with the Gu family, people in high society have been saying that the Lu family is loyal and true.

“They said that Old Master Lu regretted marrying his daughter to Chairman Gu.

They also said that the Lu family and the Gu family were enemies and that they wanted to avenge Eldest Miss Lus death.

“Actually, the Lu family only did this to cover up the real cause behind Eldest Miss Lus death, as well as to preserve Gu Weiming and Huang Lilans reputation.”

Qiao Xi was shocked.

“You mean Eldest Miss Lu didnt commit suicide but was killed”

“The president didnt find any proof of that either.”

Qiao Xi suddenly thought of something.

Her grandfather and Eldest Miss Lu knew each other very well.

He had written many notes about treating Eldest Miss Lu.

If she could find Grandpa, would she be able to find out the real cause of Eldest Miss Lus death and find some clues that point to her killer

Qiao Xi was furious.

“Old Master Lu conspired with Gu Weiming and Huang Lilan to kill his own daughter.

Whats the reason behind it Isnt Eldest Miss Lu his biological daughter”

Furthermore, after Eldest Miss Lu died, the Lu family pretended that they cared about her and used her death to gain a good reputation.

At seven in the evening, the banquet officially began.

The Lu familys appearance surprised everyone.

Old Master Lu even brought a young man with him.

That person was talking and laughing with the Gu family.

He looked to be very intimate with them.

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to size up Lu Yan, and her eyes narrowed.

Lu Yan also noticed her gaze and smiled at her.

He raised his wine glass and toasted her.

He acted as though he was very familiar with Qiao Xi.

A few years ago, the Lu and Gu families strengths could be said to be on par.

However, the Lu family was far inferior to the Gu family now.

It was just that the two families had a special relationship.

If it were not for that incident back then, the Gu and Lu families would have been very close.

Now that 20 years had passed, could it be that Old Master Lu had let go of his past grudges

If the Lu and Gu families worked together, coupled with President Gus ruthless methods, which noble family in Li City could compete with them

Someone could not help but ask curiously, “Old Master Lu, this is…”

Old Master Lu replied frankly, “My grandson, Lu Yan.”

Everyone was slightly puzzled.

Grandchild Then why did he take the Lu familys surname

Old Master Lu only had two daughters.

His eldest daughter, Lu Qingyun, died 20 years ago.

How could his second daughter, Lu Xiang, have a son who was already an adult

Just then, someone shouted, “President Gu, youre here!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

The group of people who were surrounding the Lu family earlier also hurriedly went forward.

It was because Gu Zheng was too dazzling.

He was the center of everyones attention wherever he went.

Many guests present at the birthday banquet were also here because of Gu Zheng.

They wanted to take this opportunity to interact with Gu Zheng and help their companies develop well in the future.

Lu Xiangs expression darkened.

“Whats so good about an illegitimate child! How ignorant! In the future, the entire Gu family will belong to Ah Yan!”

Old Master Lu snorted.

“Its all because of his identity as the eldest son of the Gu family.

Gu Weiming will announce Ah Yans identity today.

At that time, these people will know who to suck up to.

One is a legitimate child, while the other is an illegitimate child.

Theyll be able to differentiate between the two!”

Lu Xiang bit her lip.

She was still unconvinced.

Why did he have to pretend to be that b*tchs biological son if he wanted to inherit the Gu familys assets What right did that b*tch have She just temporarily occupied the position of Mrs.


However, if Lu Qingyun knew that her biological son was being treated as an illegitimate child and would be despised by others for the rest of his life, she would probably be in pain!

At this moment, Gu Weiming was thinking about announcing Lu Yans identity today and was delighted.

“Ah Zheng.”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and ignored him.

Seeing him like this, Gu Weiming was instantly infuriated.

“Whats with your attitude Im your father, yet youre treating me like this How rude!”

“Chairman Gu, Ah Zheng didnt do anything.

Speaking of which, youre the one who went too far with him, right” Qiao Xi said casually, “You almost killed Ah Zheng for Mr.


Could it be that he still has to be grateful to you Should he thank you for the beating”

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